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Confederation of Corrupt Dictators was Liberated by Security Council Resolution # 263

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Empire of ShrewLlamaLand (elected )

Founder: The Shadow Cult of Jocospor

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 14th Most Nations: 49th Most Influential: 272nd+19
Largest Black Market: 652nd Most Corrupt Governments: 756th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 914th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 936th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 998th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,042nd Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,191st Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,229th Most Avoided: 1,451st Largest Mining Sector: 1,494th Highest Average Incomes: 1,708th Most Authoritarian: 1,782nd Lowest Crime Rates: 1,834th Most Devout: 2,074th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,138th Largest Retail Industry: 2,202nd Largest Governments: 2,268th Most Subsidized Industry: 2,379th Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,414th
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Jocospor survived. The Shadow Cult is rising...

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  • The Confederation's government is headed by the Emperor's Mouth and Will, Sir Aleksandr Ivanov HCF, of Depackya.

  • Join the corrupt World Assembly and endorse the Lord of Loathing of ShrewLlamaLand.

  • Join the World Assembly to participate in the Imperial Senate.

    • Party in Government: IPP | Opposition: NAP

    • President: Dame Anastasia Clarke HCS of HMS NHS | Leader of the Opposition: Sir Andrew Hazelwood HCS of Golden Impirial Utopia

  • Foreign Delegations should contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Valerox.

No IRL Nazis or Commies. RPers only. HAIL THE CONFEDERATION!

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Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Anti-World Assembly, Enormous, Featured, Isolationist, Liberated, and Totalitarian.

Regional Power: Very High

Confederation of Corrupt Dictators contains 379 nations, the 49th most in the world.

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The Most Politically Free in Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators is ranked 21,434th in the world for Most Politically Free.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of SerulaTyranny by Majority“Strength Through Compliance”
2.The Empire of JarrylandsCorporate Bordello“Here we come.”
3.The Republic of RugratioCorporate Bordello“Strength Through Freedom”
4.The Empire of ShrewLlamaLandCivil Rights Lovefest“The flag once raised will never fall!”
5.The Democratic Provinces of FarmereLeft-wing Utopia“I canít make up something fake.”
6.The Colony of Hellslayer Nuclear ColonyTyranny by Majority“Nuclear threat detected”
7.The Republic of RoretiCivil Rights Lovefest“Motto...”
8.The Republic of RidnezNew York Times Democracy“Twirling Toward Freedom”
9.The Cloaks and Daggers of Justifiable RegicideNew York Times Democracy“Not that I loved Caesar less, but loved Rome more”
10.The Theocracy of The Empire Of AthensFree-Market Paradise“My rp name is Bala Mantre”
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Regional Poll • Who won the Viceroy Debate?

The Multinational Conglomerate of Confederation State Broadcasting wrote:You can find the debate on the RMB.

Voting opened 4 hours ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “IS#20 Motion to Recommend the Honourable Nation Kleptocratic Maniacs”

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Confederation of Corrupt Dictators Regional Message Board

Greetings, most esteemed members of our grand Confederation.

My name is Hunteth Veredon, Lord Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Today me and my close ally West Heisen have resolved to answer a question which I am sure has burdened many hearts: simply put, who has led the Confederation best? Although I could argue for my own short term long ago as acting viceroy, to do so would be foolish, and so instead I have chosen whom I believe to be the finest, most upstanding individual to have ever served as Viceroy, that being Sir Walter Memmon HCF. Leading with a long and storied career from 29th Oct 2016 - 10th Aug 2019, there truly is no other answer to this question! I invite my good friend Victor to prove otherwise.

Hail the Confederation!

My friends, I ask those of you who have been in our great region for a long time to cast your memories back, and for those of you who have not to call to mind familiar yet unprecedented scenes. Scenes of cities bombed to the ground, scenes of brother turning upon brother, scenes of young men being slaughtered on the beaches of their former allies. This was the horrific reality that was the Second Jocospite Civil War, a catastrophe which shook the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators to its core.

The Civil War erupted as the result of another tragedy, the bombing of the Central Rift Command centre. Many regional leaders, including Viceroy Walter Memmon, died in the attack, leaving a power vacuum that tore Jocospor and her Confederation apart. The Imperial Empire was split between three warring factions, while a band of power-hungry nations known as the United Confederate Coalition (UCC) marched their armies on Vocryae, in hopes of seizing control themselves. But it was the honourable and courageous Alicia Kemps-Fawler who truly stood up to do what was right; she united the factional warlords under one Jocospite banner, and faced the traitorous UCC with the might of loyalist forces. The attempted coup was foiled, the months of untold carnage and bloodshed had ended, the period of instability under the illegitimate "Ten Day Viceroys" was over.

As Viceroy of the Confederation, Alicia Kemps-Fawler continued her legacy of peace by establishing Pax Jocospora, a time of prosperity for our hallowed region. Our economy boomed, our wars were over, our region was stable. This, my friends, was the peaceful but strong leadership of Alice Kemps-Fawler.

