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Morograd wrote:Ayo comrades how the cookies 🍪? o/

Hey there, it's pretty quiet here these days

Wait why ex patrian ssr is gone ?

Vasti wrote:Wait why ex patrian ssr is gone ?

If nation owners do not log in within a length of time, their nation expires. They can always be revived by logging in, but if they “ceased to exist” or CTE, for too long, they become “Antiquity” nations and cannot be brought back.

Default 28 day timer before CTE, can become 60 days in Vacation mode.

Socialist Euraisa wrote:If nation owners do not log in within a length of time, their nation expires. They can always be revived by logging in, but if they “ceased to exist” or CTE, for too long, they become “Antiquity” nations and cannot be brought back.

Default 28 day timer before CTE, can become 60 days in Vacation mode.

I've brought back nations after YEARS off of the site.

He's back!

Have a great one guys, thanks for the memories!

Food for thought:
Birthdays are satanic rituals where you sing around a flaming object to celebrate 1 year taken off your life. At the end you stab a knife into a cake and devour it.

As Kant proposes in his theory of "Radical Evil", the "propensity of human beings to be evil" is one : a "weakness of the mind". Two : an "impurity of motive", and three "depravity of the heart". "Depravity of the heart" refers to putting self-love before moral law. Stealing food because you are hungry. Killing each others for your own gains... Both are considered "depravity of the hear". However, this concept.... Was never orginially an illness or anything like that. It's simplu "free will". You can find it in the hearts of anyone, more or less. You have the freedom to make your own choices. Others should have no bearing on what you do. However, if, by any chance, you fall into some deeper evil and start wanting to escpae... No one will be able to save you if you have fallen too deep. We can only go so far. As long as you have will, you can get back up anytime.

Thoose were the words Leutnent Karl Drakon spoke to the civilian court of justice to which was brought the entire "death battalion" when asked for his expertise about wether or not, all the men and women of this para-military unit, captured, appeared to have committed several crimes against war prisonners and civilians in France.
The purges of civilians, ordered by political personnal of the French State, which destroyed the administrative structure of the state, cut off any possible elite able to take in charge the "relève" of personnal after the fall of said state, were so deep that they forced the occupation authorities in Norther France to put in charge their own personnal at the head of city councils and prefectures in order to fill gaps no one else could, due to the executions practiced actively.

Ltnt Karl Iceni, for his part, asked wether all of these people should be branded as war criminals and put on firing squads, or if there was anything else in the law, professionnal officers being a rarity in these regions, simply quoted Kant on Human responsability and, in such, stated perfectly the position of the occupation forces.
Through study and deep inquiries, it was the duty of the court to inspect each of these massacres, and the involvment of each and every soldier on this company to establish their own responsability.
Where they forced to do it, else put a bullet in their head ? Were their families threatened ? Did they willingly killed ? Or "just" obeyed orders without discussing them ? Did they refused to shout ? Or even threw away their weapons ?
These questions needed answer if they wanted justice to be made.

Politiania takes Brazillian lands in north!

Group of M1 Abrams main battle tanks with assist of M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and LAV-25 Armored personnel carriers crossed a temporary outpost of Politianian-barzillian border.
Group of soldiers took Brazillian border guards as prisoners and drove them away into the Bauxite mine in the south of Venezuelan state of Bolivar.
After crossing it, soldiers spreaded out, and marched onto enemy positions, with support of tanks and M2 Bradley vehicles.
Battle has started. 120 mm shell left the barrell of Abrams, destroying the bunker with heavy machnegun. In return, Brazilians opened fire from their artillery, massacering the infantry, and damaging some of the tanks, immoblizing one of them completely.
Air support arrived just in time - three F-16 Falcon with laser guided bombs destroyed enemy bunkers and artillery, and missiles took down helicopters heading the frontline.
Soldiers took losses, but went further. wounded and dead were transported back to the country.

