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The Coalition of Democratic Nations contains 46 nations, the 433rd most in the world.

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As a region, The Coalition of Democratic Nations is ranked 9,260th in the world for Largest Populations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Thanatopsis of The Special AngelCorporate Police State“To Die, To Sleep”
2.The Commonwealth Realm of VendolandNew York Times Democracy“Sic Transit Gloria”
3.The Social Stratocracy of AscoobisDemocratic Socialists“Ad Astra Per Aspera”
4.The Distributist Kingdom of SilveriusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pour Dieu et notre pays”
5.The Republic of PanamaCapitalist Paradise“Pro Mundi Beneficio”
6.The American Commonwealth of CermaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God our father, man our brother.”
7.The People's Democracy of IcecaprianiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Fight, We Win, We Live.”
8.The City and Republic of New AdelaideNew York Times Democracy“Acta Non Verba”
9.The Grand Federation of BrechalhtCapitalizt“Liberty and Fidelity”
10.The Unified Provinces of QuevolaCivil Rights Lovefest“Wo die Berge das Meer treffen”

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The Coalition of Democratic Nations Regional Message Board

2 February 1953

Moscow Captured, Brezhnev Captured
Terrible news today....The City of Moscow has fallen to the rebels...early this morning the rebels stormed into the Kremlin and dragged our president out into the streets to be paraded like some hunting trophy. All Soviet forces were forced into retreat...

*A commotion is heard off camera and a testcard is displayed for several hours. The feed finally comes back on, this time under a new brand and two soldiers, a man and a woman as anchors*

Russia Telegraph Agency
2 February 1953
Moscow Seized
Comrades of Russia, we have successfully seized Moscow from the grips of Communism. Our struggle continues on as more cities across the land fall or are gripped by the spirit of revolution. We encourage you to take up arms and go after your local Soviet leader. Comrades, they are like the kulaks of old days. Marxism is a rebranding of feudalism and terror. Take up a gun, knife or pitchfork! Purge the Red Menace from our lands! Let none stand in your ways!

God save Russia!
God save The Tsar!

Russian Telegraph Agency
15 February 1953

Leonid Brezhnev Executed
After a quick military tribunal lasting three days, Leonid Brezhnev was condemned to die by firing squad. He was silent as he was led away to the place of execution, Red Square. He refused to speak with a prison chaplain and refused the blindfold. When asked if he had last words he only said

"Go on, get on with it"

In an instant, he was dead. He was promptly buried in a potters field just outside of Moscow. The government after his execution instantly outlawed capital punishment. The government said that his execution would be the last one in Russia.

New Regime Forming
The new government promptly instituted reforms. The current reforms are:

1. Abolishing the Communists
2. Reinstating the monarchy
3. Reforming the national constitution
4. Reinstating the Russian Orthodox Church as the state church
5. Instating freedom of religion
6. Reinstating the authority of Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, and Shaman councils in local areas
7. Reforming land policy to abolish rent in place of a land value tax
8. Abolish the national income tax, national property tax, national sales taxes and lessen tariffs.
9. Open the market for individuals, cooperatives and companies
10. Abolish capital punishment and the gulag system
11. Expansion of the Russian military to deter foreign threats

The new Russian government will be the restoration of the Romanov monarch but the state will be decentralized into Republics and Autonomous Republics. The heads of state will be the monarch, Russian Patriarch and the President of Russia. A Prime Minister will be the head of the newly formed Parliament.

New Elections
Elections will take place for the new positions in Parliament and the Presidency. Parties are currently forming and have a month to register. We will report on the new parties when formed and registered.

Russian Telegraph Agency
7 March 1953

Black Sea Fleet Training
The Black Sea Fleet of the Imperial Navy will be conducting training exercises in the Black Sea. The fleet is stationed out in Crimea and will be training off the coast and further into the sea. All foreign civilian and military vessels are advised to not enter the Black Sea for the next week, specifically around the Crimea Peninsula. The Imperial Navy advises any vessels entering the area to have the flag of their nation and organization clearly displayed or risk being stopped by the Navy.

