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Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno!

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Regional Power: Very High

Thaecia contains 357 nations, the 56th most in the world.

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The Highest Drug Use in Thaecia

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

As a region, Thaecia is ranked 12,937th in the world for Highest Drug Use.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Cream CornLeft-wing Utopia“Tyfa's 5th Dominion”
2.The Kingdom of FredestatiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Brave men go forward not expecting to return. ...”
3.The Recently Elected Senator of AntenionLeft-Leaning College State“You Can't Stop Progress”
4.The Kingdom of BrotothLeft-Leaning College State“United Forever”
5.The Roaring Realm of OrotigreLeft-Leaning College State“The spirit of the Tiger takes us up in stripe!”
6.The Protectorate of Kor SahabCivil Rights Lovefest“There is always a time and place for Socialism to rise.”
7.The Constitutional Diarchy of Poronihia NuiCivil Rights Lovefest“Kia kaha”
8.The Democratic Republic of SoniseonCivil Rights Lovefest“걱정하지마세요”
9.The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and SaarlandCivil Rights Lovefest“We want to stay what we are.”
10.The Commonwealth of Rhyssuan PeoplesCivil Rights Lovefest“Like a Phoenix We Rise”
1234. . .3536»

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The Stunning Stucco Strip Malls of The Bigtopia wrote:There were many ancient greek gods - but which do you fear, or love, the most?

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Thaecia Regional Message Board

Pap Sculgief wrote:1a. The WA is a key part of the role as President, but doesnít play a key part in the region. How will you bring newer members of the region into the WA[...]

Bringing new members into the WA is always a challenge- no matter what region you go in. I find a lot of newer WA members (people that join without WA and then get it) come from the Discord- where we have a lot of interaction with people and can encourage them to join the WA more. In my manifesto, I've already promised to further increase Discord welcoming, which should even further make Discord involvement a key part in getting new WA members.

Of course, not everyone uses Discord- I respect that- our former President did not use Discord for the entierty of his term. I love the welcome team, Zon island, Nova Anglicum and those helping from behind the scenes have done a great job. I think, however, it can indeed be improved on the WA front. The messages briefly mention it, and I don't think that the brief mention will get people to join so quickly. That's why Discord is so good, because it's instantaneous, easy, and fast communication. A lot more RMB activity would help with this, which I hope to see come in the next 4 months, regardless of if I win or not.

Simply put; we need more RMB engagement for newer members joining the WA. Hopefully as more people post here to ask to join the WA, and to further welcome and integrate newcomers, it will encourage people to post on the RMB even more. Another thing, which I did not too long ago, is sending out regular reminders for newcomers to join the World Assembly, which is only really possible from a financial standpoint if you have communications authority.

Pap Sculgief wrote:and try to increase the influence of Thaecia in the WA?

1b. To continue on from the first half of your question, while a lot of what I have said is in the above already, I have promised awards, such as badges, to be handed out to nations that endorse the President and Cabinet. Programs like this have seen success in other regions. Additionally, endotarting and endorsing the Prime Minister and their Cabinet (if applicable) is just as important, and these will be advertised as well with the same kind of incentivsation programs.

Hopefully we can get to talking with other regions as well about WA cooperation- while I am opposed to a WA Voting Bloc- it would be nice to have some cross-region involvement, for some fun and FA bonuses at the same time. I also want to get more Thaecians involved in the World Assembly as a whole, right now we only have one or two citizens actively participating in the World Assembly. It would be a great thing to see more Thaecians involved, and building more of a name for ourselves out there.

As President, I've already planned that I will personally be getting more involved in the WA system, and I hope that some Thaecians can come along with me. Further on this, should the WA Program see success, I'd like to see it set up as a Ministry, or something similar under the President [it wouldn't make much sense for the WA Ministry to not be under the WAD], and at the start of my term I will be setting up a small IC body to expand over time for more WA involvement.

Pap Sculgief wrote:2. The President plays a role in the PMís cabinet but not as a fully fledged minister. As President, what responsibilities are you willing to take on, eg. recruitment, welcomes?

