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The Independent Newspaper Regional Message Board

Hello Nations! I take this opportunity to invite you to the official tenth anniversary celebrations of India: Nationstates. India has been the largest indie themed and one of the biggest RL themed regions in the community. The region has planned a whole year celebrations on this special occasion. Indicon is been conducted as for the opening ceremony of the year long celebrations. This event will have:
• Giveaways of Cards and Pokémon
• A logo making competition who's theme is 10 years of India. The winner gets a legendary card.
• .io extension games and Among Us
• Indian Music Listenalong: The Generation Drive (1950s to 2021)

The election special of the URA Tribune has been released! Please give it a read.

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Taking off from the trail blazed by the URA Harbinger, the Tribune is the official publication of the United Regions Alliance.

Most Contested Race Yet Sees Presidentiables Argue for URA Future and Fight against Fascism

The January 2021 Elections of the URA is in full swing as polls open from the 25th to the 31st, and interest in the hotly contested race has raised expectations for record voter turnout. A four-way race between incumbent URA President Suvmia, URA Armed Forces Marshal Allangoria, New Eastern Europe WA Delegate Maricoen, and Conch Kingdom's The Pir featured the biggest field of Alliance President candidates since the founding of the alliance in November 2019. Among the paramount issues of the month, the future of the alliance and the treatment of fascism has taken the spotlight in the presidential debates.

While the candidates in general agreed on a number of issues, such as increasing engagement, as well as expansion of membership to include large regions and game created regions (GCRs), there are also points where they differed. Banking on its firsthand experience in the alliance government, Suvmia envisions the URA to be a "formidable force" administered by a proportionally sized government structure with clearly defined roles, a position in contrast with other candidates who proposed reorganization and streamlining. Suvmia further stresses that no new councils were created during its term. In comparison, Allangoria has pledged a 35 percent reduction in government size in hopes of curbing red tape, transforming the councils into ministries in the process. Maricoen has proposed a major overhaul of the current structure with 15 to 20 members dedicated to recruitment alone.

Meanwhile, all candidates have expressed their opposition to fascism and related right-wing extremism, emphasizing the stance of the alliance as a bastion of democracy and the ongoing election as evidence of this fact. Both Maricoen and Suvmia has vouched for the efficacy of background checks to keep extremists out of the alliance, while Allangoria intends for the URA to join Antifa, a military organization in NationStates dedicated to combat fascism. The Pir stresses freedom of speech, but believes fascism must be placed in the sidelines. As context, early in the campaign, former presidential candidate United Hindu Rashtra strongly called out the "massive intolerance" of the alliance for right-wing ideologies, pointing out how its use of the swastika was misinterpreted as support for Nazism. The word "swastika" comes from the Sanskrit for "all is well," but has since taken an extreme political meaning despite its religious origins due to Nazi symbolism. United Hindu Rashtra would later exit the alliance even before the debates began.

In related developments, a pre-election survey independently conducted by Vermont and Montpelier was released January 15. For President, Maricoen was leading the survey at 37 percent, followed by Suvmia at 33 percent, Allangoria 20 percent, and The Pir 0 (zero) percent. The rest were write-in votes for unofficial candidates. A total of 27 member nations participated in the said survey, with a margin of error of 15 percent.

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Heated Campaign for Alliance Vice Presidency Too Close for Comfort

For Alliance Vice President, a similarly sized field of candidates sets up another hotly contested race. Veteran vice presidential contender The XII Legion Fulminata of Ridgefield has been an early campaigner in its attempt to shed past controversies. Last minute declarations characterize the pace of the VP election with URA Head of Public Affairs Lanaograd, former Head of Recruitment New Reiji, and Trekinstan of The Democratic Commonwealth joining the fray near to the close of candidacy filing. In an unexpected development, the VP race featured unique endorsements which was not largely seen for other positions. Lanaograd in particular has been publicly endorsed by incumbent Vice President Honeydewistania, presidential candidate Maricoen, India WA Delegate Indusse, and Philippines WA Delegate Ariusgrad, among others. Despite the endorsements, however, XII Legion has expressed how its strength and passion can be a game-changer in the race, while both New Reiji and Trekinstan assume the role of the "underdog" in hopes of attracting more votes.

Available data may lay credence to XII Legion's claims of a closer race than expected. The pre-election survey independently conducted by Vermont and Montpelier has not shown a confident lead for Lanaograd, who is leading the survey at 52 percent. It is followed by XII Legion at 30 percent, New Reiji 8 percent, and Trekinstan 4 percent. The rest were write-in votes for unofficial candidates. A total of 27 member nations participated in the said survey, with a margin of error of 15 percent.

