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Welcome to The Free Bloc, NS' frontier of liberty and sovereignty since '21!
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The Free Bloc dedicates itself to the preservation of nations' and regions' sovereignties across NS.

"Free yourselves from dictation! Free yourselves from intervention! Free yourselves from oppression!"

Chairman : So Pep
Vice Chairman : Soviet Federation of Eurasia
FPCA : In session; Debating: (‘FPCA Act VIII - 'FPCA rights and reforms’)

Current Ruling Party : NSFB

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A new dispatch from the LDU Regional News Service (the news service of the Liberal Democratic Union) is out:

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Dispatch #16 | 11 October 2022

Articles written by Kingdom of the Indus

Regional Gameplay News


Home Secretary


Foreign Secretary

Chitral KLDU


Regional Roleplay News


Sjevrean Prime Minister Solvein Morchands.
Forces from Sjevre have continued to maintain their winning streak against the Rusnia empire.

Things have gone less well against Das viertes kaiserreich.

The Germans have proved to be quite adept at aerial combat.

However, Glory Be Ferret is currently helping Sjevre out by shipping new fighter jets to them.

Meanwhile, things have gone absolutely horribly against The Armenians and the Kurds.

Vantier has sent a surge of troops to that front - this surge forced the Sjevreans to retreat from Kursk.

The Armenians and the Kurds has declared war on Eastern abele german empire.

The East Germans had allegedly encroached upon Armenokurd territory in Crimea.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Alex Duvalier of Vantier decided to pay a visit to Vantierian troops fighting on the Armenokurd front.

In what is probably one of the most publicised events of the entire war, Duvalier executed 113 of his own troops on suspicion that they were traitors.

The Armenokurds asked Duvalier to leave because of this - Duvalier then threatened to stop helping them, which forced the Armenokurds to let him stay.

Finally, Romanum et Britannia Minor has begun funding rebels in Iran who wish to overthrow the German occupiers in the area.

Iranian Shah-In-Exile Reza Pahlavi has also been regularly making speeches to give the rebels motivation.


Crown Prince Aram Kardashian of the Armenokurd Kingdom gave a live televised speech on television - a transcript is below:

"People of the Bergregsrikh (Great/Mighty Kingdom), the time has finally come for the master-race to come into being! After over a centry, we are finally sure that the present generations are entirely pure Armenians and Kurds. On this very day, as they come of age, young Armenian and Kurdish men will be introduced to their Kurdish and Armenian brides, and the two halves of the Ethnos shall finally be united! Of course, the cowardly, evil governments of Sjevre and the Roman Empire are trying to destroy the Ethnos before it even begins, as they are afraid of what the all-powerful master-race may do to them. I call on every Armenian and Kurd to fight against these evil foreigners as they incroach upon our territory! We are living in the end times, as Aslan the Great's prophecies are coming true! We shall completely destroy them unless they surrender to the might of the Bergresrikh! Every man, every woman, every chil-"

The speech was then suddenly cut off and a "technical difficulties" screen appeared. Eventually, the Armenokurd News Channel (ANC) restored the broadcast, with the newsreader explaining that there were difficulties with the royal palace's broadcasting system.


5 days ago, the government of The Sovereign Nation of Texas completely banned immigration.

The Texan government also stripped away many civil rights for Tejanos (native Americans) and Manumits (descendants of slaves from Africa).

This sparked a large amount of protests and riots in many towns across Texas.

El Paso is one of these towns - rioters in El Paso are attempting to completely take control of the city.

The police are only barely managing to prevent the rioters from doing so.

Some citizens have formed militias to suppress the rioters.

Some of these militias are currently working with the police.

The Tejanos and the Manumits have been forced to flee several major cities.

It is expected that further unrest and more fleeing will take place after the results of the recent Texan snap-elections are announced.

In other news, the hunt for more USNARL terrorists has continued. Their current target is Carl McDaniel, a former police chief who organised police forces to seize control of Oklahoma City.


News from Vantier

In what may have been a desperate act to maintain power, Alex Duvalier (Vantierian Prime Minister) has formed a new political alliance with the Vantierian Fascist Party.

