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The Nomadic Peoples of
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Travel Book

After a long series of events that I don't feel like talking about, I am sent to explore the Muti/Universes! This is a notebook of all the things I found.

Something to keep in mind is that I may not be the original Rodger due to the travels, but I have a mission to do.

My first stop is 21st Century Rome. They claim to be "The largest Roman region in NationStates!" and I do think they are. They seem to be either a modern recreation of Rome founded by four nations. Something to note is that they are able to send notes throughout the monoverse! THAT'S CRAZY! Maybe I could see how they do it and bring it back to home. That aside, they reestablished the Roman Legions and it lead to many victories, expanding Roman influence. A so called Royal Houses and also the Acta Diurna released a publication that refine the region. This was all great until april 2016 when civil wars started all over Rome. It all ended in July and the Romans needed something to live for. Thus, many cults rose to power. With the creation of the cults introduced Roman Made Memes (which I find funny). A major conflict erupts within the empire in September. The fallout lead to a huge culture exchange between barbarians at an embassy. It has something to do with spaghetti. By the middle of 2017 begins the start of many conflicts, exchanges, and other events that aren't specified. In the end of the year, many Romans began to become very political and debates started popping up about politicians and policies. Afterward, many laws that stand there to this day have been affected by the votes. Another civil war breaks out in 2018 and they have been itching for war. After the war, they founded The Roman Senate (which is mainly inactive). This marks the end of their history so far.

After leaving Rome, I searched for another world and found this federation. I told them my mission and after some talking got this information about their history
Sierra Grand wrote:Soooo basically I have my own POV from Austria and Hungary, we merged with Union of Benevolent Leader, the Government started as a fair Government run state, then we had Revamp Part I making it more democratic, then Revamp Part II, then revamp Part III, bringing it to here, a Founder/Delegate Thing, A Presidency, and a Parliament.

Fascinating. With the help of Sierra Grand and a The Potatoez, I was able to learn about Amalgamated from a native, not just reading a history book. This isn't enough and while I plan on talking more with the natives, a little research never hurt me.
The region was founded by Neue deutsche Kaukasier, who at the time this was made, still exist. They seem to run a democracy with multiple parties. They tried a raid while I was there and it failed. Colonies are also common among the nations. The Region was founded on 17/09/2020. With that, I must go. I spent more time here than in Rome.