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Nezasnorden RMB

WA Delegate: The Dictatorship of 0stenberg (elected )

Founder: The Kingdom of Kreuzmont

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 686th Largest Cheese Export Sector: 2,570th
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Welcome to Nezasnorden!

"Of all ideals, Democracy. Of all regions, the Freest. Of all lands, paradise"

We are a democratic roleplayer region with a constitution and governmental institutions, you may check our regulations and institutions on the Government Homepage.

You can create roleplays based on the topics you like with your imagination as your limit, Check our Role Play Rules and our Regional map for more.

Regional News:

📰2021 Elections for Regional Governor postponed to the 22 of April, with only one party on the run Östenberg likely to be reelected.

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    Economic System

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Nezasnorden contains 5 nations, the 3,558th most in the world.

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The Most Developed in Nezasnorden

The World Census compiles a "Human Development Index" by measuring citizens' average life expectancy, education, and income.

As a region, Nezasnorden is ranked 6,426th in the world for Most Developed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of KreuzmontCivil Rights Lovefest“Freiheit, Gleichheit und Brüderlichkeit.”
2.The Commonwealth of NachtblumeCorporate Bordello“Gott Mitt Uns.”
3.The Dictatorship of 0stenbergLeft-Leaning College State“De stäät Пändпäven en de söeгeяeiniteit Чiefпebben”
4.The Commonwealth of BlumenkolonienCapitalist Paradise“Für Gott und König!”
5.The Kingdom of VesterlandaCivil Rights Lovefest“For Mitt Land, Mitt Liv!”

Regional Happenings


Nezasnorden Regional Message Board

Some of you may have seen that our Regional Delegate Ostenberrg has been removed from the WA because of rule violations. After talking with him for sometime, seeking clarification, he stated that he was banned because of a minsunderstandment: a close relative has an account of his own, which by turn is in the WA and they acessed the same computer, triggering the system. As such, he will attempt to recover his account, and in the case he doesn't, he will create another. He is still the Regional Delegate, and we are going to restablish the government soon

Algum de vocês deve ter noticiado que nosso Delegado Regional Ostenberrg foi removido da WA por violações de regras. Depois de conversar com o mesmo por algum tempo, buscando esclarecimento, ele revelou que foi banido devido à um mal-entendido: um parente próximo tem uma conta própria, que por sua vez está na WA e eles usaram do mesmo computador, acionando o sistema. Portanto, ele irá tentar recuperar sua conta, e caso não consiga, criará outra. Ele ainda é o Delegado Regional, e iremos restabelecer o governo em breve.

First of all, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I had a problem with my account and a relatives account and unhappily had to re-found my nation. Soon I will be back on the position of Delegate and working as the leader back again, everything its fine and soon our government will be reestablished.

Em primeiro lugar, lamento o inconveniente, mas tive um problema com a minha conta e com a conta de um parente e, infelizmente, tive de re-fundar a minha nação. Em breve estarei de volta no cargo de Delegado e voltando a atuar como líder novamente, está tudo bem e logo nosso governo sera restabelecido.

Greetings from Netraucora! We are conducting a diplomatic survey with our allied regions on pie. Please honour us with your esteemed choice on our humble report. Good weekend and peace to all!

Saudações da Netraucora! Estamos conduzindo uma pesquisa diplomática com nossas regiões aliadas na torta. Por favor, honre-nos com sua escolha estimada em nosso humilde relatório. Bom fim de semana e sossego a todos!

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Is this region still active?
Or at least partially active?

Welcome Ausartica!
Yes, we are partially active. We had a lot of stuff to do in the last days, so we weren’t checking on very frequently .

Grandia Sebastia and Ausartica


Kreuzmont wrote:Welcome Ausartica!
Yes, we are partially active. We had a lot of stuff to do in the last days, so we weren’t checking on very frequently .


Hello. I am new to the game.


I hereby declare, by unanimous decision of the present nezasnordian government, that the Art. 5 of the Nezasnordian Constitution (about the use of portuguese and english as the official languages of Nezasnorden) has been revoked. The official language of the region is now English, and all documents shall be written in it.

Eu anuncio, por decisão unânime do presente governo nezasnordiano, que o Art. 5º da Constituição Nezasnordiana (sobre o uso do português e inglês como línguas oficiais da Nezasnorden) foi revogado. A língua oficial da região agora é o inglês, e todos os documentos devem ser escritos na mesma.

