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The Mainland of Tamriel
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"In times of strife, in darkness cold, wings of black unfurl..."
In the year 4E 201, brother fights brother, and dragons return to Tamriel. The Last Dragonborn walks the lands, and the continent is poised upon the brink of change...

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The Mainland of Tamriel contains 10 nations, the 1,815th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Theocracy of SardavarIron Fist Consumerists“Let Him Bring Us Anger”
2.The Nomadic Peoples of Black archPsychotic Dictatorship“Fear not the dark, and let the feast begin”
3.The Democratic Republic of EbrastanCivil Rights Lovefest“We follow the teachings of Jhunal!”
4.The Kingdom of Nord SkyrimPsychotic Dictatorship“Talos Guard You”
5.The City of LeyawiinCivil Rights Lovefest“Three becomes One, One becomes All”
6.The German Principality of ReserkaCorrupt Dictatorship“United in Strength, Bothers in peace”
7.The Kingdom of MolagreahdLeft-Leaning College State“To spread culture and truth to the benighted”
8.The Holy Empire of Sordibus FrancisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Soon Morrowind will remember what it has forgotten.”
9.The Empire of OrcidonNew York Times Democracy“Stronger Together”
10.The Caribbean Republic of AygothantuInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Dios, Patria, Libertad”

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The Mainland of Tamriel Regional Message Board

Closing the gap

Falmer had taken to the surface better than most would expect. The more nutritious food had allowed them more energy, combined with the hours of running and marching from the war effort the Falmer were slowly mounting up to Nord sizes, however they would always be more lithe and agile than a nord.

In the are between the Pale and Winterhold, a band of Falmer were patrolling looking for escaped humans. The Captain of this band, a Falmer named Dalen, was particularly angry about their assignment. While their brothers were off taking human lands and seeing to conquest. The clans had decided they were to look for escaped merchandise. As if the slave herders would miss a few lucky humans. A hiss came from one of his men, checking under a log he had found two humans. Children, the boy likely 9, while the girl could be no older than 5. They were thin, clearly not having eaten anything of substance for ages. Orders were to bring humans back to blackreach for processing. But Dalen could not find it in his heart to do this to them. Picking up the boy on his back, of course met with protest and a firm hit on the back of his head. He began running.

One of his most trusted men picking up the girl. The entire band followed their lead, heading towards Falmer territory. One of the water runners poured a ration of water to each of the children as they ran. "Just a few days, hold out a little longer."

Fire in the sky

Dalen and his band had been running for a week by this point, the crossing into winterhold was always going to be tough. But now caring for the small humans they needed to stop twice as often and make more fires. The children had gotten more used to the Falmer by this point, still refusing to talk but they did not resist when one went to pick them up or feed them.

As the band camped out on the side of a hill, there came a thunderous roar from the air. "Dragon!" The Falmer scattered, running to places to seek cover, holes in the hills. Caves close by. Dalen grabbed the children and brought them with him under a hollowed out badger den. Big enough to fit in since the badger had abandoned it. The dragon landed above them and sniffed around "Where are you...?" Its voice was loud and deep "I can smell you, but so many. So many paths." It sniffed the air and its tail dripped over the hole, almost fully covering it. The three remained absolutely still and silent.

After a half hour of the dragon sniffing the area and searching for the Falmer, it got tired and flew off to seek something better to eat and or enslave. With a loud sigh he finally could realize the children had clung onto him, like a larva on a mudcrab. He was confused, did humans always do this? He picked them up and gathered up his men, only 3 losses. Not bad for a dragon attack. To make double time for the losses meant almost a full day of running.


Finally arriving at one of the entrances to the Blackreach caverns the group was met with the border check. Unlike the surface forces, they still wore the chitinous armour. Of course this commanded a certain respect, as most were warmongers. Elites. As they approached the check noticed the two children. One of the warmongers made the comment that he was starving, and had not eaten anything except rotting bread for days. He approached the girl, the clear intent to eat her. Pushing the warmonger away Dalen said angrily "They are not for eating!" The warmongers took our their weapons, Dalen's band doing the same.

"What about their legs? they won't need thoes" The warmonger said to the unamused Falmer, the children were ignorant of the conversation, to them sounding like hisses and roars. "Just a bite" He went to swing his blade at them. Soon finding his own blade turned on him. A shaman using telekenisis to force the warmonger to stab himself. Harmlessly of course, in the side but it could be easily healed. "All this over a few humans? Just take them, but they are your responsibility alone." With that the Falmer took the children below. Guiding them to his home within the settlment. A chitin hut like most. But it would do for them.

Cleaning up

The remains of Dawnstar's population that fled were being actively chased by the fastest of the Chaurus riders. The chase was less of a fight and more for the extra man power, the riders were more annoyed if anything. The humans ran in all paths available to them, so the hunting was mostly just using nets and traps to gather them up.