While there have been commonalities among the candidates in the issues, particularly in promoting activity and fostering closer relations between members, differences can also be noted. XII Legion has expressed its support for the creation of a judicial system and the reduction of government size to "give positions meaning." It has also taken up a dissenting opinion on how alliance policy should treat fascism and related right-wing ideologies, emphasizing diversity should mean recognizing that "not all fascists are evil people." In relation to this, XII Legion argues that communists should also be banned if fascists would have the same fate. The rest of the VP candidates have expressed opposition to extremism in general. Meanwhile, Lanaograd stresses its threefold vision, and the principle of maximizing benefits and minimizing compliance if the alliance seeks to create an inclusive and sustainable environment for growth. As for New Reiji and Trekinstan, they harp on their policies to make the URA "friendlier" and "important" to the average member.

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Head of Recruitment Debate Boils Down to Question of Expansion

Serving as the alliance's foreign relations arm, the Recruitment Council sees a two-way contest between Augustin Alliance Joint Task Force Director Gibraltarica and Fylkirvegr Founder Freedomanica. Their campaigns have boiled down as to who has better policies to improve URA standing relative to the world.

While Gibraltarica has supported the recruitment of large regions to the alliance and a transition phase to support new regions, Freedomanica has taken up an unconventional position of focusing on internal growth of member regions, relegating active recruitment of new members as secondary. Gibraltarica stresses on Freedomanica's pledge by arguing on knowledge of the Recruitment Council mandate. Asked for a forecast on membership by the end of their term, Gibraltarica estimates 30 to 35 regions, while Freedomanica 35 to 40 regions. Although the alliance has seen new entries such as Blackstar, The Freedom Isles, and The DankLeft Commune, it has also endured departures in the past weeks leading up to the election, among them being Lisseum and Krasnaya.

In terms of their proposed recruitment criteria, Gibraltarica summarizes them to four major points: an active community, a proactive government, the existence of a World Assembly (WA) Delegate, and unconnected to unwelcome communities and ideologies. Freedomanica has been more specific, rejecting fascist, anti-WA, and embassy collector regions. Besides having a WA Delegate, it has also placed a floor membership size of 25, and an age floor of six weeks.

In related developments, a pre-election survey independently conducted by Vermont and Montpelier was released January 15. For Head of Recruitment, Gibraltarica leads with 48 percent, closely followed by Freedomanica at 44 percent. The rest were write-in votes for unofficial candidates. A total of 27 member nations participated in the said survey, with a margin of error of 15 percent.

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Participation Issues Arise in Head of Public Affairs Debate

The newest of the URA councils, the vice presidential bid of its first elected head Lanaograd has opened the Head of Public Affairs race to two contenders. The Flyin2 of The United Federations has been Lanaograd's rival in the previous Public Affairs election. Vermont and Montpelier of The Labyrinth, who declared early its candidacy in hopes of campaigning against Lanaograd, faces off with The Flyin2 instead in this two-way election. Another prospective contender, Peshwas of The Great Experiment, has not formalized its candidacy despite publicly expressing desire to seek the position.

While both have agreed in the competency of the Public Affairs Council they will be taking over and in the commitment to boosting activity, the two candidates differ on policies in bringing about more participation among member nations. Aggressive strategies early in the electoral campaign has received negative feedback from a number of member regions, making the technical details on how to help them participate in and experience better alliance events the highlight of their debates. One event taken as example for argument is the planned URA Global Showcase, scheduled for March 2021. The Flyin2 does not see the necessity for such an event, although it proposes to focus more on URA functions if the showcase does materialize. Meanwhile, Vermont and Montpelier seeks to have all regions on board and model the event as a collection of accomplishments.

In related developments, a pre-election survey independently conducted by Vermont and Montpelier was released January 15. For Head of Public Affairs, Vermont and Montpelier leads with 52 percent, followed by The Flyin2 at 33 percent. The rest were write-in votes for unofficial candidates. A total of 27 member nations participated in the said survey, with a margin of error of 15 percent.

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Uncontested Head of Roleplay Candidate Aims to Attract More Activity After Elections

The elections for Head of Interregional Roleplay will be uncontested for the first time since January 2020 with Adachi being the only official candidate for the position. Promising smooth RP operations, Adachi believes that simplifying and advertising the RP facility of the alliance will be beneficial in driving more members to join as active players.

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Contact Information

Feel free to telegram or Discord message the following if you have any questions or comments!