Russian Church Creates Ordinates
The Russian Orthodox Church announced they will create personal ordinates in and outside Russia for the faithful. The foreign ordinates will be managed by the overseas division(Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia). The ordinates are:

1. Ordinate of St. Columba(British Isles)
2. Ordinate of St. Tikhon(The Americas)
3. Ordinate of St. Nicholas(Selia)
4. Ordinate of St. Julian(Trankvila)
5. Ordinate of St. Gregory(Pontus)

These ordinates will be varied in their liturgies with the ordinates of Sts. Tikhon, Columba, and Julian using the Western liturgies. The Ordinate of St. Gregory will use the Liturgy of St. Gregory as is commonly used by the Armenian churches of the Russian Orthodox Church. There has also been discussion amongst Lutherans and Old Believers of entering into full communion and potentially full union.

Russian Space Program To Resume
Having been on hold for quite some time, the Russian Space Program stated they will resume operations in the "Space Race" against the West. They announced a return to the Sputnik program with a prototype of Sputnik 3 being unveiled yesterday. The heads of the Sputnik program states their intent was to begin human flight within the next five years with a new program called Vostok.

Market Freed and Further Reforms
A policy passed by the monarch called Khozraschyot or "economic accounting" will ditch the hybrid system of central planned syndicate economics under the USSR to a system founded on primarily Georgist economic policies with influence from Austrianism and the French Liberal schools proposed by Bastiat and Proudhon. This will allow for private firms, individual artisans and cooperatives to freely work and compete in Russia.

Another policy is called Glasnost or "Transparency". This policy will grant freedom of speech and freedom to criticise the government. Another interesting and much anticipated aspect of Glasnost is the declassification of certain military dossiers by now reformed Okrahna under the KGB days.

Oh wow this is quite the throwback

Cove Island wrote:Oh wow this is quite the throwback


THE SOLAR HERALD | Printed May 14th, 1953




Soviet Union falls...

In a swift and unprecedented scale of rebellion, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has been toppled, and the Russian Empire reinstated. President of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev, was executed shortly after the shift in regime, and the announcement of this was followed by the abolition of the death penalty.

The new regime has since been busy, announcing a series of reforms prohibiting communism, restoring the monarchy, reinstating the Russian Orthodox Church, amongst others. The Orthodox Church has already begun the creation of its Ordinates in order to manage the faithful, whilst the Black Sea Fleet of the Imperial Navy is conducting exercises, likely as a show of force and strength to show that the Russian Empire has not declined in strength.

The League has welcomed this change, previously supporting the monarchist Baba Yaga movement against the communists, who have previously made threats of war against the League and supported underground Marxist elements in the colonies. With Synedrion support, Hegemon Phaeros Alkimedidas has invited Tsar Alexi Romanov to speak before the gathered assembly of respected elders, and to stay at the Arophon, the official residence of the Hegemon, in order to build stronger ties between the restored Imperial dynasty and the Selian people.

Russian Telegraph Agency
17 May 1953

Tsar Alexi To Visit Selia
The nation of The Panselian League has invited Alexi to speak before the nation's elders as a show of mutual friendship. Tsar Alexi has accepted the request and will be attending with his wife, his son Crown Prince Grigori, his grandchildren, and the Russian Patriarch. The invitation was warmly received by Alexi and he briefly addressed the invitation live

"I will be visiting our Selian friends as a show of diplomacy and international friendship. In the past our nations were pitted against each other but times have changed"

Royal Bodies Found
The missing bodies of the assassinated royals were discovered beneath a dirt road in Yekaterinburg this morning. The bodies were in a state of decay but were able to be identified by dental records and their clothing. They were dug up and sent to the nearby church to be prepared for burial. Tsar Alexi was at the church helping prepare the bodies of his deceased family for a state funeral. The Russian Orthodox Church has since declared them to be martyrs for the Russian Church.

Documents To Be Declassified
The Okrana announced they are about to start declassifying some top secret documents that have been lightly redacted to protect identities of personnel.

Russian Telegraph Agency
21 May 1953

Political Parties Begin Campaign
The official parties have completed registration and have started campaigning for President and for the legislative government. The parties are:
1. People's Party
2. Russian All People's Union Party
3. Patriots of Russia Party
4. Democratic Union Party
5. Constitutional Democratic Party

The top 3 parties that are able to take the legislative government will be in majority whereas the remaining 2 will be the opposition.