Once the last remnants were ether gathered or lost to the wilds they were brought to the "New Jarl" who had decided the nords would repay their debt of rebellion. By building the first surface temple to the Falmer gods, specifically one to the god of slavery. Molhan Dar. The site which this temple was to be placed was a decent distance away. Long enough to tire them and give them some torment. The slaves were marched for days on end, being barely kept alive. Molhan would surely enjoy this effort.

Their necks and shins chained with long black metal, they were marched on and on. When allowed to stop they were given hourly beatings and other methods of torture. The priests who came along danced and chanted among the blood. Calling up at their god. "Soon, soon the temple will be made my lord."

Temple to Domination

The slaves were brought to a area of flatland before a large chasm into the ground split this area of land. The Temple would be built here, so the blood could flow off into the chasm. The slaves were commanded to start building, it was decided that to properly honour the god, the entire temple would be made out of black iron. The temple base would be enchanted with magic to always be cold. The pillars supporting the roof would be decorated with large iron spikes and styled in the look of horns.

The main alter was a looping pool of blood, the fountain was a falmer skull, with several horns, the blood flowing out of its mouth. Via both magic and holy blessing the blood never went dry. The roof was etched to depict several stories and legends involving Molhan Dar, or at least his domain of slavery, order. The priests revelled in the completion of the temple and as a mercy only sacrificed half of the workers who built it. The next week was spent preforming rituals and attempting to summon as many servants of Molhan as possible into the mortal world. All in all, a good thing was done, unless your a slave that is.


A horn blew, alerting anyone who was nearby to the Falmer army's advance, this was not a slavery mission. They were taking no prisoners. The Falmer forces, armed with their new, but fairly crude iron weapons still made a major threat, and after the fall of dawnstar, organised resistance was all but gone from the land, most people choosing to flee to other parts of Skyrim. The horns had become a sign in the Pale, if you hear them surrender, run or fight. No other choices came.

As the troops advanced teams of builders came as the line between the pale and the other regions of skyrim closed in. With timber, resources to fund and the slave force to construct it. A wooden outpost was established at the point where the pale met winterhold. Nothing compared to the great forts scattered within skyrim. But worthy enough to act as a border check. The Falmer were growing more and more bold with their assertments, sending out messengers to the other Jarls of skyrim, humans of course as to let them get to the Jarl. Announcing the defeat of the Jarl of Dawnstar, and the new Falmer Jarl. The Nords traditions dictated that their rule would ether be recognized or needed to be challenged in personal combat. Ether solution worked to the Falmer's advantage. Ether they would be accepted and rule part of skyrim, or one by one the other Jarls would fight, possibly allowing for the chaos of many Jarls suddenly dying.

Not too Vigilant

The Vigilant of Stendar were a force of warriors and priests dedicated to fighting the forces of the Daedra and Ayleids, since one of their heroes was Pelenaor Whitestrike, the crusader himself. Now the Falmer a race of mer had begun enslaving humanity. The Ayleids may be dead but their kin share their sins. However the Vigilant were far too few in skyrim to amount to much resistance against them. But what they could do was get as many out as they could, gathering as many refugee's and guiding them south to cryodill. To alert the empire of the new threat building in skyrim.

However, word of their aiding the fleeing slaves and conscripts for the Falmer war machines would not remain unknown to the dark lords of the underground for long. The forces of the Falmer marching up the snowy hill, outnumbering the Vigilants by hundreds. They could not win this fight, but they would take as many as they could with them. The Vigilants hold up within their hall and barred the door. Their weapons held ready and chanting in unison as the creatures clawed and bashed against the door to break into the hall. The fighting was over shortly. The fleeing nords by this point were too far gone for the Falmer to track. The Vigilants died doing what they had sworn to do, and would be welcomed by their god.

"Father, why are we going south?" The boy asked as they walked down the hill, slipping into the warmer lands. His father turned back to the frozen pale they had called home. "To warn the world of the monsters my boy. For Skyrim is not a land of man anymore. Nor is it for Mer. It is for the Monster's."

Mustering part 1

Kaido and his best friend Rath sat on the hard rocky face of the mountain. The warmth of the camps had melted the snow, turning the area into a vast stretch of black rocks and dirt. The Falmer were a war like people, but raids and small fights, this business of warfare was new. Clans still bickered and fought in the camps. The force of a thousand, maybe more, Kaido was never the best at counting. It was more Falmer than he had ever sensed in one place before. "I suppose there will be a lot more room after this. Maybe get a few lads together, find some Nord treasure and find somewhere with lots of food. Like those above farms down south."

The two went on chatting for a bit, before a column of soldiers came around the corner. The majority passed by them, but the warmonger leading the column noticed the two relaxed on the rocks. Whipping at their feet to get them to hop up. "Get up maggots!" He grabbed them by the shoulders and lead them towards the front of the column "You two are going straight to the Front lines!" The front was an idea no one liked, no one wants to be the man in the first row of troops. Always the first to die. "Go to the rocks huh? relax and wait to be called. Now were in a giant mob at the frontline with a whip happy warmonger." Rath pushed his friend to the side. Blameing him for getting into this entire mess.