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Authored by Lanaograd and the Public Affairs Council. Banner design by Maricoen. All rights reserved.
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Shipgod wrote:Hi


~~~ Card Hunger Games ~~~
Bloody Suprises in 7th Run!

by Waiban, Harmonic Empire

Wow, the game was met with a bunch of surprises, folks! Two big events right at the beginning killed a whopping 40 of our tributes! Quite the bloody scene! Even I was surprised at how many of them just outright died hahahaha! And out of the 8 who remained, The United Peoples of Centrism managed to outlast the rest and climb to the top, become our champion for the Seventh Run! Congratulations!


"Welcome, o heroic tributes! Welcome to the Seventh Run of your beloved Card Hunger Games! Our definitely 100% voluntary participants are out there to battle to the death, and will very likely suffer horrible deaths from wild animals, disease, incompetence, or their fellow “participants” to entertain the masses from around the NS Capitol! Of course, the winner will be rewarded with a glorious, tasty, juicy, finger-licking good LEG with 11 herbs and spices. There can only be one winner, and that winner could be you! And remember, enjoy the show… it might be your last~!" - Arena Master

As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.

Doge Land finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver.

Narvatus takes a handful of throwing knives.

DGES runs away from the Cornucopia.

East Blepia finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver.

Awesomeland 012345 rips a mace out of Sylh Alanor's hands.

Silver Commonwealth, Vylixan, Marxist Germany, and Sylestone share everything they gathered before running.

Refuge Isle grabs a jar of fishing bait while Free Las Pinas gets fishing gear.

Bawkie runs away from the Cornucopia.

Isiqithi kills Giovanniland with a sickle.

Inven retrieves a trident from inside the cornucopia.

Xoriet takes a sickle from inside the cornucopia.

Witchcraft and Sorcery throws a knife into Conklandi's head.

Felix Da Cat runs away from the Cornucopia.

Lex da boi2 runs away from the Cornucopia.

Westinor runs away from the Cornucopia.

Panagouge runs away from the Cornucopia.

Smiley Bob runs away from the Cornucopia.

Comfed breaks CaveDweller's nose for a basket of bread.

DRUS grabs a shovel.

The Salaxalans grabs a shield leaning on the cornucopia.

9003 runs away from the Cornucopia.

Apostate runs away from the Cornucopia.

Racoda finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver.

Svenskskit sets an explosive off, killing Debussy, Alcala-Cordel, and Imperial Dodo.

The Bigtopia runs away from the Cornucopia.

Authoritaria Imperia snatches a pair of sais.

Deretania sets an explosive off, killing Indusse, Fauxia, Fhaengshia and Noahs Second Country.

Koem Kab runs away from the Cornucopia.

Ioavollr runs away from the Cornucopia.

Porflox runs away from the Cornucopia.

Tinhampton runs away from the Cornucopia.

South Bengal stays at the cornucopia for resources.

Centrism takes a spear from inside the cornucopia.

DRUS, Felix Da Cat, Bawkie, and Isiqithi hunt for other tributes.

Koem Kab tries to spear fish with a trident.

Free Las Pinas steals from Marxist Germany while he isn't looking.

Westinor camouflauges herself in the bushes.

9003 defeats The Salaxalans in a fight, but spares her life.

Witchcraft and Sorcery practices his archery.

Lex da boi2 receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

Narvatus constructs a shack.

Svenskskit tends to Apostate's wounds.

Centrism receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

Doge Land receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

Panagouge tends to DGES's wounds.

Ioavollr stabs Awesomeland 012345 in the back with a trident.

Authoritaria Imperia and Silver Commonwealth fight Porflox and Sylh Alanor. Porflox and Sylh Alanor survive.

Xoriet steals from South Bengal while he isn't looking.

Smiley Bob collects fruit from a tree.

Refuge Isle diverts CaveDweller's attention and runs away.

Comfed camouflauges herself in the bushes.

Deretania receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

The Bigtopia constructs a shack.

Vylixan travels to higher ground.

Inven discovers a cave.

Tinhampton silently snaps East Blepia's neck.

Sylestone explores the arena.

Racoda hunts for other tributes.

Acidic rain pours down on the arena.

Koem Kab shoves 9003 into a pond of acidic rain, but is pulled in by 9003, killing them both.

Isiqithi shoves Panagouge into a pond of acidic rain, but is pulled in by Panagouge, killing them both.

Deretania survives.

Marxist Germany survives.

Xoriet refuses Svenskskit shelter, killing her.

Free Las Pinas survives.

Centrism survives.

Racoda injures Witchcraft and Sorcery and leaves him in the rain to die.

South Bengal trips face first into a puddle of acidic rain.

Smiley Bob survives.

Apostate refuses Sylh Alanor shelter, killing him.

Porflox injures Sylestone and leaves her in the rain to die.

Ioavollr is unable to find shelter and dies.

The Salaxalans survives.

Refuge Isle is unable to find shelter and dies.

Bawkie survives.

CaveDweller survives.

Tinhampton shoves DGES into a pond of acidic rain, but is pulled in by DGES, killing them both.

Comfed trips face first into a puddle of acidic rain.

Felix Da Cat refuses Inven shelter, killing him.

Narvatus trips face first into a puddle of acidic rain.

Lex da boi2 injures Vylixan and leaves him in the rain to die.

The Bigtopia injures DRUS and leaves him in the rain to die.

Westinor survives.

Doge Land survives.

31 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

District 1

District 1

District 9

District 4

Imperial Dodo
District 12

District 12

District 1

District 6

Noahs Second Country
District 4

Awesomeland 012345
District 10

Authoritaria Imperia
