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Announcement from the Ministry of Health of the Malay Federation

Distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed throughout the nation. Vulnerable citizens will be vaccinated first. This includes frontline workers, elderly and the sick. Vaccination is free for all residents.

The ministry confirms on the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccination is highly recommended to protect both self and the wider community.

We wish for the best outcome from this pandemic.
“We shall not vanish”

-Ministry of Health, the Malay Federation

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(I am sorry to say this but i am departing this region and will come back soon)

Post by Great Indonesian Republic suppressed by Zhen Dynasty.

Mngolia wrote:(I am sorry to say this but i am departing this region and will come back soon)

Good luck on your ventures

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of War

The Board of War has started to reform its reserve component, modelling it after the American National Guard, as part of a wider initiative to militarize the Zhen and ensure that the military is capable of handling any and all threats.

Under the new reforms, the Imperial Reserves - containing over 8 million draftees, mostly pressed into service due to unemployment - will be restructured into the Imperial Army Reserve Force (8.85 million personnel) and the Imperial Air Reserve Force (with 120,000 personnel). The two branches are expected to adhere to the same moral and physical standards as their "full-time" active duty counterparts, and are granted the same ranks and insignia of the Board of War. Reservists are eligible to receive all Zhen military awards; the respective Reserve Branches can also bestow their own awards for services rendered both at home and abroad. Reserve units can be mobilized for active duty to supplement regular armed forces during times of war or national emergency declared by the National Assembly, the Sovereign, or the Imperial Cabinet.

The Board of War has also requested a $500 billion ZGD fund injection into the Armed Forces, for the sole purpose of gearing up the newly reformed reserve components. The Imperial Air Reserve Force (IARF) will reportedly set request for tenders for the purchase of 900 aircraft, including combat aircraft, transport aircraft, AWACS/C4/EW aircraft, and various helicopters - in the near future, with massive contracts to be awarded.

In addition to the Zhen Militia and the massive reserve component, the Board of War has also legalised viceroyalty defence forces. Such defense forces can only be activated in times of emergency by a Provincial Assembly, and are under the command of the Viceroy of their respective location. These units will be funded and operated exclusively under local purview, with membership limited to volunteers only, while the Zhen Militia is federally funded and has nationwide jurisdiction. The local militias can also be activated for service in their respective regions upon declaration of a state of emergency within the territory where they serve.

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Noticias del Imperio Mexicano | News from the Mexican Empire

Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano (Mexican State Public Broadcasting System)

Canal Catorce (Channel 14)

Technological Innovation of Mexican Cartels

While police departments have evolved over time to begin taking advantage of advances in modern technology. The Cartels in México have begun to evolve in their own capabilities in regards to technology. The Sinaloa Cartel is a prime example of the ability for Cartels to innovate as time progresses. The Cartel has begun to utilize drones & even, surprisingly, cryptocurrencies to improve their trafficking capabilities. The drones have been modified to carry drugs thus making the trafficking of drugs over the border easier, & less expensive than having to pay a mule. In addition, cryptocurrencies are making it more difficult for Mexican authorities to successfully track & identify Cartel financial patterns or movements. A source within the Mexican Government also explained that cryptocurrency is making it more difficult to corroborate charges for criminals in México.

Anyways, the Cartels have also begun to modify shipping patterns. Imperial authorities in México have identified a surge in maritime travel & maritime operations carried out by the Cartels. The Mexican Naval Infantry have been busy tackling the increased load of Cartel shipments that are choosing to go through the sea rather than land.

Furthermore, the Cartels have also begun reducing the load of shipments. Which has allowed them to pick more convenient or faster methods than before. This also strained Mexican Law Enforcement in tackling the Drug War.

All of this has presented new challenges to Mexican Authorities in the Drug War. As the Criminal Underworld in México continues to innovate & adapt to the modern world, it will be up to Law Enforcement to adapt just as quickly if not moreso to continue to tackle the Cartel threat effectively.


Mexican Ex-Governor Killed in Jalisco

Recently, Aristóteles Sandoval, the former Governor of Jalisco from 2013-2018, was assassinated in his home state by several unidentified gunmen. The assassination presents a grim reminder of the surging violence in México over the past 5 years as reported by the Imperial Government. What's more, the killings are believed to come from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. The attack is believed to be political in nature as México begins to head into the midterm elections in 2021. The Cartels reminding politicians that they can strike at any time, anywhere. No matter whether you are retired, or in office.

Caudillo AMLO has presented his condolences to Sandoval's family. AMLO has also pledged to redouble his efforts to combat the Cartels. But his words appear to be falling on deaf ears. Nonetheless, as México begins to usher in new elections. It seems to be common knowledge that electoral violence will begin to surge. Many politicians have begun to increase their security teams, even AMLO has supposedly had a greater number of bodyguards around him in public. Whether this will be effective in preventing the Cartels from carrying out their deadly attacks awaits to be seen.


Post self-deleted by Zhen Dynasty.

Post self-deleted by Zhen Dynasty.


Huba wrote:Hello

Dzien Dobry.

Pol-Lithuania wrote:Dzien Dobry.

What ?

Huba wrote:What ?

It's polish for "Good day". Welcome to the region!


Pol-Lithuania wrote:It's polish for "Good day". Welcome to the region!


How work this region ?

Huba wrote:How work this region ?

You're welcome. This is how the region works:

1) Join the Discord
2) Submit your Application
3) Claim a spot on the Map
4) If you're in WA, endorse the founders!

Welcome new member

haha chat dead


Can I RP as a surviving, if struggling, Soviet Union?

Russo-soviet wrote:Can I RP as a surviving, if struggling, Soviet Union?

Yeah sure but dont take the Commonwealth Lands. The Co-Founder America is on a break if you join the server you should be able to ask China.

chat dead haha

Who's ready for a round three?

New Vashnal wrote:Who's ready for a round three?

This was the OG founder. Hats off to him

New Vashnal wrote:Who's ready for a round three?


Rounds three

Congrats on being featured!

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