by Max Barry

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Region: The Hole To Hide In

RP:A Morning Stroll You walk outside enjoying the fresh air in the metropolis Sträghertzs. There is a Nice breeze trough the air. you hear the cars honking and driving along. It is rush hour of course; Traffic is an given. As you walk along the side walk trough the rushed crowds and slightly smoggy air. Your wife is at work st the J. Harrison Keiß Federal Building anyway, and you don't start work for another hour, who says you can't have a little peace also? You take a left to go to your favorite bookstore;You always enjoyed going there with there books and there slightly overprice coffee that makes you feel those "Big shots in their fancy cars the buy the 18 Reich Mark drinks at Planet Bucks". It's calm. BOOM You jump from your seat in terror and rush outside to see the where the loud boom came from you look outside in horror there is a huge dust smoke pillar coming from the J. Harrison Keiß Federal Building. You run out the store frantically to go see if your wife is ok. As you reach the block of the federal building Crack...Crack...Break.You get fling-ed back and a huge cloud of dust comes racing towards you. It collapsed