District 5

Silver Commonwealth
District 7

East Blepia
District 7

Koem Kab
District 4

District 3

District 12

District 3

District 1

Witchcraft and Sorcery
District 8

South Bengal
District 10

Sylh Alanor
District 12

District 11

District 10

Refuge Isle
District 9

District 11

District 7

District 9

District 8

District 6

District 2

District 8

Smiley Bob, Bawkie, and Westinor discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.

Racoda starts a fire.

CaveDweller begs for The Salaxalans to kill him. She refuses, keeping CaveDweller alive.

The Bigtopia receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

Marxist Germany sees a fire, but stays hidden.

Lex da boi2 tries to treat his infection.

Free Las Pinas, Centrism, and Felix Da Cat cheerfully sing songs together.

Deretania receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

Porflox tends to her wounds.

Apostate goes to sleep.

Xoriet accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.

Doge Land receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

Marxist Germany scares Porflox off.

The Salaxalans scares Deretania off.

Bawkie questions his sanity.

Westinor practices her archery.

Centrism sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate.

CaveDweller hunts for other tributes.

Doge Land makes a slingshot.

Apostate stalks Free Las Pinas.

The Bigtopia searches for firewood.

Felix Da Cat is pricked by thorns while picking berries.

Smiley Bob searches for firewood.

Lex da boi2 chases Racoda.

The arena turns pitch black and nobody can see a thing.

Porflox survives.

Felix Da Cat trips on a rock and falls off a cliff.

Smiley Bob finds and kills The Salaxalans, who was making too much noise.

Marxist Germany trips on a rock and falls off a cliff.

Lex da boi2 survives.

Centrism survives.

Bawkie survives.

Free Las Pinas survives.

The Bigtopia flails her weapon around, accidently killing CaveDweller.

Racoda flails his weapon around, accidently killing Doge Land.

While fighting, Westinor and Apostate lose their balance, roll down a jagged hillside, and die.

Deretania trips on a rock and falls off a cliff.

9 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

District 3

Felix Da Cat
District 3

The Salaxalans
District 7

Marxist Germany
District 10

District 2

Doge Land
District 11

District 5

District 9

District 2

Centrism receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.

Bawkie receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

The Bigtopia and Lex da boi2 hold hands.

Free Las Pinas passes out from exhaustion.

Porflox receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

Smiley Bob loses sight of where she is.

Racoda cooks his food before putting his fire out.

Racoda overhears Free Las Pinas and Lex da boi2 talking in the distance.

Centrism thinks about home.

Bawkie and The Bigtopia hunt for other tributes.

Porflox camouflauges herself in the bushes.

Smiley Bob is pricked by thorns while picking berries.

No cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

Racoda and Centrism fight Free Las Pinas and Smiley Bob. Racoda and Centrism survive.

The Bigtopia attempts to climb a tree, but falls to her death.

Bawkie and Lex da boi2 hold hands.

Porflox attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful.

Centrism steals from Porflox while she isn't looking.

Bawkie scares Lex da boi2 off.

Racoda sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate.

3 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

Free Las Pinas
District 6

Smiley Bob
District 5

The Bigtopia
District 11

Lex da boi2 receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

Centrism shoots a poisonous blow dart into Racoda's neck, slowly killing him.

Porflox receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

Bawkie loses sight of where he is.

Porflox receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

Centrism picks flowers.

Bawkie picks flowers.

Lex da boi2 camouflauges himself in the bushes.

1 cannon shot can be heard in the distance.

District 4

Lex da boi2 destroys Porflox's supplies while she is asleep.

Centrism destroys Bawkie's supplies while he is asleep.

Bawkie discovers a river.

Lex da boi2 chases Centrism.

Porflox discovers a river.

No cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

Lex da boi2 attacks Bawkie, but Porflox protects him, killing Lex da boi2.

Centrism questions his sanity.

Bawkie dies from an infection.

Porflox accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.

Discord Link: LinkNS Trading Card
[Published 31/01/2021]


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Beannachtaí agus mianta te!! Greetings from The Confederacy of Layem. We are conducting a diplomatic survey with our allied regions on milk. Please honour us with your esteemed choice on our humble report. Good week and peace to all!
Stay safe and keep well wherever you are!

Duckburg /ˈdʌkbɜːrɡ/ is the capital city of Paperino.

The location that would eventually become the centre of Duckburg was originally known as "Fort Drake Borough," a fort built in the 16th century by British explorer Sir Francis Drake. By the 19th century, the fort had been handed over by its departing British occupants to Cornelius Coot, who renamed the fort "Duckburg". "Drake" means a male duck, while "borough" and "burg" are synonyms meaning a town or district that is an administrative unit.Cornelius Coot turned the old fort into a trading post for fellow traders and hunters, and their families. Eventually a small town grew around the fort on top of Killmule Hill. In Carl Barks' story The Day Duckburg Got Dyed (1957), it is revealed that Cornelius Coot at some point in Duckburg's history managed to pipe mountain water into the town.