2. Recruitment is more of a tough question- I don't have a massive source of income myself, but I know other Thaecians do, so I thank them first of all for their involvement. Occassionaly, I make the odd stamp purchases, and I can redirect these to Thaecia easily. I'd likely be giving this over to people that have these sources of income and/or buy stamps/recruit more often, so they can send out telegrams in larger batches to more nations.

As said in 1a., I will be seeking to expand the Welcome Office to communicate to newcomers on the Discord and RMB more than just the simple one or two messages we have now. For the legislative branch, I will gladly lend a hand to anyone authoring or amending a bill, considering my large legislative experience, and for the executive branch, whether Islonia or ICH win, I will be working closely with the Cabinet in all decisions. The Executive branch cannot succeed if it does not communicate and is not cohesive.

The role of President is, as others have described it, "Chief Diplomat", being the face of our region. I hope to leave a lot of FA decisions to the FAM, considering it is their job, but I will be using my position to help expand and maintain our interregional alliances/friendships. I'm not sure if this is quite what you meant by what responsibilites I will take on- but I thought it would be a good idea to fit in my promises for a more active President in the Foreign Affairs department, rather than kind of the idle spoke when spoken to (no offence to TMS, of course; I haven't disliked the last 4 months, but that is how it comes across to me and many others) that we are going through right now.

Pap Sculgief wrote:Hopefully this sparks a bit more interesting conversation about this election, because Iím bored of seeing meaningless manifesto posts again and again without any substance

You don't love meaningless manifestos? But- but I have slogans! Thanks for the questions my man. Suggest you submit a few more at the debates

Hi Arbaque, welcome to Thaecia!

Welcome to Thaecia! I'm sure you'll have a great time with us here in NationStates, and the best way to do that is to get involved right away!

To make the most out of your time in Thaecia, you should join the World Assembly and endorse our President The Marconian State. If you need more information on how to join the WA or you want to apply for a position in the executive or even run for a seat in Congress, check out this Information Factbook. If you have time, feel free to read through the Education Ministry where you can learn things like history of Thaecia. You can also read through the Law Registry for an overview of our laws and government. You should also consider joining our Regional Discord Server:

But most importantly, have fun! Get chatting to your fellow Thaecians on the Regional Message Board (RMB) or Discord to get to know a few of us. You'll feel right at home in no time!

If you have any questions or concerns you'd like us to help you with, don't hesitate to telegram me Nova Anglicum or The Islamic Country of Honour. Also, check out our Roleplay, if you have any questions about roleplay, please telegram Islonia.

Pap Sculgief wrote:Lots of campaign manifestos popping up but not much of anything else. So letís get something going, Iím torn between the President candidates, so it would be good to get a few responses. I would put this in campaign central but I felt that this is a general question that the region should be able to easily see. So I have a couple of questions to all candidates for President:

1. The WA is a key part of the role as President, but doesnít play a key part in the region. How will you bring newer members of the region into the WA and try to increase the influence of Thaecia in the WA?

2. The President plays a role in the PMís cabinet but not as a fully fledged minister. As President, what responsibilities are you willing to take on, eg. recruitment, welcomes?

Hopefully this sparks a bit more interesting conversation about this election, because Iím bored of seeing meaningless manifesto posts again and again without any substance

These are both excellent questions that I'm glad you've asked, Pap!

1. Even if I'm not elected President, and especially if I am, I intend to write legislation which codifies the WA program into law. Now, that doesn't have much effect gameside save perhaps for our recommendations posted on the WFE. However, I sincerely want it to. One of the things which will help us first and foremost is keeping a consistently high rate of endotarting. I'm privy to that data, as I'm the one collecting it, and we average roughly 76% or so endorsing Marco....and then 43% or so endorsing Biggs. The first way to shore up our position in the WA is endotarting. It is literally true that every endorsement, especially of the Delegate, helps our power in the body grow. Being able to affect a close vote, even if occasionally people think of us as a wee bit of an upstart, is something which will at the very least demonstrate that we're committed to the WA, that we're focused on it, and will show that we have what it takes to influence the way things transpire.

