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Welcome to RGBN, founded on a beautiful Alpine Retreat on 4/13/2017 and featured on 3/13/2019.

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RGBN contains 141 nations, the 155th most in the world.

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1.The Glorious Theocratic Empire of Krovx BelgiumFather Knows Best State“Belgian Lives Matter!”
2.The Sempronio imperium habenti of PlaugetopiaNew York Times Democracy“innocentiam probat, nihil probat”
3.The Intergalactic Alliance of Betelgeuse AllianceAnarchy“Peace, Liberty, Advancement”
4.The Empire of SarchesterInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pride and Industry”
5.The Socialist Democratic of Empire of New TopiaDemocratic Socialists“Even in the darkest days, kindness must continue.”
6.The Commonwealth of Cornell IthacaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Instruction for any person in any study”
7.The Socialist Union of AurorelineScandinavian Liberal Paradise“A single ant cannot survive without her colony”
8.The Social Libertarian Democracy of West IntermariumCorporate Bordello“Per Iustitiae Pacis”
9.The Federation of New ArindiaLeft-wing Utopia“Centre of the Four Seas”
10.The Constitutional Monarchy of LestianNew York Times Democracy“Progreso y Paz”
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What's that one nation you feel like you can like all of their rmbs?

Night everyone.

Ushornaia wrote:Night everyone.


hallo hoomans i finaly got off my ass for the first time in 20 hours and stopped playing stellaris to see if anyones online

Plaugetopia wrote:hallo hoomans i finaly got off my ass for the first time in 20 hours and stopped playing stellaris to see if anyones online

Hello and goodnight


Plaugetopia wrote:hallo hoomans i finaly got off my ass for the first time in 20 hours and stopped playing stellaris to see if anyones online

I ant having much problem getting off my bootay but 3 hours a day of karate, swimming, and running can do a number on the legs and lung, so its the chair itself that gets me tripped up.

Yo! What'd I miss?

Southern Xenick wrote:I ant having much problem getting off my bootay but 3 hours a day of karate, swimming, and running can do a number on the legs and lung, so its the chair itself that gets me tripped up.

your a better athlete then I

im out of my game a bit so excuse the bad everything

several months ago
one weeks after holters rebellion

the streets of fonkia were rubble, the misplaced bricks and concrete slabs strewn about the sidewalks cracked torn open or destroyed. the military had done a number in the city not meant to be invaded, for only a few weeks ago it had stood a tall bastion of progress for the empire and moments later a garbage fire of destruction and decay, i the far distance one could even imagine the melted and burnt slag of a war robot. perhaps a model 7 or even a 4.

as himmler walked through the streets litters of reffugees spew forth covered in dirt following a security robot every few minutes repeating in the same monotone voice .

"follow me for standard rations and housing, until the city is rebuilt you are to obey the reconstruction accord of plaguetopia. we are here o help not to destroy"

all its words lies until he and the other upper leadership could find a solution. as the restricted zone of the city drew closer only he was the one for meters and yards around with everyone else apearing to have vanished like in some soft of bad apocalyptic fiction the youths would make .and reaching the checkpoint he lifted his arm and waved a tight black band across a scanner . the officer confirmed his identity before asking questions and comments.

"commander himmler guns and or other biomass including food is not allowed on the premises . i will need to confiscate your weaponry only for the safety of the project"

himmler reluctantly reached into the large pocket of his trenchcoat and handed the man his old service revolver that wasn't even a smart weapon as well of handing him a box of mints and random crap.

the man put it in a tray and said

"proceed to the subject room commander himmler" before standing at arms

the rest of the zoned off area was what could be called "pristine rubble" one half of the building falling apart with steal beams hanging across walls obliterated and the other covered in only dust and concrete with the windows half visible through thedestruction. the lower half sorrounded by walls of fences and men with guns, the doors fully open the hallway of the former genetics building visible through the last checkpoint.

as he walked through the desolate hallway the walls still litered with holes of bullets or pipe explosions a robot walked up to him and replied to his non talkativeness.

"himmler please follow me to sub level 3"

"how destroyed is the subject"

with these words turning the heads of a few soldiers and scientists as the "subject" was secret being thrown about and the other reason being a high general randomly showing up.

"classified until safer location"

the elevator was slow on the descent two soldiers in the back each owning a side the carpet covered with moist disguisting water from puddles outside and the dirt from said puddles. the robot standing uncomoftable simple in the middle its clear vest saying "synth" was the only outcast it needed. for even in almighty plaguetopia war can discriminate between humans and the humannoids

as sub level three appeared both himmler and the robot came out taking several turns past windows not covered showing hundreds of tubes which used to contain babies smashed, the liquids emptied but one could imagine the blood spilt during the rebellion and holters idea of " a master race". a deranged retarded man with horrible views of the world. but rumored was he succeded before the rebellion ended and spreaded them acorss the nation. such theorys being hogwash of the highest degree.

entering through the last door into a lab with a window overlooking a former nursing room himmler walked in. one staffer leaving the room probably from having to swap places but more likely he didnt want to be judged. himmler walked to the man with a covered arm overlooking the window and said.

"so what are we lookin at here a blank page"

"glad you asked himmler" the scientist reacted the heavy duty mask sheilding his voice


as he said that a man across the room hit a few buttons and the dark mirror retracted to show a crib in an empty small room with a nurse by its side. the crib had a child wrapped in blankets inside which caught him offguard as he was expecting a mutated soldier not a toddler.

"why are you showing me a baby"

"because himmler this baby survived from the thousands killed here. which means the tan shirts managed to impact its genetic code and we made a discovery"

"does it involve his "master race" "

"slightly we took this babys blood and discovered it had a heavily mapped and altered gene chart with the companys birthing vault records saying 20 changes throught a three month span. the first altering facial shape then hair color then eye color then physical things like muscle growth, joint flexibility and metabolic rates"

"so it had modifications "

" no it had illegal modifications, last year after hanna documents were realeased we stop all babies born in vats from getting increased anything unless government approved and this facility didnt remove that equipment. but thats not all. i mentioned hanna and thats because this baby is a similar vein to that"

"this baby is a mutant super soldier "

"correct himmler and if this gets out we are in deep sh*t"

"then im not gonna let it get out, rommel doesnt approve of super soldiers and neither do i " himmler said walking towards a scientist. he held out his hand and said to the man

"i need a lethal injection "

the main taken by suprise mumbled to himself about responsibility before handing himmler a needle.

he grabbed the needle and walked past the rest of the staff and through the door to the nursery and walked over to the child holding the sryinge out and closing his eyes, behind him a man ran through the door yelling.

he looked down at the sleeping child and the nurse running from the room and as he looked into the sleeping thing and withdrew the device. perhaps thinking the child was worth saving or that it could help with research.

"take him to cashmir 001 and give him a codename , i dont need anymore stress today"

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