The size and structure of Duckburg varied in the works by Barks: it was adjusted to better fit the story he wanted to tell; it could vary from a small town to a medium-sized city, to a bustling metropolis. Later writers and artists most of the time also continues this tradition. In one specific story by Barks, Monsterville (1961), Duckburg was even transformed into a futuristic city by Gyro Gearloose, however it proved that the citizens were not ready for the high level of technology that the new city provided. Thus the city was turned back to its old city structure.

Duckburg is a major center for Space exploration, mainly operated and overseen by Gyro Gearloose, and has had expeditions to the Moon, Mars, Venus, the Asteroids, and more remote parts of the Galaxy. The city also features a sea port and is in proximity of a large forest called the Black Forest and to several mountains, the most notable being "Old Demon Tooth", usually depicted as a towering pointed peak leaning slightly to the side.[7] The main river of the city is the Tulebug River, first mentioned in The Money Well (1958) by Carl Barks, and it is located near Killmotor Hill.

Duckburg is home to Yarvard University (a play on the universities of Harvard and Yale), an institution more notable for its athletic teams than for its academic achievements.

Duckburg is also the home of the Billionaires Club of some of which Scrooge McDuck, John D. Rockerduck and, according to some stories, Flintheart Glomgold are influential members. Duckburg also has a Ritz Hotel

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Hello Guys!
Let's have some news! The Monthly Tabloid Newsletter January Edition is out now! Don't forget to upvote!

January 2021|| Issue VII

The Monthly Tabloid
India Official Newsletter

Editor: Indusse
Writer: Whole India.

Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,
Due to the tight real-life schedule and planning of the 10th Anniversary Celebrations this time, we aren't having a good issue of the newsletter. I hope this will get upvoted. We will be back with a better issue soon.
Thanking you,

Quick News
  • Parliament results were announced, Hindu Puri lead election with 183 points.

  • The Aftermath of India's Diplomatic Crisis began.

  • India's Parliament Region got dissolved, the future of Parliament's assembly place remains in question.

  • Indian Army Liberates South India for the 4th Time.

India: The Way Ahead

Written by Whole India

After the whole Indian diplomatic crisis whose aftermath is still witnessed now, Few regions have said, “Growing fascism has infected India.” These regions have also pressurized many other allies of India to break relations with India. Now what’s ahead for India is the question.

Internal development is the answer. When we stabilize our region from within no one can dare to put hands on us. Stabilizing India’s judiciary is essential, and the OPAJ (Organisation of Peace and Justice) acts as a landmark in this process, however, the destination is making the Judiciary Independent. India’s new forum is in its final stages before launch, and hence, the Cabinet Secretariat is required to be established. Importantly the Cabinet Secretariat should be created before the forum’s established, but after the former founder of India National Parliament, India’s parliament, before screw up and closed down the region now the problem lies ahead is what shall be the provisional substitution of the parliament? Discord may be. And for same India needs a structured bureaucracy. The previous one ‘Civil Servants Act’ is quite ineffective and does contain many loopholes. What India needs is to correct these loopholes in a certain way.

A trust in democracy

Written by Whole India

Introduction: India's Parliament elections were quite smooth with Hindu Puri getting a wave of support. In this article, we shall be comparing the votes, vote shares and such other data.

The results and Analysis: India's election's results were quite different when we compare with last time's result.

Vote Share of the January Elections
Vote share of November Elections

Points of November Election

Points of January Elections

On the Basis of the vote share, we can analyze many things. Vote share here is the total share of points. So, it's the total amount of points given to a candidate upon the overall sum of points given. In the January election, the overall points were 1610 while in the November election, the overall points were 1441. So accordingly, Hindu Mahasabha had a rise from 9.9% to 10.6% in vote share which was a rise from 142 points to 171 points. Devarj has received an increase in vote share from 7.6% to 7.9% and hence he has an increase from 109 points to 127 points. Gadhavi has a vote share increase from 8.0% to 9.9% due to which he has an increase from 115 points to 160 points. Still, Hyperpolis and Whole India have faced a decrease in vote share. Whole India's vote share decreased from 10.1% to 9.1% but this hasn't affected his points much as he has seen a rise of 1 point from 146 points to 147 points. Hyperpolis on the other hand faced the problem as his vote share reduced from 9.2% to 7.0% and hence he saw a decline from 133 points to 113 points. Hindu Puri lead the election with a strong rise to 11.4%. The people of India have shown a good amount of trust in this senior fellow.

Key Points from the election:

  • Hyperpolis saw a over all decline.

  • Whole India has seen a decline in Vote share.

  • Hindu Mahasabha witnessed a massive come back.

  • People have shown trust for Hindu Puri, more.

  • Gandhavi has a good rise overall.

  • Hindu Ram Rajya has made a record with such high points and vote share in the first go.

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Alvonia has just reached 51 nations. We are currently holding elections for the Colloquium, stay tuned for the results!

The inaugural issue of Good News Philippines, the multilingual flagship publication of the Philippines, is now released. Maraming salamat sa pagtangkilik!

