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Higher Law: Official Peace Deal

Higher Law:
The Seblarians and Catopians should agree on a set of principles/rights that are higher than all others:
1.) The right for all nations to be treated equally under the law.
2.) Whenever a post is suppressed, their must be a reason, whether NS or Alnobian law.
3.) The right to a fair and speedy trial, which has a jury, no double jeopardy and the accused has the right to know the charges against them
4.) All actions before September 3rd are to be forgiven, and all nations full amnesty.
5.) Higher law overrules the Constitution, which overrules the laws, which overrule executive orders, unless in a state of emergency.
6.) Every citizen has the right to vote, and every eligible citizen has the right to run for office.
7.) All elections must be fair and democratic.