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And hello to you too, Kampy.

"Murderers with law degrees can be seen swinging the gavel in courts."

...yet safety actually goes up.

The Tumbleweed is lurking... be afraid.

Ace_ Rimmer wrote:What did they do for April Fool's this year?

It was not memorable. It was something like, nations wrote up WA Campaigns although I'm not sure what for. I have a few campaign telegrams I got from nations that ran. If I happen to find one, perhaps I'll have better details of what happened.

Cheers. Guess they're running out of ideas. And Halloween will probably be zombies again. Or maybe they'll be topical and call them Coronazombies or something.

technically, no one is supposed to say anything negative about the virus i don't think they'll include it in anything. I forget where I saw that perhaps on the (nationstates) news

Really? Haven't read the news in eons.

Because you've been dead for that long? :P


Aren't you usually getting ready to die round this time of the year, Rimmer?



Oops, forgot about the zombies again.

Don't even care about it any more.

Could always change it to politicians. "You've been bitten by a Tory!" and "Hordes of Jeremy Corbyn fans are infesting your country"

Though I'd want a nuke the whole region button for that one.

I guess we're now ranking countries on the size of their card decks? That's a new one.


Could have sworn I logged in last week, oh well.



Need to mark it down on the calendar then :P


So how did this region start? Have I ever asked that? I feel like you all know each other or something. I'm like, a total outsider.

I clicked on create region. That's how it started XD

Meh, good enough for me! : )

How old is Viking Europe actually? I just checked, I have a telegram from Sysepho asking me to join (back when i was looking through regions), and that was over seventeen years ago.

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