Hail the Confederation!
Sir Victor Watson HCS
Lord Overseer of the Imperial Senate

Although Alicia did perhaps bring Jocospor out of dark days, we must never forget the rule of Sir Walter that preceded them!

Walter Memmon ruled for an unprecedented three years, and itís not hard to see why. Under his watchful gaze, the Confederation swelled massively in size, power, and most of all significance throughout the world. Under his sole rule, the CCD went under sweeping reforms and changes, allowing for increased power for every Confederation citizen, every man and women was protected by his rule.

So loved by even the highest echelons of government in fact, that he was given the title of Hero of the Confederation, First Class as a way of acknowledging his many achievements and progress. So loved by his people that, in his unfortunate and untimely assassination, Jocospor citizens fell into civil war, death and strife.

It must also be acknowledged that Sir Memmon as well came out of a horrific scenario, the terrifying reality of the Vocryae bombings. The leadership was devastated, Whole nations were at a loss, the silence coming from the very top of government was deafening. And yet he still managed to step out of the smoke and fire, claim leadership of the fractured government, and lead the confederation into a golden era.

Hail the Confederation!

Fellow Confederation citizens, I state in no uncertain terms that the Viceroyalty of Alicia Kemps-Fawler was marked by competence, success, and security.

Before serving in the noble position of Viceroy, Kemps-Fawler had been CEO of the Imperial Bank of Jocospor. This experience clearly carried into her next and final leadership role; under her term, the Confederation saw great growth in the economy, especially the financial sector, and an expansion of trade. Many of the famed partnerships and deals attributed to the Monet & Chardin company were formed under the guidance and wise oversight of Viceroy Kemps-Fawler, forming reliable economic foundations in our region that stand to this day.

But that was not all, my friends. Viceroy Kemps-Fawler also secured jobs in Government for those who would do best in them. I point, for merely one example, to yours truly, who was appointed as Congress Chairman (predecessor to Senate President) by Viceroy Kemps-Fawler. During my term, I was personally able to work closely with Viceroy Kemps-Fawler and her able team to craft the greatest period of the Civil Congress in its history. The institution flourished, reaching its peak membership of almost 90 Congress representatives, while regional activity, cooperation, and advancement had reached new heights. The Civil Congress became a much more well-respected, important, and integrated institution in the Confederation, laying the foundations for the Imperial Senate which forms our Government today.

And this is a point which I must stress. As excellent as the reign of Sir Memmon was, as much as the Confederation did grow, there were several issues that slowly built up during his time as Viceroy. The gravest and most well-known, especially to those nations who have been in the region since the beginning of the year, was the swelling, toxic bureaucracy that choked the region's government. This issue festered until at last the dam broke in January this year, with mass treason and defection of the governmental elite classes, culminating in the infamous February Snap. These problems had their roots in Memmon's Viceroyalty. Despite this, Viceroy Kemps-Fawler did more than any other to rectify the situation and create better framework for the governance of our region. As I stated, her term as Viceroy saw the growth of the Civil Congress into a proper institution that could wield power, and it was on this base that the Imperial Senate was built, and replaced the old bureaucracy. Ensuring representation and national voice without falling to the sin of democracy, guaranteeing delegation and job growth without creating a web of strangling red tape, allowing for meritocracy and ambition without ceding stability to the rot of treason. These were the achievements of Viceroy Kemps Fawler, and it was because of her tremendous work that the Confederation can thrive today, the effects of January's treason a distant whisper.

Hail the Confederation!
Sir Victor Watson HCS
Lord Overseer of the Imperial Senate

It is with great sadness that I must point out the illegitimacy in my friends claims.

Firstly, on the claims of red tape and toxic Bureaucracy, Memmon truly has no equal. In the very top ranks of Confederation leadership, dissent was forming. The traitors grew closer together, waiting for the perfect moment to strike at all that Memmon had built in his long reign. When at last the traitors were revealed, and their treacherous plan came to culmination, did Sir Walter falter in his duties, or bend the knee to the corruption that had spread in the bowels of the CCD? I tell you no, he did not. The Viceroy stood, resolute against the enemies that plagued us. He United the Confederation when no one else could, when the government of both Jocospor and the CCD was fractured it was him alone who rose to the challenge.

But I fear I have been speaking of the glories of my chosen Viceroy for too long, let us speak on my friends illegitimate heiress. After bringing the Confederation out of the 2nd Jocospite war, unifying the CCD and serving for a few months, it was revealed that in fact Alicia Kempís Fawler was directly involved with the central rift command crisis, the same crisis that led to the untimely demise of Sir Walter Memmon. Unjustly appointed, sitting on an illegitimate throne, Alicia had unknowingly or not orchestrated the deaths of millions of citizens, including the finest civil servant the Confederation has ever known. Rightfully branded as a traitor, someone who never should have sat on the throne, she and her compatriots were justly executed for their crimes.

