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Welcome to Chill Pacific!

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TEP is a utopia, where our residents are happy and united and our friends aplenty. We are kind, friendly, and funny, but if you cross us or any of our allies, hell will befall you! We will show no mercy!

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Regional Power: Extremely High

The East Pacific contains 8,248 nations, the 2nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Average in The East Pacific

World Census staff took time out to pay tribute to those most overlooked of nations: the determinedly average.

As a region, The East Pacific is ranked 13,366th in the world for Most Average.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of HalynInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Carpe Diem”
2.The Nomadic Peoples of KlanoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Alea jacta est”
3.The Isolated Beauty of Pacific IslandsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Born from the Fire of Earths Core”
4.The Watching Green Eyes of Todds DiplomatInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Todd McClouds's diplomat for regions abroad!”
5.The Republic of AlarmInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Watch out”
6.The Protectorate of General youInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I mean you, but not specifically”
7.The Republic of Gerrit W A van Diest-de HooghInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Gerrit Willem Adriaan van Diest-de Hoogh”
8.The Federation of MeowtravgradInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Meow meow meow meow meow”
9.The Anti-Malware Software of Windows DefenderInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
10.The Kingdom of YlythInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Eternal beacon of light.”
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The East Pacific Regional Message Board

Republic of Vareshia wrote:*an artificial island is built in east pacific waters by Vareshia engineers and becomes an outpost, holding about 450 soldiers and some tanks*

You built an artificial island in just one day?

Banned for Godmodding.

Marrabuk wrote:70


Kavanos wrote:Looks like they established a region for themselves, I add them to my dossier because I wanna set it for my main raiding target


Sminishia wrote:

Two days.

Two days after the end of the conflict, and one day after celebrations in the now-part-of-Sminishia liberated lands, dozens of news reports still have to make it to nearly isolated villages inside those said lands. Miladena Popov, a female journalist working for Sminishia's biggest independent news media Gradvest, is driving her car to a village not presented in most maps, named Skalistykholm, which never had a journalist visit it. She has heard stories of a foreign journalist trying to enter the town, only to be rejected and arrested by Kurikian police during the communist era of the USR. Miladena, knowing that the town is now in Sminishian territory, hopes that won't be a big problem knowing again that her country is a libertarian regime despite being socialist.

You are now approaching your destination, Skalistykholm, Sminishia, 5 minutes before arrival.

Miladena Popov is finally arriving to that town after hours of tiring road trips. It's freezing outside, snow was everywhere in both camp and roads, even her metal bottle of coffee has cooled down, it's negative 34 Celsius outside! - It can't be that cold now, it's still summer!" - Not like she has a problem with the cold, since Sminishia too is a cold country, but she does not believe that the temperature can be very freezing in a hot season, it feels like she's going nearer to the planet's northern pole. Of course, she has her car's AC blowing hot air to warm it up a bit, even holding her metal bottle of coffee in front of it.

You are now approaching your destination, Skalistykholm, Sminishia, 1 minute before arrival.

Despite her smartphone's GPS telling that she has one minute, Miladena has already arrived to the entrance of the town with the village's name on it's sign. Other than that, the sign says 'Добро пожаловать в Сталистихолм, Союз Социалистических Республик.' which means 'Welcome to Skalistykholm, Union of Socialist Republics.'. She isn't very good at Kurikian, but she can tell that it says something about the communist regime of the USR. - "They still think they live in the Union of Socialist Republics?" - She says to herself, turning off her car near the entrance (but not blocking the sign) and readying herself. Miladena is wearing two layers of winter jacket, gloves, boots and a scarf. Soon, she hops out of the car, immediately feeling the breeze of cold winds and walking through heavier snow than of "northern" Sminishia. As soon as she enters, it is indeed a small village, but bigger than expected since it seems to have more buildings. This reminds Miladena of her childhood, growing up in a small, wooden village like the one here, she's glad that her village is more 'modernized'. Besides being a journalist, she didn't bring a crew to the place, because she's going alone, she's holding a digital camera with a wireless microphone. The town of Skalistykholm is almost all wooden and cobblestone, and because it's freezing, most buildings have chimneys and fires on them turned on.

Despite the peace and decent looks, they still hold communist USR flags in some places, even their coat of arms in the mayor's place. Do they not have even televisions? She goes to ask a villager a question. - "Excuse me." - She says while tapping a villager who just bought bread. - "I'm Miladena Porpov, journalist of Gradvest and Sminishia's biggest independent news media, I have questions to ask." -

The villager looks at her in... a weird way. - "You're one of those people who the big-city dwellers call 'journalists', right?" - He asks a question. - "If so, then... this is the first time I've seen one." - Indeed it is, and so is the town's.

- "Right, uhhh... First question, doe-" - She gets interrupted by the villager.

- "If you want to ask important questions, at least ask the police or the militsiya, I do not want to get in trouble with foreign journalists." - Says the villager, leaving with his bread and going on the way to his house. This marks the fear that authoritarianism still rules with an iron fist despite the USR officially no longer existing.

