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Hellllllllllllllllllllllll wrote:Weffles coming up on 1 year on NS

I guess it is

I sent a TG to all travellers; let me know if I missed anyone.

We had a good time visiting you Wefflians! But it's time to go.

Thank you for having us! You've been great hosts.

Time to roll on Adios.

Thanks for letting us stay. Bye

*floats off into the sunset*
Thanks for hosting us!

Thanks for hosting us!

Goodbye! waddles away

*a spring breeze blows in gently~ 🌸As some cherry blossom petals settle on the ground the visitor speaks*

Greetings dear friends and allies, I hope you all had a good weekend!!😄Just dropping by to check in and say hello, hope all the nations and pinocchios* are doing well. We'll be ramping up things in our region soon so don't hesitate to drop by sometime!
Currently our diplomatic survey on Which pie is the most popular in your country? will finish this week so be sure to register your vote by then! 😋
In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy wherever you are! 😷

Warm Regards,

Carl Barks🦆

P.s Pinocchio is Lewisham slang for 'puppets'

Drifter wrote:Thanks for hosting us!

Any time

bruh i havent been on for a bit and weffle only had 15 new messages which is low

NS feels like its dying

Post self-deleted by Sign Languge.

Chile: |
Brazil: .>>&@*◊>&#&@

Boiiiiiii I can do whatever i want

Weffleunion wrote:boiiiiii


Hello Weffle,

I am the new ambassador for Mirror World and am always available to answer any questions.

Many greetings from the Mirror World!

im getting my phone today :)

Fric i missed my 1 year on NS 4/20

Post self-deleted by Sign Languge.

Post self-deleted by Sign Languge.

Post self-deleted by Sign Languge.

Weffleunion Can I be a mod?

Itís been 1 year

Nations of Weffle, I have received this TG from Wooloos,and Iím close to accepting-

Would you like a meger/Annexation of weffle, because if so, we can begin negotiations on such
You will receive
2 RO spots
Your Parliament, Council, Senate or whatever you have will be integrated into the IOC Paraliment,, if you don't have one, your current ROs will be in parliament instead
Your regional map will be allowed to continue, all be it intrergrated in the main RP
Your Regional Members instantly became IOC citizens, and the right to form parties in our regional government, aswell as the right to run for Prime Minister
The Right to back out of the annexation any time
Our region is one of the most active RP Regions on NS, and we have a welcoming community
People from your region would get a 3 Week Period of time to adjust to our Rules, and no warnings from RP or ROs for that period of three works, just light knock it off

I just need 1 senate approval and 2 court members

I mean, We might have too.I havent seen any messages in forever and people are starting to collapse because well there isnt much to do or talk about especially for non-roleplay players.Wooloos are nice and i might be worth it especially since we can backout if we need to.It would help there communities and ours and we would be able to meet more new nations.Weffle has been my home for a year but it might have to be done to help strengthen it.

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