Upvote and share!

The NS world's distinguished multilingual newspaper, Good News Philippines (GNP) is the flagship publication of the Philippines.

Ang natatanging pahayagan sa NationStates na may iba't-ibang wika, Mabuting Balita Pilipinas ang nangungunang lathalain ng Philippines.

Ang daghang pinulongan nga mantalaan sa NationStates, Maayong Balita Pilipinas ang nag-una nga pagmantala sa Philippines.

Ariusgrad's Ninth Year of Public Service as Delegate: What It Means to Lead a Medium-Sized Region in the International Stage

On the momentous day of January 31, 2012, Ariusgrad was elected as World Assembly Delegate of the Philippines for the first time. Ever since, it would be elected three more times in July 2012, June 2016, and May 2020, as it continued to serve the medium-sized region for nine years as of last January. Its administration of the Philippines was with severe difficulty, having to confront both internal and external threats throughout the years. If foreign observers would say the Philippines had not been facing any serious threat nowadays, it was most likely attributed to Ariusgrad's solid fundamentals of solidarity, sustainability, and anticipatory governance. Finding an unstable region which saw three delegates resigning within a span of a year, and a population of around 20 nations, it strived to mold the Philippines as one of the world's largest. In 2014, the Philippines achieved high regional power status for the first time, while in 2017, it was labeled as an enormous region which it had sustained to this day. Indeed, the Philippines was one of the world's largest founderless and multilingual regions, registering as 20th and 7th respectively at one time in 2020. Meanwhile, perhaps Ariusgrad's humility was a fault to an extent, as many in the NationStates community may have not yet heard of this heroic figure who not only guided the Philippines for most of its modern history (the region was refounded on January 17, 2011, making Ariusgrad's delegacy cover around 90 percent so far), but also endeavored for the Philippines to be an active participant in many stellar defenses with renowned defender coalitions, including that of Japan, Singapore, Asia, Iran, Syria, Belgium, Katipunan, Angvar, Region of Reunited Muslim States (now United Empire of Islam), and ASEAN (now Association of Southeast Asian Nations), among others.

While words may not be able to contain the gratitude for such commitment to a single region for so long, the following were some testimonials which appreciate Ariusgrad's meaningful public service for the Philippines and the world through the years:

World Assembly Secretary-General Kuriko of 10000 Islands

Kuriko wrote:In a Cosmos where most founderless regions quickly die after the first few raids, Ariusgrad has persevered and continued on. They've sought allies to help keep the raiders at bay through the United Regions Alliance, taking on a leading role within the multi-regional organization. They've innovated a new government for their region. They've put their heart and soul into the continuance of their community through raid after raid, that sometimes could have turned destructive.

World Assembly Delegate HumanSanity of 10000 Islands

HumanSanity wrote:Ariusgrad is certainly at the forefront of strong, steady, consistent leadership of a mid-sized region - they are the highest exemplar of this style of gameplay.

World Assembly Delegate Ransium of Forest

Ransium wrote:Can you imagine a role harder than a long time delegate of a medium-sized region? You're not small enough to fly under the radar, not large enough that your endos give you a safe buffer from raids. And in if your region happens to be named after an actual geographic place, even more of a challenge. You have to hold your community together in the face of constant interruption. To be able to stay sane, keep going, and keep your community together for this amount of time is something truly exceptional.

World Assembly Delegate Aumeltopia of The South Pacific

Aumeltopia wrote:I think natives of founderless regions deserve a lot more recognition than they generally get.

Founder Benevolent Thomas of The Order of the Grey Wardens

Benevolent Thomas wrote:As a defender, I must say I am a fan of Ariusgrad. They pay attention to threats to their region and are patient and level-headed when Philippines is successfully invaded. Their reliability to quickly act upon successful liberations by defender forces is always appreciated and celebrated.

Founder Free Azell of The United Regions Alliance

Free Azell wrote:Ariusgrad is a Delegate of one of our embassy regions. It has served for a while now. It has also used its FA skills to fend off many Raider attacks on their founderless region. It has survived and persevered over many obstacles with help from their government and its natives in the region to lead a normal NS region life while having many threats to their region pending daily.

Vice President Lanaograd of The United Regions Alliance

Lanaograd wrote:The survival of our founderless yet resilient region is a resounding testament to Ariusgrad's underrated defense principles, including the concept of force in being. That is, a military that is always defending. The unity, stability, and progress it has spearheaded as our dedicated leader throughout the years has created a region of great international standing. What is unfortunate is how the NS world in general remains oblivious of our delegate's legacy in for a medium-sized and founderless region such as the Philippines. Only six other delegates have kept the delegacy for 3 years or more in regions with over 100 member nations. But beyond its longevity, Ariusgrad's vision for inclusive and sustainable development in a shared world is commendable on itself. It carried these ideals when it campaigned for WA Secretary General back in 2016, and it still continues to foster them to this day with the updated agenda of solidarity, sustainability, and anticipatory governance. I will not forget how Ariusgrad's inspired leadership has helped mold me into the leader I am today, and its continuous support for me as the region's representative to the URA alliance is only one of those instances of its mentorship. Ariusgrad is in the habit of creating leaders that will create leaders.