After an raiding attempt on our Region, I've come here to announce the instatement of DEFCON 2 for an undetermined period of time. The situation has been stabilized, as all raiders have been neutralized. However, to prevent any further attempts of conquering, the DEFCON 2 state will be maintained. The region is now passworded and the borders locked. You may get hold of more info regarding DEFCON levels in this dispatch:

Regional Government

Nezasnordian Defcon System

The Nezasnordian Defcon System (NDS) is an alert system that analyses strange activity on raider regions, Threats or disagreements between our region and others and invasion and raid attempts against our region. All of that information is gathered and analyzed by our Regional Government that after the analysis presents the current invasion threat level on a scale of 5 to 1 being 5 the lowest threat of invasion and 1 the highest threat of invasion. Be aware of the region's Defcon level at every time, because each of the Defcon levels will have different actions that will be severely enforced by the region's delegate and its advisors and you are expected to follow them being subject to punishment if one of them is breached. You should daily check this Dispatch since the Defcon Level can change at any time of the day if any new circumstances or new threats are localized on our community.

The levels

Level 5 - Total Peace

No threat of occupation is present in the region, no need to worry.

Actions that will be enforced

-Regional Borders are open and members and outsiders are free to go and come at any time without being subject of any questioning;

-inspection of members is not needed;

-members, diplomats and the Regional Government will continue their normal activity without interruption.

Level 4 - Peace
Minimum threat of occupation is present, overall triggered by diplomatic turmoils and observation of external movement of raider regions. no need to worry but stay ready and informed to possible changes.

Actions that will be enforced

-inspection of members shall be done once a month with every member in the Region that are not part of the Regional Government and the ones exposed will be ejected from the region;

-members, diplomats and the Regional Government will continue their normal activity without interruption;

-Regional Borders are open and members and outsiders are free to go and come at any time without being subject to any questioning.

Level 3 - Stand in Attention
Medium threat of occupation is present, overall triggered by significant diplomatic turmoils, abnormal rises of movement in raider regions and by verbal or written threats, made by influential members of suspicious regions. keep your normal activities but be alert and informed for imminent threats or changes.

Actions that will be enforced

-inspection of members shall be done once a week with every member in the Region that are not part of the Regional Government and the ones exposed will be ejected from the region;

-members and diplomats will continuous normal activity but they shall be aware and ready for sudden changes in the defcon levels.Any suspect activity are for be denounced and anyone that protect or hide suspect activity or nations will be punished. The Regional Government members need to be aware of the current situation and start to prepare for sudden changes;

-Regional Borders are open and members and outsiders are free to go and come at any time but suspect activity in the borders will be questioned;

-military shall be prepared and alert to start a defensive or offensive plan at any time.

Level 2 - Mobilization
High threat of occupation is present, caused by direct attempts of invasion against Nezasnorden, serious diplomatic turmoils, direct threats and speech from influential members of suspected regions and (although not an obligatory factor) nationstates-wide wars which involve Nezasnorden. Be alert for any suspicious activity of any members and report them to the Regional Government, remember to execute your normal activities with caution

Actions that will be enforced

-Immediate mobilization of nations is to commence, in case of regions of larger military power, a defensive plan must be created instead of a offensive one ;

-Regional Borders are to be closed immediately, the password is to be changed once a month and members of the region are able to see the current password;

-Infiltrated nations are to be sent to the invader’s region for investigation of their government structure and military might;

-Evacuation plans are to be ready to execute by the regional government at any time and shall be used in case of a worsening of the Conflict;

-inspection of members shall be carried out once a day with every member in the Region and the ones exposed conspiring against the region will be ejected from the region.

Level 1 - Total War
Occupation is imminent, with the region being significantly damaged with raider presence. Most aspects of the region have been changed and raiders got to influential positions within the region. Although not being an obligatory factor, this stage mostly happens in nationstates wide wars in which there is an involvement from a significant part of the existent regions (e.g: Pacific war). Stop all your normal activity and, if you're not a member of the military or any other part of the Regional Government that wasn't dissolved, contact a member of the Regional Government and he will give you instructions for your evacuation.

Actions that will be enforced

-Regional borders are to be totally sealed, any and all nations entering the region after this order are to be ejected. The password is to be changed once a week, every time a nation joins the region and should not be visible for any member;

-All roleplays are to be stopped, and the main dispatches are expected to carry information about the war;

-The Parliament is to be dissolved, with only the Cabinet, the Delegate and the Founder remaining in position of power;

-Martial Law is to be declared on the region. The only standing judiciary organs are to be the Supreme Judiciary Parliament and the Military Nezasnordian Court;

-Evacuation plans are to be executed, all civilians not involved within the defense of the region are to be relocated with the regional government to another region, in which a provisory government will be created in order to maintain peace and stability;

-The provisory region must have an endorsement cap proportional to the number of nations in it;

-Diplomats are to be immediately evacuated for their original regions and should just remain if involved in important diplomatic issues or representing foreign military affair;

-A telegram will be delivered for all Nezasnordian members, the telegram will contain the official declaration of Level 1 Defcon and information about what changes will be enforced, together with the personnel contact of the Founder and the Delegate for more informations and instructions for the evacuation program.

Nezasnorden Defcon level is current at:

Dispatch translated to:

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For the raiders, a warning: we're still active. Don't mistake a conturbated period where we can't be full time online with complete inactivity.

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