Miladena sighs, she'll make edits on the footage to blur the face of the villager later, she marks the fear of authoritarianism, and then does what the villager said, ask the law enforcement of the town. Minutes after feeling the cold and blowing winder cloud smokes, she enters the warmer police station building. The building design is just as expected, a building with wooden logs, 'modern' concrete and cobblestone. - "Good evening, citizen, is there some trouble you will report?" - Asks a police officer, always ready to arrest a person who commits felony.

The Sminishian journalist Miladena shakes her head. - "No, I came here to ask you questions, I am a Sminishian journalist." - She says.

- "A journalist? This the first time this town has ever gotten one, but now that we rarely receive policy reports from the police commissar and the premier, I'd gladly answer these questions as long as you don't insult the glorious USR." - The officer confirms despite authoritarianism. - "Make it quick though, I am rather busy." -

- "Okay, umm, first question: Have you ever heard of the most recent war ever?" - She asks.

- "The most recent war?" - The officer looks down to the journalist. - "What war? Did the USR win this one or lose?" -

This make Miladena Porpov take a full document of what happened in the war and the aftermath of it, including the Treaty of Paragould. - "Take this document, good sir." - She says, handing the documents, as she marks that the town really is isolated. - "I'll give you minutes to read and clarify." -

Minutes later, reading with police officers, they realized that Kurikian governments changed, later became part of a revolting nation, and now the town is part of Sminishia, this wrecks the officer's mind. - "... My God..." - The officer is... shocked, they're now part of a smaller country?! - "This really happened?" - He asks, with Miladena nodding. - "I'm going to have to report this to the mayor, I think we've been isolated for this long, we'd even have to change our laws and make a public announcement. Are there any Sminishian military units coming?" - He asks.

- "Probably, they seem to come later than I did though." -

- "Ask me questions later, right now I have to report this to the mayor." -

Hours later, the mayor of the Skalistykholm town has made a public announcement about his resigning of being mayor, and presenting a new local democratic system allowing people to elect local legislators and future majors. However, the journalist stays there for a while, being in an interview with town officials.

[nation][/nation], what do you think? :>

Nice post shav

Belekria wrote:Nice post shav


Order of the saint Dumas wrote:Oh I see you're going to do an Italy move

Cosa Islands wrote:You said you were Neutral

i intended that i had to change the area to launch the parachutes

Greensauce wrote:

Read this if you want to find out how TEP works:

Hola youngins. Welcome to NS and TEP

Here are your first steps

Join the WA: page=un

Endorse Libertanny our delegate and leader

Endorse me if u feel like it

Look at the play maps we have:


But wait.. there's more!

If u're pedantic and want a LOT MORE information this will satisfy your party-pooping cravings:


Here's a general guide to the nature of each map, and what you'll experience if u join

Urth is very slow and on the TEP forums, which is a separate site

Valsora is old and slow but if you want to be sure to have a long game life for your nation, it's the ticket. It also has the most war, usually

Windsor is somewhat like a text version of Civikization 5. Economics, diplomacy and politics is more in depth than Valsora, and war isn't as frequent

Courisia is an older version of Windsor

Other than these, you can answer the issues that pop up. Depending on your answers, your nation's stats change and the kind of fictional country you want to build is modified

Note that NS issues are not that serious. You can answer an issue seriously and get ridiculous results. Just take it as a joke, chuckle and continue answering : )

The other things people do are:

1. create worlds (history, religion, technology, civilizations, etc) for your fictional nation and states, cities and people
2. create national or region flags, emblems, countryballs, anthems, poetry, comics or art that's related to your imagined nations
3. create short stories, longer stories
4. create a map
5. make jokes and troll people (my job! MINE!)
6. worship the Lord of the Blessed Corn and be forever enriched with popcorn

Here are the 5 cardinal rules:

1. Don't triple post (posting 3 times in a row). Double posting is okay, but not recommended. After you make a post, do check the RMB (the place where you're reading this) and wait for someone else to post. Then make your next post

2a. No advertisements for regions. This region is TEP, and we use the [region][/region] tag like The East Pacific. To be on the safe side, don't link to any regions.

2b. No advertising for sites. You can post imgur images or Youtube links and so on, but don't go 'Oh, this site is awesome! You have to join' and then link us to your uncle's fairly-illegal questionably-human-rights-violating sweatshop

3. Don't directly insult people or seriously troll to truly hurt or offend people. Trolling should be done in a fun, joking manner (if you want to know more, sign up for my Trolling 101 class on Udemy)

4. Don't spam with meaningless posts. Example include but are not exclusive to:
a. Foreign languages without translation
b. A bunch of emojis
c. A bunch of ASCII art or Lennies (sniff)
d. Single or double meaningless words
e. Any kind of copypasta
f. Dots or 'bump'

5. Don't make sexual references of any kind. You will find some very slight pg-13ish material here and there, but please watch the RMB for a week before figuring out where the line is.

If you follow these simple rules, you'll have lots of time to learn rest as u go. Have fun!

Read dispatch

Dominostra wrote:What are Nekoes?


Kurikia wrote:My entire world is burning

so i have full independence?

so i have full independence?

hey republica i made a list of who has the biggest military,
you are super high up just saying on Windsor...

Of Centralist Brexit wrote:hey republica i made a list of who has the biggest military,
you are super high up just saying on Windsor...

i know, i'm not in discord, so i can't have nothing but a miserable group of volunteers in aldenbourg

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