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The 9 States (Archive)

Published May 21, 2022 by Independent Republic of Boldonia

The IRB is separated into 9 different states.
The Tourism Guide Provides More Information

1. Boldonian Capital Territory
Capital: Boldonia City
Description: The capital territory is the location of all government headquarters. They are spread across the entire state. For example, the Department of Environment is located along the border in a more rural area, but the Department of Transportation is located in the middle of the city next to the freeway. Despite having the second largest city, Boldonia City, it is not the most populous state due to the small size.
2. Florsid
Capital: Parmilo
Description: A coastal tropical paradise that is popular with foreign tourists. It is often compared as a better Florida, and its capital city Parmilo is the largest in the nation and nicknamed "the Miami of the Pacific". It is the most populous state in the nation.
3. Sicil
Capital: Nalip
Description: A mostly rural state mostly devoted to agriculture. It is very empty and it is not seen as very interesting by most people.
4. Centros
Capital: Filorose
Description: Filled with lush green rainforests, Centros is mostly made up of Centros National Park. It doesn't have much else going for it.
5. Norfi
Capital: Norfi City
Description: A less humid more mountainous region. It holds many arms factories and has Norfi Air Force Base.
6. Reefman
Capital: Torsk
Description: A not so humid costal region. It is a popular fishing spot and to the east there is a big reef.
7. Filstik
Capital: Orleli
Description: A temperate state. It has a very large shipping business.
8. Eastisle South
Capital: Eastisle City
Description: East of the main island there is another island 1/3 the size. It was the first area to be colonized by the Spanish and has seen many a bloody battle.
9. Eastisle North
Capital: Port Fortitude
Description: An empty land that is often forgotten. It is the least populous and least prosperous state. So awful the Department of Tourism only lists the exits away from the state as "attractions."