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by The Republic of Arstotzkans. . 9 reads.

The Republic of Arstotzkans borders will be opend

Star of log ....... World broadcast enable....... start
message....... today The Republic of
Arstotzkans will open their borders. This will mean that entry is possible but you will need to go trough 3 checkpoints that are all controled by inspectors. If you do not require the requested documents you will not be granted entry. if you will fake the documents you will be arrested and executed by The Republic of
Arstotzkans law.this will not be against will because before you enter the checkpoint you have the chance to return and give up your fake documents without punishment.if you do enter you will sign a contract that will allow us to arrest and terminate you if you try to fake your way in.if you dont sign this document,you will not be granted acces.

-Glory To The Republic of Arstotzkans