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            News from Poland

            "DOWN TUSK!" Conservative MP of the Law and Justice proposes impeachment of the Presidente Tusk

            rw 28 listopad 2024 | 9:39


Law and Justice Party MP, Patrycja Kotecka, 28.11.2024 (Fot. JACEK DOMINSKI/Reporter)

Conservative MP, Ms. Patrycja Kotecka, proposed in the Lower House of Parliament (Sejm) the impeachment of President Tusk, for reasons of nepotism and bribery of parliamentarians with public money.


      WARSAW "Down Tusk!", these were the words of the day during the session of the Polish Parliament, by MP Koteckam, when she proposed the impeachment of President Tusk for establishing nepotism in the Polish Government and allegedly bribing deputies with public money. For this indictment of Deputy Koteckam, the Parliament announced the opening of an official inquiry into the accusation of corruption of the President of the Republic of Poland with which it was found that during the inquiry there was no bribery with public money But on the issue of nepotism, President Tusk said he has named his daughter only as Interim Prime minister and it will be her choice if she wants to run in the next Polish Parliamentary Elections, if the people want her.

      Given MP Kotecka's serious accusation, it was clear she was wrong, but she told a press conference that the official inquiry was rigged. Many who consider themselves conservatives, of course, understand Ms. Kotecka, as many claim that President Tusk apparently already has everything under his control and is a liberal man taking the country to liberalism as a main focus.


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