The Fascist party has agreed to support the Liberal Party with their militant organisation in exchange for the Liberal Party letting them exist as a party.

The move has been widely mocked on the internet.

News from Potenzia

In Potenzia, a member of the Green Party has proposed a bill that would allow cannibalism under certain circumstances.

The bill will soon be voted on.

In other news, rumours have surfaced that Prime Minister Pilar Zuazo has become romantically involved with both the Emperor & Empress of Potenzia, and that they have all entered into a polygamous relationship together.

The royal family has neither confirmed nor denied these rumours.

Mishima Financial Group changes currency

The Mishima Financial Group has changed their national currency from the yen to the Tekkoin.

The symbol will change from ¥ to ₮.

Justinian claims complete control of Algeria

General Justinian of Greater rutan has claimed complete control over the Algeria region.

He has disbanded its senate and executed those he deems to be traitors.

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New dispatch from the LDU Regional News Service:

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Dispatch #17 | 18 October 2022

Articles written by Kingdom of the Indus

Regional Gameplay News


The Sovereign Nation of Texas has been elected Speaker of Congress of the Liberal Democratic Union.

10 people voted for him, while none voted against.



Chitral KLDU has created a leadership training program for nations who do not have experience in the regional government.

If you are interested in this, then send Chitral a telegram.

Regional Roleplay News


The ceremony in Gdansk.
Ceremony in Gdansk

In Gdansk, a city with a majority-Sjevrean population, the arrival of the Sjevrean army was greeted with cheers.

A ceremony was held, in which the independence of the currently unrecognised state of Uusi-Sjevre was proclaimed, and Sjevrean Prime Minister Solvein Morchands announced that Uusi-Sjevre would be in an economic alliance with the rest of the Savranakas Suurvaltas.

Morchands then left the city for a meeting with the current leader of Uusi-Sjevre, Aari Järvinen.

News from Das viertes kaiserreich

The new German military government in Iran has begun enacting discriminatary policies against the Persians and Africans living there.

All oil assets held by Persian and African people have been blacklisted and nationalised, and the citizenships of all Persians and Africans in German-occupied areas have been revoked.

Furthermore, Persians and Africans are now no longer allowed to drive, own houses, enter public buildings or make financial transactions, and all of their savings will be confiscated and redistributed to the German nobility.

There are also reports that German forces have begun rounding up Persians and Africans into death camps.

Meanwhile in Brazil, the Germans living there are attempting to rebel against being ruled by Potenzia and Romanum et Britannia Minor, and they are trying to establish their own state known as the Armed Republic of Integralist Brazil.

Finally, there are reports that the Sjevrean army have captured Warsaw and Gotland and are now moving at lightning speeds towards Berlin - if so, then this may signal the end of the line for Das Viertes Kaiserreich.

Because of this, the German Kaiser, outraged at the incompetence of the German government and economy, has finally completely handed control of the economy to the private sector - however, the government did not break up the previous state-owned companies, but instead privatised them immediately. Because of this, the German corporations are now more powerful than the German government.

Vantier permits teenagers to join the Vantierian Defence Force

In Vantier, teenagers (defined as people who are aged from 12-21) have been allowed to join the military.

Those who are aged between 12 and 15 will be allowed to perform simple non-combat support jobs.

When they turn 16, they will be allowed to fight, and they will be trained like adults, even though they are not adults.

Tutharian President declares Tuthar "ready for war"

Tutharian President Kai Xiang has declared Tuthar "ready for war" in a grand ceremony which was televised - he also spoke to a round of soldiers that were due to be flown somewhere as part of a deployment.

Tuthar has refused to name where the soldiers would be deployed, but some believe it will be in South Asia.


Texan government retakes El Paso

After a two-week struggle, the city of El Paso has been wrestled out of the control of the rebel militias by the Texan government - the Tejano National Front (the group leading the riot)'s leaders have been arrested and sent to unknown prisons - this victory comes amid a wave of Texan government victories against the TNF.

There are numerous rumours floating around that the trial process will be skipped.

A large amount of the rioters have tried to flee to Potenzian-controlled territories in the Americas - President Wallace has asked the Potenzian government to block them from entering.