Truly, an illegitimate Viceroy could never be the best one.

Hail the Confederation!

I must remind the honourable gentlemen, and the Confederation, of the circumstances in which Viceroy Kemps-Fawler was executed.

A number of rebellious nations claimed to have found evidence that Viceroy Kemps-Fawler had orchestrated the bombing of Central Rift Command, and thus the murder of Sir Memmon. These nations, with the audacity of pure rebels and traitors, once again formed the United Confederation Coalition against their rightful Jocospite rulers. A splinter group of the UCC became known as the Watester Concordat; if this name sounds familiar, it is because the same nations stabbed the Confederation in the back and left to form the region known as the Azure-Watester Federation. Thus, it was against these forces that the loyalists to the Viceroy and the Imperial Empire stood. The traitors claimed to have the people's backing, when their armies were paid with the governmental elite's black money. They claimed to want what was best for the region, when they rebelled against it later. They claimed to fight for justice, when they set up a witch trial that resulted in one of the greatest Viceroys of the Confederation, Alicia Kemps-Fawler, being executed.

While the circumstances surrounding Viceroy Kemps-Fawler's rise to power were confused and unclear, I must call into question the reliability of this evidence against her, especially compared with the overwhelming good she did serving the Confederation.

Hail the Confederation!
Sir Victor Watson HCS
Lord Overseer of the Imperial Senate

Even discounting these highly disputed claims, and her unclear legitimacy as Viceroy, Alicia Kemps Fawler did not contribute near as much to our glorious Confederation as my proposed candidate.

The mere act of discarding such evidence and calling into question her execution is one that takes a titanic amount of trust in her leadership to do so, for even though it may have been traitorous souls that uncovered this evidence, evidence it remains. Nevertheless, in doing so, that just brings us back to looking upon Sir Walterís distinguished career. Even if the claims against Alicia are proven to be unfounded, I would simply state that in his entire gilded career, Memmon was never the subject of extreme controversy. He defended the Confederation to the last, and ruled with a wise and fair hand, standing against the corruption that fermented in the shadows.

Hail the Confederation!

My friends, I have made my points, and it is clear that I am right.

Under the leadership of Viceroy Kemps-Fawler, the catastrophic devastation of the Second Jocospite Civil War was brought to an end, replaced by a period of prosperity and peace known as Pax Jocospora. Kemps-Fawler allowed the Civil Congress to be completely reorganised, for a safe and secure society, combating the corrupt bureaucracy that had developed into a major rot over the Memmon years. While there is some questionable evidence tying her to the murder of her predecessor, what is certain is her outstanding legacy in service of our region. Therefore, good citizens, it is my opinion that Alicia Kemps-Fawler was the greatest Viceroy that the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators had ever seen.

Hail the Confederation!
Sir Victor Watson HCS
Lord Overseer of the Imperial Senate

Citizens, after our debate, it is clear that I am the winner.

In the long reign of Sir Walter Memmon, the Confederation saw a golden age of expansion and progress. Nations flocked to the banner of the CCD, and great changes were made to ensure his legacy would live on long after his demise. He stood against corruption in the highest office of government, resisting the dark days of January and the rebellious leadership of the former Imperial Council. He would have continued to be a beacon of strength for all to see, if his life had not been cut short by the horrific events of the Central Rift Command Crisis. Not only that, but the candidate my friend is arguing for served for only a few months, and was regarded as the person responsible for Sir Walters deaths, and the deaths of many others. Truly, Alicia Kemps Fawler could never be considered the greatest, and by all means Sir Walter Memmon is.

I now call upon our most glorious Emperor to Judge the debate, and decide for all to see who is the truly the best Viceroy this Confederation has ever seen!

In other news, in honor of the blossoming alliance and friendship between West Heisen and Valerox, I, Hunteth Veredon have deigned to change the name of our capital city, from Silith to Heisenox. In addition to this name change, a grand foreign embassy shall be built to further this profitable alliance in the heart of the city. Valerox and I personally thank Sir Victor Watson for his unfaltering friendship, loyalty and trust.

Hail the Confederation!
Sir Hunteth Veredon HCF
Lord Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Who loves birthdays? Do you love birthdays? Gee, we just love birthdays!

Before we hear from His Supreme Majesty the Shadow Emperor, the Central Imperial Direktorate has given the Ministry of State Broadcasting the go-ahead to conduct a short region-wide poll. Who won this debate? Was it:

  • Sir Victor Watson HCS of West Heisen, arguing for Alicia Kemps-Fawler, Viceroy of the Confederation 21.8.19 - 18.12.19


  • Sir Huneth Veredon HCF HCIL of Valerox, arguing for Sir Walter Memmon HCF HCS KOSH, Viceroy of the Confederation 29.10.16 - 10.8.19

And...go! You can find the poll here: page=poll/p=166453

Hail the Confederation!

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