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RMB Rules

  • Long1 posts must be contained in spoilers

  • One nation can't post more than 5 posts in a row, unless the posts 6 and beyond are each 24 hours apart

  • Spamming, as defined by the NS rules, is not allowed

  • All posts must be PG-13, with all swears properly2 censored

  • All propaganda must be labeled as such, and be inside a spoiler

  • You may not beg to be a region RO, but reminding someone to make you an RO, if you have an agreement with them is fine.

  • Posts my not be suppressed unless they break any rules stated above, or two parliament members agree, without opposition from 2 or more parliament members.

  • Posts may not break any NS site rules

  • Links that log people's IP addresses are banned from the RMB

  • Posts may not contain just "RMB post", "This is an RMB post", or other words along those lines.

1- Long posts are defined as posts longer than 500 characters, including spaces
2- Some vowels and/or consonants must be replaced with a different character consisting of asterisks (*), dashes (-), etc. They may also be purposely misspelled, or have letters missing.