Mustering part 2

A solid week of marching, Kaido felt like his feet were going to fall off, he was sure they were at least scraped if not bleeding. They finally stopped just before the border to what the Jarl of Winterhold protected. The army set up along the border, building camps and simple fortifications to wait for the enemy to come to them. The Nords wanted to repel them so, they would need to come to the entrenched Falmer. Rath opened his rations, maggot filled bread. He groaned in disgust "I hate bread!" He said, pulling the pieces away and setting the maggots into a bowl for later. "Why not just give me the maggots, no one actually likes the bread." Kaido just ignored him, biteing into the full thing. Get as much food as he could.

"So, do you think we can win this?" Kaido asked as he looked past the wooden barricade in front of the camp. Rath just hit him in the back of the head "Look at us, we have the numbers, the land and the iron. What do they possible got against us?" Rath smiled and let out a hiss to the border. If anyone was on the other side he would love to have scared them. Kaido smiled a bit, the king surely had faith in the plan, besides he was not far away. Just at the fort a few days travel from their position, and if they failed the plan was to fall back to there.

The liberation of Markarth


Following their defeat at the hands of the nords in the Markarth Incident, Madanach barely made it out allive and fled to the hils with his children and a handfull of his followers. He fled to Druadach Redoubt which he transfrmed into an underground city and gathered strenght for many years. In 4E 190 his daughter Wada helped create a unified pantheon for the reachmen which she intended to use to rally other Daedra worshippers and unify the people of the Reach under one faith. In 5 years, the religion spread throughout the reach and attracted many clans to Madanach's banner, but also, redguards nords and even a few imperials who worshipped Daedra. In 4E 195, Madanach decided the time had come. It was also in that year that the Forsworn captured a wood elf noblewoman named Usa who was related to the Camoran dynasty but had been banished from Valenwood.

First working as a thief and Mercenary, she eventually became an Assasin for the Dark brotherhood and was skilled in the arts of killing and stealth. How she ended up in the Reach was something she rarely talked about. She was however eventually hired by the Jarl of Markarth to kill some forsworn and would, Ironically enough, end up joining them. She helped train the Forsworn to use stealth and thought them military tactics she had learned at court. On a dark and cloudy night, the troops marched to markarth and Crossed the Karth river. Archers skillfully and quietly took out the guards on the walls. Using small ladders, a group of forsworn climbed the walls and slit the troath of any guard remaining. Just like Usa had thaught them. They then sneaked inside the city and opened the gates from the inside, allowing the forsworn armies to charge in, which caused complete panic among the guards who were outnumbered greatly. The crackling of Wada's chain lightning spells could be heard resonating through the night, over the battlecries and the screams of wounded soldiers. Wada laughed maniacally as she fried the poor guards to death with lightning. Usa could also be seen shooting arrows in the heads of the guards or killing them with her two sabres.

After an hour of absolute slaughter, the guards eventually retreated and barricaded themselves in the Understone keep. Wada used her magic skills to generate a huge fireball which she threw at the door. The door exploded with great noise, sending the guards flying across the room. Once the dust from the explosion cleared, Madanach entered and threw his forsworn axe at the Jarl who was still sitting on his throne, as if he had accepted his fate. The axe landed between his eyes and split his head in half. This was followed by the cheers of the Forsworn soldiers the remaining guards surrendered and were executed. Their heads alongside the Jarl's and his family's were displayed on pikes on the city walls sending a clear message. The next morning, a crimson sun rose at dawn, A magical phenomenon caused bt the sheer amount of blood spilled and souls sent to Aetherius, Just like forsworn shamans had prophecized 5 years ago. While this scared many as it showed the gods were clearly angry, Madanach laugued seeing the phenomenon and smiled stating he was not afraid of the gods.



Wada awoke pleased by the dream she had made of the glorious battle of Markarth, She opened her eyes and smiled while looking around her room which formerly served as the room of one of the former Jarl's children. she was now 30 years old and served as the main advisor to Madanach as well as his heir since his son Branok was not interested to rule. She got Dressed and went to the throne room. Were the Jarl Once sat was now her father in all his glory surrownded by Uraccen, Uaile, Branok, Nepos and Kaie. who were debating how to proceed with the Unification of the Reach. Madanach rose from his throne and exclaimed himself "6 YEARS! 6 BLOODY YEARS and you ve not managed to unify the reach. What have you been doing apart sitting on your damn butts huh!?" Uraccen bowed before Madanach. "With all due respect your majesty managing the economy has been harder then initially anticipated, the other clans also question your legitimacy and refuse to swear alliegence to you. We also had to rebuild Markarth which coasted us a great amount of the tresury" Madanach looked at Uraccen furiously "You all are a bunch of incompetants" he shouted. Wada intervened "Father" she said "I was supposed to tell you this yesterday but I forgot. There might be a way to make your rule legitimate in the eyes of the other clans. Wesa had a vision and forsaw a male decendent of Red eagle called Brach which she believes is at red eagle redoubht. if we were to marry, your legitimacy would be assured. "I see" Madanach replied, he then looked around and shouted.


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