Group of 15 A-10 Thunderbolt close air support aircraft was heading to Manaus
Their mission was to destroy enemy bases and bridges on Amazin river, to cripple enemy support lines, and cut retreating enemy units off on the northern bank of the river.
"Attention all units, we start show in ten seconds, prepare to engage, over"
"Roger that Anvil leader, open fire in seven, six, five...." few seconds later all planes opened fire, 30 mm cannon shredded vehicles on the bridge to the bits, and AGM-65 Maverick missiles destroyed the construction support, and whole construction fell down burying enemies in piles of scrapped and bent metal.
Same things happened with various other bridges on the Amazon.
After the escape routes were cut off completely, a massacre started.
commander Jose Ramos was one of the generals, in charge of the operation. he, personally supervised the attack on Manaus
he ordered to barrage the city with M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, and bomb the most strategic positions.
After that, he sent mechanized infantry units to the town, to make sure what defences have left. Fights were very, very heavy, as almost 60 percent of the initial state of unit was depleted. Soldiers were dying on the streets, hit by sniper bullets, or blew up with Improvised Explosive Devices.
What commader thought wasnt attack on Paris by Germans in 1940, no... better said, like Stalingrad, or Berlin in 1945...
Close artillery shell explosion woke commander from the thoughts. He grabbed the radio and ordered: "All units retreat" He changed the channel on the radio and called Air Force Command. After 20 minutes, ten B-52 bombers raided the city, leaving a smoking pile of rubble and ruins after them. Soldiers reentered the city, this time with heavier support of M1 Abrams tanks, and A-10 Thunderbolts.
Still - fights were intense, enemies were counterattacking and artillery was pounding the trenches in the streets.
After 9 hours and loosing almost two divisions Manaus fell into Politianian hands.

Last big settlement to victory was Macapa, defended by armored battalion and infantry inside the town.
Infantry wasnt the problem, command was more concerned about the armored units, consisting from french, soviet, german and british tanks, all mixed up, but combined could be deadly to newly produced Abrams tanks.
Command decided it will send helicopters with ATGMs to take out as many tanks as possible, also, to provide fire support and protection for armored units.
M1 Abrams rolled quickly through the first barricde on the road, and opened fire to enemy T-72. Tank exploded with a tongue of bright, orange fire.
ATGMs mounted on one of technicals fired, destroying Bradley infntry fighting vehicle. it got shredded by 30 mm hughes autmatic cannon mounted under the cockpit of AH-64 Apache.
Battle was coming to an end.
enemies fell back using rubber boats, amphibious properties of their vehicles, and fallen trees. only some of them made it to the other side, as F-16s and A-10s were still in the air - massacering the river with missiles, cannons and bombs.
Northern Brazil fell into Politianian hands - everything north of Amazon river came under the rule of Politiania, that brought prosperity, culture and safety to the region.
All brazillian forces fell back, but left a lot of equipment...

Hey comrades what's crackin?

Morograd wrote:Hey comrades what's crackin?

