by Max Barry

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BREAKING: Open Election for WA Secretary-General!

by Max Barry
Fri, 01 Apr 2016


Word coming in now that following a breakdown in negotiations, the World Assembly has thrown open its doors to an open election for the position of WA Secretary-General—the WA's head, imbued with powers too vast to mention!

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Nations have already entered the race for Secretary-General and plenty more are hastily preparing campaigns. Voting is open to every nation of 30 million citizens or more, even non-WA members!

I'm told the Election will run over several days and contain several rounds. The first three rounds are open to all candidates, and the results determine the ballot order of the following round, such that the best-supported candidates get the prized positions at the top of the ballot.

Then the General Election will be held, with the ballot restricted only to the top five candidates and voting restricted to WA members.

Never before has the election of the WA Secretary-General been so visible! This is a truly shocking moment. We can only imagine who might be elected, and what it means for us all.

Update: Regions are breaking out in support for candidates! If you have authority over Appearance in your region, you can start boosting via Region Control.

Final Update: It's all over! Congratulations to WA Secretary-General Elect Caelapes! A tight race in the end, but well-fought, and with very little actual bloodshed, that anyone saw.