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German Reich RP Factbook (Mod made)

German Reich


Government: National Socialist Party

Population: 86 million

Next Election: Never

Leader: Adolf Hitler

Rank: Superpower

Income: 15 billion USD. (62 billion Reichsmarks per year )

The German Wehrmacht

Manpower: 1,500,000

Reserve: 2,200,000

Divisions: Infantry, Motorized Infantry, Panzer, Light infantry,
mountain, heavy

Tanks: About 3,000

The Luftwaffe

Fighter Pilots: 1000

bombers: 1050

(add more info if you guys want)

Focus Trees (You can follow this for more chance of events happening)

Expand the Wehrmacht

Re-equip the Wehrmacht

Expand the Luftwaffe

Rebuild the Luftwaffe

Research Technologies

Atomic Theory -only available after 1940

Wunderwaffe -only available after 1942

Demand Danzig!
Danzig for Slovakia!

__________________ If you go with the next focus tree you may only do those focuses

Challenge Hitler

Take back the Reich! -Civil war with Third Reich

Secure the New State -Get recognition from a major power

Revive the Kaiserreich -Bring back Kaiser Wilhelm
Hold Free Elections -Moderator will do a random number generator.

A new germany! -rebuild the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, and the navy.

_______________ These are only available if you go witch revive the Kaiserreich ||

Rebuild the Empire! -Exchange Danzig for Slovakia

Bring back Austria-Hungary -Hold a vote in Austria and Hungary, if it succeeds, secede Czechoslovakia

Demand land from Lithuania

Seize Alsace-Lorraine -Begins ww2

Research Advancements

New medicine

New weapons

atomic theory -Only after 1940

Wunderwaffe -only after 1942