I'm also a strong believer that we do have the talent to write in both councils of the WA and if Thaecians saw their friends with stuff at vote, they'd want to encourage it to. My platform literally states that I want at least one new Thaecian author to have authored a resolution by the end of my term (~July 1). With my opponent already expressing interest in trying to write in the Security Council and with others like Cirrus Azale, and doubtless a few others, ready to write, plus the influence of mentors we have who could potentially work with the interested (such as Maowi, Whatermelons, etc.), I see this as a really doable goal. Getting Thaecians interested and engaged with the work of the World Assembly is, in my opinion, a matter of them seeing people they know and recognize having things come to vote.

The final pillar of the work I would undertake as President in regards to getting Thaecians involved in the WA is expanding the impact of the nascent program gameside. While I know there may be some who are opposed to something like the South Pacific's OWL system, having a region or a forum (even if on our own RMB! which would also stimulate activity here!) to discuss WA proposals and where people can make their opinions known, with some affect on the Delegate's vote will go quite far in hopefully making Thaecians appreciate and be engaged with the World Assembly.

2. As for how I plan to be engaged with the region otherwise, and where I plan to help out, I'm already quite a prolific recruiter, especially with stamps (which I will continue to do though this is obviously dependent on my own financial situation). I want to get involved too with welcoming people into the region if elected because I think having the knowledge that people of the top are invested in your involvement is a way to not only recruit more people but also to retain more people. I'd also like to work to make the office of the President more visible and more involved in the fun. While I'm not exactly the biggest participant in things like the Late Nite Festival, I'd absolutely work with the executive to increase the reach, the scope, and the impact of events on our international standing.

Another thing I'd love to do as President is to inaugurate a Thaecian Cards Guild. This has absolutely long been a dream of mine, but why not prove that even a mid-sized UCR can help everyone build their dream deck! I know that some detractors of the plan see a potential pitfall in terms of potential involvement, but I think that how many people are involved is not so much important in this endeavor so much as finding people who are dedicated towards helping to share their knowledge, their passion, and their love for an aspect of the game I'm one of the few Thaecians who's significantly involved in.

Put simply, I want to expand the role of the President from a role of head of state to head of community, working to expand our horizons in our involvement, what is possible from our region, and what opportunities we can provide to people in other regions who are potentially considering a move to our beloved region.

[Also sorry for not responding right away, was in class!]

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Reelect Ashlawn!

About Me
I have been on NationSates since 2014 and joined Thaecia almost eight months ago. During that time I've been an active member of the community by participating in regional discussion and activities. I'm currently a member of the Government Site Team and Managing Editor and a political writer for the Federal Post. Once elected to the Senate I served as Deputy Chairman following the passage of the updated Senate Procedures. Following the resignation of Chairman Brototh I was elected to the position of Senate Chair.

Ideas, Policies, and Accomplishments
Senate Reduction
  • I support reducing Thaecia's Senate to 7 seats. We've seen how uncompetitive Senate elections can be and I believe it is time that we fully reverse the disastrous July Congressional Expansion.

    Thaecian Military

  • I am personally opposed to the creation of a Thaecian military, especially a raider one, as I feel that it could put a target on Thaecia's back. However I am opposed to using the power of the legislature to halt military operations solely on the basis of being opposed to the military.

    Line of Succession

  • I support creating a line of succession for President and PM as I believe this will ensure a less chaotic transition of power in case there is another Xernon situation. This will also ensure that Thaecia at all times has a leader even if we are in a crisis.

    WA Efforts for Thaecia

  • I believe an important aspect of trying to increase Thaecia's standing and influence on the international stage is the WA. I will try to encourage and help Thaecian citizens when writing their proposals for the WA. My goal is to create a community within Thaecia that can aid aspiring authors by providing suggestions for proposals they may have. I support the creation of a WA Ministry and the current WA efforts in Thaecia such as the WA program on the discord server.

