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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Kavastor wrote:RP: getting money moving
Seeing an opertunity of Blayredeshia's blight, the econ groups have officially requested to move in:
The Banking Federation wishes to begin loaning out money to all people, by injecting these loans, they hipe that these investments will prove to be highly beneficial to both parties.
The Trade Clans hope to open up new trade routes, build new roads and ports, and begin shipping in cheaper goods for the people to buy, and export their good for far better prices than the major families can afford
The Commerce Guilds wish to open up new farms, mines, power plants, malls, factories, refineries and so forth, they also wish to buy up farms and such already there for a good price.
Techno sector: Just doing what like all tech companies do and selling their products and also buying up factories for their production (OORP: like apple ig)

RP: Limited Investment
Out of all the offers the Blayredeshian Government has only accepted for the Kavastori Trade Clans to set up land trade routes and to import cheaper product product to help stimulate Blayredeshia’s autarky economy by providing more consumer goods. Most other offers have been blocked by the major families who in addition to several monopolies also are directly related to the Imperial House of Krieg. Market competiton is highly expected to occur in the arms industry as many civilians may wish for an alternative to the Breck owned Rey Arms and the Lee owned Suid Rifles for their guns as Kavastori guns when imported to Blayredeshia have been popular. Competition in the auto industry between the Kavastoris and the Breck owned Biaf General Motors and Lee owned Olden Motor Company is also expected although on a smaller scale. Regardless the market competition may be good for the economy. The Trade Clans have been leased several large factories in Blayre von Krieg City, Blayredeshia City, and Olden.