Minister Free Las Pinas of 10000 Islands

Free Las Pinas wrote:Philippines is founderless, medium-sized, and named after a real-life country. Holding that community together, sticking to it for years, and gaining their respect, would be difficult and an awful lot of stress, and I believe it warrants commendation.

Minister Secular State of the Philippines of Philippines

Secular State of the Philippines wrote:Ariusgrad has served this region well in almost a decade. He has thwarted a dozen invasions and usurpers under his delegation and has kept this region's peace. He also is the eldest member of the old guard, member states of this region prior to its refounding. There's no better candidate to lead this region.

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Embracing the Filipino Community in NS: PCARI Established as Inclusive Consultative Body for Philippine-themed Regions

In recognition of the growing Filipino community, wherein some had chosen to establish regions of their own than to merge with the lead region Philippines, the region's World Assembly Delegate Ariusgrad spearheaded the signing of the PCARI Declaration last February 8 with six other Filipino-themed regions and two Filipino-themed institutions. PCARI, which stood for Philippine Council of Affiliated Regions and Institutions, was derived from the concepts introduced in the 2013 Philippine Regional Convention, a global conference hosted under the Ariusgrad administration that was opened for all Filipino-themed nations.

While there had been mergers in the region's history involving regions like the Philippine Wing Islands, Filipino, Katipunan Union, and Allied Nation for Transparency, there were also regions which pursued their autonomy and sovereignty along with keeping warm relations with the Philippines. With this consultative body in the books, Ariusgrad saw the opportunity of even closer relations with these regions, which collectively registered 140 members as of signing. The PCARI Declaration had the Philippines, as the historical forerunner of the Filipino community in NationStates, being the lead of this new council.

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Philippines Candidate Lanaograd Elected New URA Vice President after Close Campaign

*adapted from the URA Tribune articles on the January 2021 Vice Presidential Election

The 30-strong United Regions Alliance (URA) held its general election last January 25 to 31, with the Philippines uniting behind its only candidate, former URA Head of Public Affairs Lanaograd, who launched a bid for Alliance Vice President. Despite massive support from its home region, it had seen its pre-election lead at 52 percent slightly shrink enough to deprive it of an outright majority, obtaining 49 percent of the vote in the first round of voting, followed by Ridgefield's The XII Legion Fulminata with 25 percent, Former Head of Recruitment New Reiji with 18 percent, and the Democratic Commonwealth's Trekinstan with 8 percent. While Lanaograd's first round lead of 24 points over XII Legion was larger than Suvmia's lead over Maricoen, New Reiji and Trekinstan somehow outperformed pre-election surveys enough to force two more rounds of voting. With the third round giving Lanaograd 71 percent of the vote, the highest for any vice presidential candidate in alliance history, the URA welcomes the representative from the Philippines as its new Vice President. Both New Reiji and XII Legion have expressed their desire to run for positions in the next election cycle.

Unlike the July 2020 results, XII Legion appeared more amenable to accept the outcome of his second run for the said position. To recall, XII Legion lost by one vote to outgoing Vice President Honeydewistania in the previous election cycle. Meanwhile, Lanaograd had this to say in its post-election speech, "We have once again proven that the URA is an alliance and an arsenal of democracy. As we embark on the journey of inclusive and sustainable growth, we can hope that more voters would emerge in the years to come."

During the campaign, Lanaograd in particular had been publicly endorsed by Former URA Vice President Honeydewistania, New Eastern Europe WA Delegate Maricoen, India WA Delegate Indusse, and Philippines WA Delegate Ariusgrad, among others.

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Philippines Delegate Voting Power Up 16 Notches in February Ranking

In a delegate voting power ranking released by Augustin Alliance, the Philippines ranked 119th in the world as of February 9, an improvement from being 135th in another ranking published by Refugia two months ago. In a statement, Ariusgrad saw this as a motivation for continuous efforts in sustaining the region's World Assembly membership campaign.

In a related development, the Philippines had once again achieved 100 percent delegate endorsement rate as of February 14, Valentine's Day. The remarkable endorsement levels of the Philippines was attributed to one of Ariusgrad's early defensive principles, that of cross-endorsement. While looked down by the region's members back in Ariusgrad's early years as Delegate (it was first elected in 2012) because it theorized a critical mass of at least 20 percent WA membership in proportion to total population and a minimum of 80 percent delegate endorsement rate, the significance of such best practice was seen in action with high influence levels reinforcing a tally of historic defenses. Immediately prior to the 2017 Christmas Invasion, there were only three (3) members with influence above 3,000. Today, there were about 23 members at this level. Defense Minister Secular State of the Philippines emphasized how these best practices by Ariusgrad had helped the medium-sized region flourish.