    Legislative and Constitutional Reform

  • I support efforts by Thaecian citizens to hold a Constitutional Convention. As seen with the House Reduction mess the Thaecian Constitution needs to be revised to prevent another event like it and also to reflect the current state of Thaecia. On top of that many of Thaecia's laws need to updated and revised so that they work with our current systems.

    Election Reform

  • Along with Hulldom, I worked to pass Amendments to LR 022 that now create a set system for breaking ties, redistributing surplus votes, and the calculation of the quota. The amendments also banned the use of fractional and weighted voting ensuring that all Thaecian's vote count the same. I also worked to ensure that the important change requiring that the EC go through both chambers for confirmation, wasn't stripped from it.

  • None

    If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to send me a TG or DM on discord.
    Read dispatch

    New Thaecia Now's Candidates in the Upcoming General Election

    I'm Ermica, running for Senate this time!
    As someone who has some experience in Thaecian government, I am trying to run for Senate under the TCU. I have been fortunate enough to serve as Assistant Electoral Commissioner, 3 term MP, and Shadow Speaker of the House of Commons. I'm always willing to help any Thaecian in need, and I would love to continue serving the region that has given me so much. As always, feel free to contact me through telegram or on Discord.

    Ermica smashing libs on the Discord server

    I chose to join the Thaecian Conservative Union because I believe it represents my views the best. Personally, I value transparency and honesty over all else when it comes to elected officials. That's why I will explain a few of my beliefs to you, the people of Thaecia.

    -Foreign Policy: I am an isolationist. While I think interregional cooperation has some positives, I think that Thaecian interests and struggles should always come first.
    -Congressional Confirmations: I support moving judicial confirmations to the House and Minister confirmations to the Senate. This change would speed up the House and improve efficiency.
    -Recruitment: I support current recruitment efforts.

    I want to make the Senate as effective as it can be. We've seen some petty behavior and a lack of dignity among some elected officials in the past, and I want the Senate to be a place of respect and cooperation. Vote for Ermica, for a better Senate.

    Read factbook

    Vote for Ermica!

    pls updoot this, thx <3

    Hello! I am Rivogna, and I am running for the House of Commons. Although I was in the House of Commons once, I am still quite unfamiliar with my surroundings, which is why I am running. I am running this round because I would like to learn from all of you. I want to take this opportunity to listen to you; to connect with you.
    Despite being a relatively new person in the Thaecian government, I do have a few policies to advocate, such as:

    • A reduction of the House of Commons to about 11 seats. There should be no disagreements about this. If we have fewer seats for people to compete for, that increases the liveliness and competition of Thaecian elections. To ensure competition, and therefore maximum effort from politicians, we must reduce the House by any means necessary. By doing this, we could also be (almost) removing potential incompetence.

    • Keeping the Thaecian military. For the sake of our interests, we must keep the Thaecian military. The military is an engaging organization where we can bash the fash as we damn well, please. People have a right to have fun, you know? Not to mention how it generates activity for us.

    • Forming greater bonds with our foreign allies. In Prime Minister Bigtopia's administration, the Foreign Affairs team is pursuing more meaningful and useful bonds with our foreign allies. We must continue cooperating with our allies, such as preparing raiding operations, hosting late-night festivals, and doing many more activities together. Cooperation would be another step to make Thaecia even more lively and interesting.

    To push these policies forward, I shall support my colleagues in any way possible whenever they write a bill that makes Thaecia better. I will also launch more campaigns to convince my colleagues to do the same. Thaecia is all that matters here; the point is that I shall help make Thaecia better in any way I can. I will cooperate with my colleagues and all of you to see what I can do. Thank you for reading. :)
    People Endorsing Rivogna

    Read dispatch

    spoilers are your friend

    Mabuhay! Proudly sharing the latest issue of our multilingual flagship publication, Good News Philippines. Hoping you like this one, and of course, let us know what you think.

    Upvote and share!

    The NS world's distinguished multilingual newspaper, Good News Philippines (GNP) is the flagship publication of the Philippines.

