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Ayeinc wrote:Karma is the best. That sentence will come back and haunt me.



Hereís a updated Version of my industry factbook, if anyone has ideas for industry/sector types please tell me as Iím still working on this.

Steel: With 36 steel refineries in the 3rd German Republic is can make 43.2million tons of steel in a month and 518.4 million tons in a year, and more steel refineries are planed to be made.

Lumber: Our trees are used for paper and other things but we make sure that after we cut down the tree that we plant a new one in its place but our lumber industry is not as big as say steel or mining.

Mining: The 3rd German Republic mostly mineís copper, uranium, coal, iron, gold, silver but tries to get everything, and The German government also mines on the moon.

Coppers purpose: mostly to make wires.

Uraniumís purpose: for nuclear power plants and WMDís

Coals purpose: for power plants

Irons purpose: for making steel

Golds purpose: making luxury items

Silvers purpose: making silverware, mirrors, and Jewelry

Fishing: Our fishing industry is big one with have Two coastlines and multiple rivers and lakes and is used for food, fertilizer, and fish oil.

Agriculture: We plant wheat, potatoes, corn, and others not to mention that we have cattle too, and our Agriculture is our biggest sector.

Arms Manufacturing: In The 3rd German Republic Arms Manufacturing is massive for both export market and for our own nation.

beverage sales: People in The 3rd German Republic their beverages and there are some good brands, most people like fizzy water as they see it better then soda.

Manufacturing: The 3rd German Republic has a lot of factories and when the nation is not in war most of the manufacturing goes to civilian but when In war the nation mostly switches to military output.

automobile industry: The 3rd German Republic has a large automobile industry, us Germans love making anything with an engine and The 3rd German Republicís best selling car is a electric box car.

Basket Weaving: Basket Weaving isnít that big except for in the north near Munich, Basket Weaving only really gets big in the fall around the time of Oktoberfest and other festivals.

book publishing: Most people who read books are teens and adults because most kids watch whotube all day, but most Germans love going to the beautiful libraries for that sweet knowledge, and the good news is that books are starting to become more popular.

Food Delivery: Food Delivery is getting more common and was at its height during the B-20 outbreak it is mostly being done by a German Company called Checklist and uses cars and drones, Checklist even has a program to give food to developing nations or nations in poverty.

Furniture Restoration: Furniture Restoration is a good business in The 3rd German Republic because most people like to have their furniture fixed then having to get rid of it, unless the furniture is truly destroyed.

Dairy industry: The dairy industry works closely with the agriculture sector with the agricultural gives all surplus cows to the dairy industry, the dairy industry makes cheese, milk, ice cream, and other dairy related things.

retail industry: The retail industry is one of the biggest industryís in The 3rd German Republic and is mostly ruled by the private industry so thereís a lot of the same products but different brands.

Insurance industry: Most people just get the insurance they need but thereís not a lot of door to door salesmen you mostly just get emails.

gambling: The German government doesnít see gambling that bad as they say itís just a game of risk or reward so gambling is legal.

Information Technology industry: Most German citizens have Smart phones or computers making the industry is very profitable some computer companies are hired to make military supercomputers.

Toy making: Toy making is a big industry especially around Christmas time but is big year round do to birthdays.

Cloning and recreation industry: This industry Clones animals and even humans for Experiments and this industry is what makes the great park of biodiversity so big and the militaryís army of dinosaurs and the cloning of humans for armyís and experiments but the experiment part on cloned humans is up for debate.

Medication Industry: The medication industry is getting bigger and can solve a lot of health problems and with this industry getting bigger so does healthcare.

The travel industryís Vehicle building: The travel industry is different from the automobile industry as this focuses more on ships, trains, buses/taxis, to even spacecraft. There are currently two massive travel companies and it is Air Germania and Atlantica cruise lines with a bunch of small bus and taxis companies with space travel still being worked on.

Tourism industry: The Tourism industry is very important to the economy as a lot of money is being made from Tourism and itís no surprise that itís successful with the nations beautiful Mountain Viewís and the majestic Lakes and rivers and the many statues and architecture beauty in the cityís to the Great Plains In the south.

The Cargo industry: What the nationís cargo industry means is like the movement of resources and products, which is being done with trains and the new C-18 Supercarrier (a airplane), sometimes ships, and trucks, The German government is currently working on a space cargo carrier.

The Architectural Industry: This industry makes all of our buildings and works closely with the cargo industry and is a really big industry do to the nation modernizing, they work closely with the infrastructure industry too.

The infrastructure industry: Another big industry do to the nations modernization projects and they make roads, ports, tunnels, railways, airports, sidewalks, bike trails, etc, and works closely with the architectural industry and cargo industry.

The Climate-weather industry: This industry works on being able to control the climate/weather by using space satellites.

The research industry: The research industry is very important because they research new technology for military and civilian use which is then built by other industryís.

The Water Industry: The water industry is different from the beverage industry because they are the ones who get The 3rd German Republic their water, so they work with the infrastructure industry to make desalinization plants and get water from the many rivers and lakes and they also make water cleaner and less polluted, they are currently working with the research industry for making manmade water and if it succeeds we may have infinite water, and they are also helping the agriculture industry by giving them water.

Read factbook

I thought travel industry was more about tourism than vehicle production? It's certainly implied by what you said, but maybe add a little about the state of your tourism itself. Since you're working hard to hit all bases here. Nice work, at that.

Tirr Savattstra wrote:I thought travel industry was more about tourism than vehicle production? It's certainly implied by what you said, but maybe add a little about the state of your tourism itself. Since you're working hard to hit all bases here. Nice work, at that.

Thank you. noted! I will do that in the morning.

Baltic NRC wrote:no nuking hurricanes doesn't work

your only supposed to nuke volcanoes

Have you ever try nuking a gurricabe?

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