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PEFToN Affiliates with Philippine Defense Force, Assists in Japan and Belgium Defenses

Formed in February 2021 by Fort Ilocandia, the Philippine Expeditionary Force to the Nations (PEFToN) was designed to be an autonomous fortress unit participating mainly for overseas missions. Soon after formation, it became affiliated with the Philippine Defense Force (PDF), the central military organization of the Philippines dedicated to both regional and global operations. With an initial membership of three, it had since doubled as it expanded operational capacity. One of its more notable missions thus far included the defense of embassy allies Japan and belgium. Fort Ilocandia stated how PEFToN would augment the achievement of Ariusgrad's vision to have ready power for peace. Meanwhile, the Philippine Defense Force was continually recruiting. It was announced last January how the PDF had already doubled its inaugural membership of 15 in May 2020. At least four officer promotions had been publicly endorsed in the past few months.

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Philippines Maintains 150+ Embassies as Ariusgrad Launches New Membership Growth Drive

As of February 15, 2021, the Philippines had established more than 150 embassies with key allies, a feat in foreign relations and diplomacy under the Ariusgrad administration. Prior to Ariusgrad's assumption of office, the Philippines had built less than 20 embassies, none of which had significant international influence. Today, not only had the Philippines successfully joined the 30-member United Regions Alliance as an active participant, embassies continue to foster good relations with major regions such as 10000 Islands, The Rejected Realms, The Order of the Grey Wardens, Spear Danes, Founderless, St Abbaddon, First World Order, Force, and members of the Augustin Alliance.

In a related development, Ariusgrad announced at the heels of the region's 10th anniversary since refounding that the Philippines would again conduct a recruitment drive to attract new members. A number of recruitment campaigns had been initiated under Ariusgrad in the past years, allowing the Philippines to grow from around 20 members in January 2012 to more than 100 members today. Ariusgrad had also reiterated its official support for roleplaying and mapmaking programs, some of which had attracted a sizeable audience in the forums.

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Feature: How to Express your Love in Different Philippine Languages

It may not be common knowledge, but the Philippines is home to around 180 languages, with some having significantly more speakers than others. Nonetheless, all of these languages are part of the Filipino culture. To demonstrate such richness in relation to the recent commemoration of Hearts Day (or Valentine's Day), the following would feature how to say "I love you" in some of the Philippine languages.

Tagalog: Mahal kita
Cebuano: Gihigugma teka
Ilocano: Ay-ayaten ka
Bicolano: Namumutan ta ka
Kapampangan: Kaluguran da ka
Hiligaynon: Palangga ko ikaw
Maranao: Pekababaya-an ko seka

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Feature: Filipino Words That Were Probably Loaned From Other Countries

Considering the geographical and strategic place of the Philippines in history, it would not be a wonder how Filipinos managed to incorporate a number of foreign concepts as their own. The variety, however, might be more or less surprising with this feature of loan words that were originally not Filipino (in the order from left to right: English - other foreign language - Filipino).

Spanish (Spain)
vaccine - vacuna - bakuna
newspaper - diario - dyaryo
horse - caballo - kabayo
coal - hollin - uling
how are you - como estas - kumusta

Sanskrit (India)
science - agama - agham
news - varta - balita
skilled - abhyasa - bihasa
spirit - dvaya - diwa
teacher - guru - guro

Cantonese (China)
sister - achi - ate
monosodium glutamate - bicheng - betsin
armed forces - hokbu - hukbo
noodles - pansit - pansit
light - tienglau - tanglaw

Japanese (Japan)
mosquito coil - katorisenko - katol
bottle cap - tansan - tansan
rock paper scissors - jankenpon - jack en poy
cheers - kanpai - kampay
how to say it - teyuuka - teka

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Feature: COVID-19 Information Campaign

As early as January 2020, Philippines Delegate Ariusgrad had been concerned about the spread of COVID-19, still known then as nCov (novel coronavirus). Therefore, it had initiated an extensive awareness and information campaign in the region to help fight the said disease, considering even to this day, there were still variables of the illness which remain beyond human knowledge so far. This space is dedicated for the campaign, featuring a helpful infographic from the World Health Organization.

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Contact Information

Feel free to telegram or Discord message the following if you have any questions or comments!

  • Delegate and President Contact Info: Ariusgrad, @Ariusgrad#8167

  • Vice Delegate and Vice President Contact Info: Ecnav Enitsuj, @Ecnav Enitsuj#4211

  • Regional Affairs Minister and URA Voting Representative Contact Info: Lanaograd, @Lanaograd#0904

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Authored by Lanaograd and the Ministry of Regional Affairs in cooperation with all ministries of the Philippines. Commissioned under the administration of Ariusgrad. All rights reserved.
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