    Ang natatanging pahayagan sa NationStates na may iba't-ibang wika, Mabuting Balita Pilipinas ang nangungunang lathalain ng Philippines.

    Ang daghang pinulongan nga mantalaan sa NationStates, Maayong Balita Pilipinas ang nag-una nga pagmantala sa Philippines.

    Tenth Anniversary Commemoration, Third Philippine Olympics Successful

    The Philippines as a refounded region traces its history back to January 17, 2011, when founders Puan Puri Naduk and Wolficity facilitated the process. In NationStates as a whole, however, the Philippines goes further back to 2003, with Elvaraland as the first World Assembly (WA) Delegate of the region.

    Fast forward to 2021, the Philippines boasted a population of more than 100 members, a figure which had been sustained since last year. To commemorate the occasion, Delegate and President Ariusgrad hosted the 3rd edition of the Philippine Olympics, a tradition which began in July 2013. This year's regional meet, held on February 22 to 23, featured what was perhaps the largest contingent of participants with 12 nations from across the world sending their brave athletes to New Clark City.

    As expected, the host nation Ariusgrad garnered the top spot as overall champion with three medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze). It was followed by Lanaograd (1 gold, 1 bronze), Manilenyos (1 gold), Emperio Maharlika (1 silver), Geolagarta (1 silver), and Kalayaan and Sabah Confederacy (1 bronze). Meanwhile, middle-tier nations which also participated so wonderfully despite having won no medals received the Bataan Award as symbolic for their perseverance. The awardees were Fort Ilocandia, Seludong, and United Adaikes.

    The following is an excerpt from the host nation's closing remarks:

    Ariusgrad wrote:Sports, as they say, is a great unifier and a harbinger of peace. Despite the competitiveness, we learn that we are all part of a shared community, with a shared history, and a shared affinity for the well-being of all. It is from the sportive tradition that we have derived hardworking heroes and dedicated heroines who represented the virtues of true champions. For as we enter these games in top form, so should we also have satisfaction that we face the best of the best fair and square. May the Philippines continue to be a beacon of liberty and a symbol of freedom, not only in the political sense, but also in every aspect of life as we know it. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang mga atleta ng bayan!

    Tenth anniversary celebrations also included remembrance of those who have fallen into inactivity throughout the region's long history, as well as planning for the future. For one, with the success of the Philippine Olympics which extended participation even beyond the region, international meets were eyed to be conducted on a more regular basis. Ariusgrad's emphasis on solidarity, sustainability, and anticipatory governance has also guided forward thinking for the next decade of the Filipino community here. Included in the agenda was raising leaders that will create leaders, as exhibited in the example of Lanaograd, who rose as Vice President of the United Regions Alliance under the active mentorship of Ariusgrad.

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    URA Signs Cooperation Deal with The North Pacific

    On February 26, 2021, United Regions Alliance (URA) President Suvmia announced that the 30-strong alliance has signed a memorandum of understanding with The North Pacific (TNP). This agreement formalizes ties between the two entities, initiating an exchange of ambassadors and providing a foundation for future cooperation.

    Signatories on the URA side were Founder Ellenburg, President Suvmia, and Vice President Lanaograd. Meanwhile, WA Delegate McMasterdonia and Foreign Affairs Minister Praeceps have signed on the side of The North Pacific.

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    New Membership Drive Shows Promise As Ariusgrad Builds Ties with the Pacifics

    In line with tenth anniversary future planning, Delegate and President Ariusgrad has initiated renewed recruitment drive with Foreign Relations Minister Emperio Maharlika and Media Relations Minister Kalayaan and Sabah Confederacy being the focal nations for the campaign. Since 2021 began, the average number of entrants to the Philippines was pegged at 20. In the first week of March alone, 8 new entrants were already recorded. However, Regional Affairs Minister Lanaograd noted that while new members were coming in, the region's staying power or the capacity to keep membership remained low.

