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WA Delegate: The Watch how I Soar Nation of A Leaf on the Wind (elected )

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Welcome to The Rejected Realms: NationStates' only ejection-free zone!

Please endorse our Delegate, A Leaf on the Wind.

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Stop by our Regional Message Board for some interesting conversation and delicious Hedgehog Burgers Taquitos at our BBQ and Grill.

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    Nations Not Endorsing the Delegate: 16 October 2020

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    Issue LXI

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    The Rejected Times Outlander Program

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    Join the RRA!

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    Rejected Realms RMB Guide

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    The WA Ping Program: Sign Up for Notifications

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    RMB Awards | April 2020

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    Pros and Cons Index

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    The Rejected Times Index

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    Join the World Assembly!

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    Helpful Links for Newcomers

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Regional Power: Very High

The Rejected Realms contains 5,924 nations, the 10th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Healthiest Citizens in the Rejected Realms

A measure of the general physical health of citizens in each nation.

As a region, the Rejected Realms is ranked 7,121st in the world for Healthiest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Empire of FarrakhanDemocratic Socialists“All Praise Is Due To Allah”
2.The Federation of ZaveaDemocratic Socialists“Quo Nemo Sequi Potest”
3.The Hivemind of The SeidLeft-wing Utopia“I Am The People”
4.The Dark Fauzjhian Province of TaineizbriaLeft-wing Utopia“Our country is Shadow and Night”
5.The Queendom of SarotteLiberal Democratic Socialists“Good through knowledge”
6.The Dragonic Fauzjhian Province of BhrazjhiaLeft-wing Utopia“We always forget”
7.The Prolife Marine Kingdom of EvilciaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“We taxes the taxes”
8.The Oceanic Fauzjhian Province of AuceanzniaLeft-wing Utopia“There is no life without sex”
9.The Bright Fauzjhian Province of LunheizriaLeft-wing Utopia“Our country is light and day”
10.The Democratic Republic of HethantistersDemocratic Socialists“Justice, Equality, Loyalty”
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Poll called by The Matriarchy of Thepeopl

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The Rejected Realms Regional Message Board

Crazy girl wrote:NS mods plz suppress ^

*wanders by and applies some casual mod abuuuuuuse* Only 'cause it's Sedge though. :P


Charlie-Simba wrote:O.O
what have i missed omg
i havent been here in like forever ;w;

Kayden Nation is actually making Kayden Reigon a going thing.

The battle is close. McD's vs. Burger King.

Defend the honor of your burger chain here!


Crazy girl wrote:I remember when the warzones were created. I was the first delegate of the first warzone! Fun times. No suppression.

A great Warzone Delegate once said: "doesn't matter who did it first; what matters is who did it best"!

Dieboldsheim wrote:Kayden Nation is actually making Kayden Reigon a going thing.

Ok then
Either way if u see me on Roblox (simba_charlie) donít be shy
If u tell me who u r and where u came from *this post* I will be glad to talk with anyone from dis region:)

Charlie-Simba wrote:I will be glad to talk with anyone from dis region:)

I won't be glad.

Dieboldsheim wrote:Kayden Nation is actually making Kayden Reigon a going thing.

Who's gonna tell him he spelt "region" wrong?

Thepeopl wrote:Sorry, can't. You were double posting. I did however quote your post, so everyone can read it. Or you could edit the first post and delete your suppressed post.

And thank you!

>sigs as full libertarian on funny compass
> suppresses double posts

This is literally genocide

NationStates Moderators wrote:*wanders by and applies some casual mod abuuuuuuse* Only 'cause it's Sedge though. :P



The Final Sith Order wrote:Double posting means posting two messages at the same time. If you donít want to be suppressed, edit your current message if you want to add anything too it, rather then post a separate one.

I have helped you to learn your grave mistakes of heretic double posting on behalf of the eternal suppressor.

Times have changed and you must too, with this RMB.

Now I wonder if everyone here had grown up and is now an adult sorta?

I love someone feels the need to explain double posting to me. Your efforts are appreciated, but my battle shall continue.

Toerana wrote:Pls

CG is trolling, please don't try and take her too seriously.

Now now, that's a rather harsh accusation. Or is this discrediting your opposition? Down with the suppressors!

Also, who the hell has my morning coffee?

Odreria wrote:>sigs as full libertarian on funny compass
> suppresses double posts

This is literally genocide

I know. I am a very socially adjusted libertarian. For me to be allowed to reside in this region, means following the rules... my ideas as to what constitutes pg 13, is vastly different than "the official pg13 rules". Physical/ mental violence would be 18+, nudity all ages...
So I'll follow the rmb guidelines as long as I want to stay a member of this community.

Crazy girl wrote:-snip-

Also, who the hell has my morning coffee?

I do, lovely one. With warm stroopwafels.

Terravia wrote:Who's gonna tell him he spelt "region" wrong?

Maybe it's a pun?
Reign /Reich region

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