Region is dying

not dying

The Aret’s mountains are a high ground in the middle of Britain, just at the frontier of the departement of Finisterre, a name which means ‘‘the end of earth’’, for it is the most western departement of France, between the Atlantic ocean and the Aret’s mountains. Les monts d’Aret, in french, are a geographic abnormality, for they are the only ‘‘mountains’’ of Britain. This strange geographic presence was finally explained by geo-archéologs who discovered that these are the remnants of what was once huge mountains of the last era, slowly eaten away by the winds and the sea, before even mankind escpaed Africa.
Thanks to these little mountains, the area enjoys a great and particular climat. Not an oceanic one, but hotter, even in winter, which allow the locals to grow plants which wouldn’t survive anywhere in France metropolitan, as paprika, or even curry, for the most entrepreunarial peasants.
In the middle of the region lies a dam, which generate electricity for most of the departement….
And a nuclear central, the one from which nuclear weapons were made for the French State, before the war.
This site was a particular worry for the Dithmarse’s interarme etat major, who feared the place could be used by the remnants of the most fanatical loyalists of the french state. As such, some patrols were already sent on the area, a patchwork of had-hoc units taken from the reserves, as the bigger part of the army was still occupied with police and pacification operations on the Midi, this mountainous area on South France.
Said units were pushed back by a surprising heavy resistance, and only force recons have been able to be done.
Given the little ressources at their disposal after the rush on Bordeaux, the Dithmarse’s high command decided, instead of sending conscripts on a meat grinding operation, to use thoose to cause a prudent attack on the mountains periphery, while special forces would be paradropt on the lake next to the nuclear central.
Already equiped with subnautic equipment, these men would use their special gears to go near the central to observe it, make an agressive recon on the structure and potentially stop it.
The particular sensitivity of a nuclear installation was a worry for the officers, as a wrong move could easily cause a réaction en chaînes with the nuclear reactor blowing up the area, which would then become improper for all agriculture for the next centuries and destroy the natural park next to the dam.
As such, the men were followed by two nuclear ingeeners who were familliar with the internal structure and way to operate of french nuclear power plants, and more with this one, given the accessible plans taken from the ‘‘authority of nuclear security’’ archives in Paris. Though not better than conscripts in term of combat abilities, they weren’t supposed to do any fighting anyway, their job being observe and if possible disrupt.

Killing the few militias fighters, the commandos managed to infiltrate the power plant, secure the command post of it and lock up the remaining engeeners on the area, while theirs began to inspect what was done on the place.
The reactor were at minimal capacity. A surprise, but a welcome one. One of the prisoners claimed that with the corruption, incompetence and paranoïa of the national elites, the power plant was running so low on capacity for the were supplied with nuclear material only to make energy for the region.
And with the fall of the French State, the supply chain was now in complete disarray, and only the local stock of uranium allowed them to run the power plant. Moreoever, when the nationalist loyalists came and ordered them to make a nuclear bomb, or else they would kill them, they began to make dirty bomb, as slowly as possible. Unfortunatly it was almost done.
Following these new pieces of information, the commandos decided to exfiltrate the civilians, requesting additional support for the air lift programmed, for they would have more people to evacuate, and a dirty bomb.

Suppressing the local garrison was an easy task, though the alarm was detonated and enemy troups began to swarm from Brenilis and Huelgoat, the few air supports sent from St-Brieuc managed to bomb their trucks before reaching the power plant, forcing them to continue on foot.
A welcome gain of time, which however was unsufficient, for the enemy also had to its disposal some cavalry and mounted infantry.
These managed to take by surprise the commandos who suffered some losses from these horsmen, before finally managing to kill their beasts by grenade and baïonnets.
The helicopters sent from the sea group near Brest managed to avoid the anti-air defenses near the powerplant, by coming from the other side of the mountains and flying dangerously low, but without incident thanks to their night-vision.

Despite some losses in life, the operation was a success. The dirty bomb was stolen and destroyed ulteriorly, the nuclear workers evacuated, the injured saved and the nuclear installation of Brennilis definitivly and safely put down, the nuclear reactor being off with the help of the local workers, and, with the help of some explosives, the place wouldn’t be of any use before a few months, if not years.

Minimal civilian casualties, moderate military casualties and a success which allowed the dithmarseans brigades to progress through the massif of low mountains and dealing the last enemies and, from this point, threatening Brest, last loyalist bastion in Britain.

Another victory for the glorious special forces of Dithmarse, and another step up to a free and peacefull proletariat world ! Workers of the world, worry not for if you are under oppression, threaten in your very own country, exploited by your class ennemies, Dithmarse shall stand for you !

Coma, but not dead, this region is of being.

March 2nd, 2020: SD forever, NDU is just temporary

March 2nd, 2021: SD Dead, NDU alive

What is NDU again ?

Dead, alive, or somewhere in between?

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