    In the week after Ariusgrad announced its intention to launch the recruitment campaign, average weekly membership was at 111 (February 1 to 7), a slight increase from 110 on January 23 to 30, but this has decreased to 107 last week (February 22-28) despite the successful Philippine Olympics being conducted at this time. Lanaograd, however, expressed hope that the boost of recent regional activity might have been delayed due to factors beyond the control of the regional government. It also added that keeping membership above 100 for so long despite the circumstances can be attributed to the stability provided by the Ariusgrad administration for the Philippines.

    Meanwhile, international relations continue to be a priority for Ariusgrad as the embassy count nears 160. In a bid to streamline the process, the Philippines delegate has released two weeks ago an embassy policy for the Philippines. It has provided special exceptions to the criteria for members of the United Regions Alliance (URA) and the Philippine Council of Affiliated Regions and Institutions (PCARI). This was also meant to reinforce the longstanding principle of Ariusgrad that the Philippines is not an embassy collector, but a region actively seeking potential allies.

    In relation to this, the Philippines had successfully restored ties with The North Pacific (TNP, which Ariusgrad had informal talks in the period 2012-2013) and The East Pacific (TEP, which maintained embassies with the Philippines in the period 2017-2018). The two regions are the second and third largest regions in the world, respectively, in terms of total number of member nations. The Philippines has also opened formal relations with the West Pacific (TWP), one of the largest regions in the world. While these regions in particular had a history of raiding the Philippines, the circumstances have changed since. In fact, TEP was one of the members of the massive defender coalition which assisted the Philippines in the famed Christmas Invasion, an operation that involved over 70 invader nations.

    The Philippines has also expressed its interest to be part of the Partnership for Sovereignty (PFS), a World Assembly voting bloc founded by the region's longtime allies, namely 10000 Islands, the Rejected Realms, and the South Pacific. The PFS aims to "defend the values of self-determination, positive community, and respect for the World Assembly and its processes." While Ariusgrad has yet to hear about their decision, it has stated that the Philippines being a member would be a great boost for the cause of small- and medium-sized regions, which remains to be well represented in the august halls of the World Assembly. The delegate added that since it is a legislative bloc rather than a military organization, it saw that the power of ideals and principles would prevail as an aspect wherein the Philippines could actively contribute.

    All of the PFS members currently have a membership of over 250 nations. It has also claimed at least 1,580 WA votes from its delegates, second only to the World Assembly Legislative League (WALL) and its estimated voting power of over 2,000. The URA, which the Philippines has been an active member since last year, registered some 550 votes from its delegates.

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    Philippines Delegate Voting Power Drops in March with Forces Dispersed for Overseas Missions

    In a delegate voting power ranking released by Augustin Alliance, the Philippines dropped 24 places from 119th last month to 143rd in the world as of March 3. In a statement, Ariusgrad attributed this decline to overseas defense missions which the Philippines had committed to. This included a contingent for the much-watched liberation of The Embassy, the largest embassy collector region in the world prior to being invaded, as well as operators sent for rebuilding efforts of at least two small regions. Meanwhile, the delegate has assured that the region's World Assembly membership campaign remains ongoing as efforts continue to pour for the development of new members.

    In a related development, the Philippines retained 100 percent delegate endorsement rate in the past two weeks. The remarkable endorsement levels of the Philippines was attributed to one of Ariusgrad's early defensive principles, that of cross-endorsement. While looked down by the region's members back in Ariusgrad's early years as Delegate (it was first elected in 2012) because it theorized a critical mass of at least 20 percent WA membership in proportion to total population and a minimum of 80 percent delegate endorsement rate, the significance of such best practice was seen in action with high influence levels reinforcing a tally of historic defenses. From 23 members above the influence level of 3,000 last month, the Philippines has now registered 24 members in the same level.

