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"All the gos' - and fast!"

13th September, 2021.
Published from Confedereichstag II, 1 Emperor Avenue, 3926, Vocryae, Jocospor


VOCRYAE: The family of Sir Adalberto Fabian HCF has announced that the High-Direktor of the Confederation will marry former Senator Lucia d'Mow.

The couple will be wed at the Imperial Palace, Vocryae, on 19th September 2021 in a ceremony according to the divine philosophies of the Temple of Umbra.

Sir Adalberto, 63, first met Senator d'Mow, 31, in 2020 while d'Mow was still Senator to the Shadow Cult in the Imperial Senate. The two enjoyed a healthy friendship which, in secret, esculated romantically following Sir Adalberto's appointment as High-Direktor of the Confederation. For the last few months, d'Mow has been attending official events with Sir Adalberto, including the recent Fleet Review at Blue Harbour, leading many to speculate on the status of their relationship.

d'Mow was stood down as Senator to the Shadow Cult following revisions to the Imperial Senate Act 2020 which forbade nations on the Imperial Council representing themselves in the Imperial Senate.

Sir Adalberto and d'Mow's union will be conducted by His Supreme Majesty himself in his capacity as Messiah of the Temple of Umbra. The ceremony will also formally signify the Shadow Cult's state-wide embrace of the Temple of Umbra. Many analysts have been alarmed by this move, but the Imperial Central Direktorate issued a statement which assured the Confederation that "this decision was in the region's interest."

"The Temple of Umbra is a superior doctrine of thought that should be encouraged across the Confederation."

Whether steps will be taken to ensure the Temple of Umbra is legally enforced region-wide is, as of now, unclear.

In any case, a general invitation to Sir Adalberto and d'Mow's wedding has been sent to all Confederation member states. A crowd of over four hundred is expected to attend the ceremony itself, with tens of thousands lining Emperor Avenue.

Secretary of the Department of Defense and former President of the Imperial Senate Sir Andrew Hazelwood II HCS of Golden Impirial Utopia was first to confirm his attendance. It is expected that many other governmental and noteworthy Confederation citizens will journey to Vocryae for the festivities.

A state wedding has never before been conducted in Jocospor. The act of marriage itself is generally prohibited in the Shadow Cult, reserved for only the greatest, most influential Jocospite families.

Some analysts have used the declaration of Sir Adalberto and d'Mow's marriage to draw attention to the eligibility of His Supreme Majesty. Jordaan Augustín I, Emperor of Jocospor and the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, 64, remains unmarried and without an heir.

The Confederation Bullet anticipates that official declarations will soon be made in regards to the Imperial embrace of the Temple of Umbra.

This special correspondence is brought to you by the Imperial Offices and Confederation State Broadcasting. Enquiries should be sent to Confederation State Broadcasting.

Authorised by the Ministry of State Broadcasting, Jocospor. Copyright 2021.