It is expected that the Constitutional Democrats and Democratic Union will work together to become the top 2. The third party that has been projected has been a toss up between the centre leaning People's Party and the right leaning All Union Party. This election is being widely celebrated throughout Russia as these national parties as well as several local parties have completed registration on the ballots. One local party, The Ukrainian Fatherland Party has declared her loyalty to the Constitutional Democrats.

Lutheran Churches Enter Unity With Orthodoxy
The Ukrainian Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession and, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russia and the Other States have entered into full communion with the Russian Orthodox Church. This has raised a debate in the church over the five women that were ordained to the deaconate in some of the smaller parishes. This was resolved by allowing the deaconssses to keep their posts as well as "other women that have been ordained to Holy Orders within the Lutheran tradition". When asked if this could open the door to potential ordination of women, Patriarch Pimen laughed and said

"Oh that I can not say right now. Women have indeed played a great role within Christendom and indeed were ordained to the deaconate. We can not say for sure women were priests. Perhaps later on this could be revisited by a better generation of enlightened priests and thinkers. I am just a humble bishop, not a historian nor armchair theologian that argues for a living."

A new rite is under way for the Lutheran traditions. The Augsburg Confession of Faith was accepted as "A True Orthodox catechism from a great reformer".

This has opened up the door to further discussion with other Russian Christians such as the Old Believers and the Spiritual Christians.

Russian Telegraph Agency
26 June 1953

Election Results
The votes are in! The party to take the Presidency is The Constitutional Democratic Party.

The Majority In both legislative governments are:
1. Constitutional Democratic Party
2. Democratic Union Party
3. People's Party

The Constitutional Democratics have named the Ukrainian Naum Natanovich. President Natanovich was a physicist and mathematician before joining the Ukrainian wing of the resistance. The Prime Minister of the Legislative government is the Azerbaijani Abulfaz Gadirgulu oglu Aliyev(nicknamed "Elchibey" or "Good Messenger"). This marks the formation of a new government, free of Marxism and tyranny.

Aral Sea In Danger
Representatives from the Ministry of Interior Affairs released a shocking report. The Aral Sea between Kazakhstan and Karakalpakstan is in danger of drying up. The cause was found to be the damming up of several rivers that feed into the Aral Sea. The report advised that the dams be removed and the rivers be returned to their normal flow. Tzar Alexi announced he begin the decommissioning process of two dams and will further investigate the other dams to see if there are allowed to continually operate.

Russian Telegraph Agency
13 July 1953

Royal Burial
Tzar Alexi and his family laid to rest his father Nicolas II, his mother Alexandra, and his sisters Olga and Tatiana. He moved the casket of his sister Anastasia to be with them in the family crypt in the Cathedral of Christ The Savior. Tzar Alexi was one of the pallbearers for his father's casket. In a short eulogy on his father he said

"My father was a controversial man both liked and deeply resented. I am not here to pontificate for him nor am I here to apologize for his sins. Nicholas was my father, a committed family man who tried to raise us well. Looking back on him now, he was strong willed and held himself together even when I was on the brink of dying many times. I will miss him dearly"

He then turned to his father's casket and said only with a slight wavering in his voice

"Papa, I will not let you down."

The service was presided over by Patriarch Pimen. He was assisted by George VI, head of the Armenian Church(a wing of the Russian Orthodox Church) and Metropolitan Joseph of Kiev. The funeral mass was attended by several members of the public, the royal family, various representatives of religious organizations and foreign dignitaries. The Hegemon of The Panselian League and his family were spotted in the cathedral and were seen speaking with the royal family and the Russian Patriarch.

Russian Goods Expected To Sell "Like Hotcakes"
Economists have stated that with the recent opening of the economy to importing and exporting goods, Russian products in the words of one economist "Will sell like hotcakes". The five largest brands expected to sell are:
1. Baikal(soft drinks)
2. Plombir(ice cream)
3. Moskvitch(automobile)
4. Zaporozhets(clothing)
5. Voronoi(perfume and cologne)

Many Western brands and newly created Russian brands are contributing greatly to the rising Russian economy as entrepreneurs set up shop in newly opened shops like GUM Moscow.

Royal Meeting
Tzar Alexi announced he will be meeting with the Hegemon of The Panselian League in a day's time with his family and the Russian Patriarch. The nature of the meeting will be diplomatic.

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