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    PDF, PEFToN Leads Kalayaan War Games

    Through the initiative of Philippine Defense Force (PDF) Teniente Letnan and Philippine Expeditionary Force to the Nations (PEFToN) Commander Fort Ilocandia, the Philippines has conducted military exercises dubbed as the Kalayaan War Games through an external platform. Done in conjunction with the commemoration of the EDSA People Power Revolution from February 22 to 25, the War Games saw the engaging participation of 16 of the PDF and PEFToN members to strengthen the region's defensive capacity, camaraderie, and internal coordination. Approved by Ariusgrad, the PEFToN is the affiliated fortress unit of the PDF dedicated mainly to overseas missions and regional defenses. Before the PDF and PEFToN, local affiliated units reporting to the Philippines Delegate such as the Philippine Army had been conducting both regional and global defense operations.

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    PCARI Admits Independent Defender as New Member

    Inaugurated on February 8, 2021, the Philippine Council of Affiliated Regions and Institutions (PCARI) was spearheaded by Ariusgrad with the Philippines as lead region to further embrace the growing Filipino community in NationStates. The latest member to join was the defender region The Remiferian Armed Forces, established by Remiferia on October 5, 2020 as a peacekeeping force. This development was seen as affirmation to the mission of PCARI as an inclusive consultative body for Philippine-themed regions and institutions all over the world.

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    Feature: Filipino Characters in Popular Anime

    Barangay 143, aired on local television in 2018, and produced by ASI Animation Studios and TV Asahi, may be considered as the first Filipino-created anime. It featured a Filipino cast and a setting in the Philippines. However, Filipinos have also been featured in Japanese anime for quite some time. The following would be a few of them.

    Mari Mutoh of Japan Sinks 2020 hailed from Cebu City. In her younger years, she was a swimmer. Later on, she worked in a resort hotel. Her surname came from her husband, lights engineer Koichiro Mutoh.

    The cheerful and gentle Shirley of Fate/Zero was a master's degree holder at the age of 13. She was a resident of Alimango Island, supposedly part of Negros Occidental, where Kiritsugu Emiya was also raised.

    From left to right: Eleki Battery was the Filipino junior lightweight champion who fought Tatsuya Kimura to a draw in Hajime No Ippo (locally known in the Philippines as Knockout). Morris West, believed to have been based in real life Filipino boxing world champion Morris East, was the Filipino middleweight champion who lost to Mamoru Takamura in a championship qualifier. Nefuma Ozca was also a Filipino boxer in the junior lightweight division. He was ranked 5th when he lost to Kimura.

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    Feature: Filipino Words That Were Probably Loaned From Other Countries

    Considering the geographical and strategic place of the Philippines in history, it would not be a wonder how Filipinos managed to incorporate a number of foreign concepts as their own. The variety, however, might be more or less surprising with this feature of loan words that were originally not Filipino (in the order from left to right: English - other foreign language - Filipino).

    Spanish (Spain)
    airplane - aeroplano - eroplano
    window - ventana - bintana
    eagle - aguila - agila
    ice - hielo - yelo
    good fortune - buena suerte - buena mano

    Sanskrit (India)
    delay - antara - antala
    deception - dvaya - daya
    poor - dukkha - dukha
    fiction - katha - katha
    topic - paksha - paksa

    Cantonese (China)
    vermicelli - bihun - bihon
    gold - kimtiau - ginto
    mung bean cake - hopia - hopia
    celery - khinchai - kintsay
    spring rolls - lunpia - lumpia

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    Feature: COVID-19 Information Campaign

    As early as January 2020, Philippines Delegate Ariusgrad had been concerned about the spread of COVID-19, still known then as nCov (novel coronavirus). Therefore, it had initiated an extensive awareness and information campaign in the region to help fight the said disease, considering even to this day, there were still variables of the illness which remain beyond human knowledge so far. This space is dedicated for the campaign, featuring a helpful infographic from Statista, utilizing various sources for its data.

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    Index of past issues: Issue 1 (February 2021) | Issue 2 (Roleplay Edition)

    Feel free to telegram or Discord message the following if you have any questions or comments!

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    Authored by Lanaograd and the Ministry of Regional Affairs in cooperation with all ministries of the Philippines. Commissioned under the administration of Ariusgrad. All rights reserved.
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