Illegal trade on Desero border

Meanwhile, at the border with Desero, there have been instances of black market trading of illegal goods such as drugs - as a result of this, all recreational drugs have been banned and citizens possessing illegal items have 48 hours to hand them to the authorities with no charge.

Texas snap election: results

All seats up for election in Texas have been filled by the Texan Patriots - a far right nationalist party. They are about to start debating whether they can claim the descendants of the Manumit tribes as property, and they will also try to decide what role the native Tejano tribes should serve in society.


President Bill Manton of South India has confirmed that he will not be running for a third term as President.

This has triggered a new presidential election in the country.


RAMBI SNIRGHAVANI, CONSERVATIVE - Running on a policy of greater privatisation, less tax, harsher punishments for criminals, less spending, and preventing affirmative action.

AMBOR KHUJANSU, SOCIAL-LIBERAL - Running on a policy of environmentalism, expanding business regulations, expanding funding for healthcare, abolishing caste discrimination, and legalising certain recreational drugs.

JAMBI SHIRYAN, CENTRE-DEMOCRAT - Running on a centrist policy that combines certain policies from several different parties.


Potenzian Empress Erlu gives birth

H.I.M Empress Ërl'u de León-Hyárdustir gave birth to a son at 02:45 am on 11 October 2030.

Ërl'u and her son are said to be "doing well".


The Silent Band of Arkhangelsk-Vologda performed their song "Ode to Sulasburg".

They are currently winning the vote for best WorldVision song so far.

Yggdrasil terrorist hideout destroyed

A secret base for the Yggdrasil terrorist group has been destroyed by Tekken forces from Mishima Financial Group.

The Tekken forces confirmed that the Yggdrasil's second-in-command Lieutenant Tougou has been killed and that all Yggdrasil members have been forced out of the base and its surrounding area.

Sjevrean Secret Service gets new leader

The Sjevrean Secret Service has appointed Ludvigs von Zeimanits as the successor to Platanovich.

He was formerly the mayor of Novrogod, and he also once served as the Deputy Prime Minister's spokesman.

One Sjevrean tabloid newspaper described him as "a man as loyal as a labrador but as terrifying as a tiger finally finding food after 3 years."

Bethersontonia and Mishima Financial Group sign defence treaty

Emperor Kazama of Mishima Financial Group and President McGarry of Bethersontonia signed the Nippon Archipelago Defence Treaty, promising to protect each other.

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November 11-21 come here viewtopic.php?f=12&t=518316 to vote!!
Vote in the election! (If you are in the CMSR)

Foreign office of LDU

On behalf of LDU i officially announce that we are no longer member of TFB.We have taken this decision after a debate of 5 days.

WOOWOOWOOWOO Free blocing!

*I'm advertising a poll, funny*
Just a question, what is the amount of nations you have? I definitely won't collect this information.
Remember, that italicizing is me emphasizing it!

News from Aldorria!

Press Release | 08/19/2005
Produced by the Private Aldorrian International News


Above: UFR artillery in the Far East

Following the invasion of the Ithacan Far East by Imperio de Cristo, the Union of Federated Republics began to funnel troops into the Far East as it had joined the Lotus Confederation prior. The Union found itself cut off from the rest of the Ithacan and Hellenic forces, however, as Imperio forces cut them off in the Cadia Pocket.

Cadia Avenged!

Above: UFR armored vehicle during the counteroffensive.

Following the encirclement, the UFR engaged in a prolonged resistance campaign as Imperio forces began to slowly and painfully close in the pocket, with 180 million brave UFR soldiers dying, while 300 million Imperio forces were taken with them. The bloodiest battle since the Kriegan failed offensive into Hej in 1998, the UFR fully committed to the war, assisting the Eastern Empire in finally capitulating the nation and assisting in the defense of the Hellenic League.

Provided by P.A.I.N.
Countering eastern influence since 1955!
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Aldorria has been put into Code Nucleus, the provision in which the region is locked down entirely to prevent raids after a recent threat to leave The Free Bloc. Aldorria will not be leaving the alliance from foreign pressure, if we ever want to leave, we'll decide on our own accord.

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