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1.The Community of Reactionary EuropeMoralistic Democracy“Unity and Order through Tradition”
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4.The Federation of The New State of JapanCivil Rights Lovefest“Hakko Ichiu”
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7.The Empire of MexicooooooFree-Market Paradise“Equidad en la Justicia”
8.The Federal Republic of United VenociaCapitalist Paradise“Veritas Nunquam Perit”
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10.The Republic of Patani RayaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sejarah akan hakimi siapa bersama kami dikegelapan fajr”

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Greater Korean Republic caps off Lunar New Year with military parade

The song of happiness for the leader boomed through the dawn streets of Pyongyang, an ironic sunrise parade to compliment the lunar new year. Cannons lit up the sky as tens of thousands of Pyongyang residents bellowed a loud and unison manse chant. Balloons and lanterns were raised in the semi-lit sky as the winter-dressed citizens bounced erratically. A line of generals in their fancy and sleek new formals walked to their places in the new ivory observation deck in Kim Il-Sung square. A soft-skinned and effeminate male laid the path, Kim Seyong-Il in a khaki winter coat. He laid out a binder and joined the ranks of clapping military brass. The Supreme Leader Kim Seyong-Taek revealed herself, curly black hair hidden by a peaked cap and her traditional dress obscured by a mao-style trenchcoat the likes of which Kim Jong-Un would have worn.

She waved to the people for the rest of the song's duration, and a round of applause filled the air after it ended. A few opening remarks were made by the generals, before she was eventually up to deliver her address.

"Comrades and compatriots, it is with a pleased demeanor that I welcome you all to this momentous occasion, spearheaded by the Worker's Party of Korea and the Korean People's Revolutionary Armed Forces. For the sake of brevity, my words will be short but compelling nonetheless. The Korean people have demonstrated mighty fortitude these past few years. Even despite American and Chinese imperialism, the GDP and living standards of our nation have been steadily and predictably increasing. Waste of resources has been slimmed, and the work ethic of the people have seen us through leaps and bounds of conventional progress. For this, I thank you all.

Even despite the loss of comrade Kim Jong-un, we have hailed a new age- a return to strong Juche-Songun principles as our comrades Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il have demonstrated. The People's Army has completed its nuclear program, and an already modern conventional army is expanding its physical and technological capabilities by the month. Agriculture and industrial profits have increased.

Looking forward, let us re-affirm our devotion to the Seoul Pact and its members. Let us cooperate further with socialist nations. Let us deter the American and Chinese aggressors through all means, and establish a grassroots worldwide movement for our ideology. Furthermore, let us support the Chenxing movement and its native Korean counterpart through all means! For self-sufficiency and self-determination, manse!"

The crowd retorted for a few seconds, before the honor guard came marching into view. A momentary fanfare, before the anthems of the GKR were played as the banner hoisted upwards. (the song of general Kim Jong-Il only recently added as a secondary national anthem at the behest of Kim Seyong-Taek herself to remind the world where they now stood)

What followed would be an hour of marching camoflauged and modern troops, new vehicles, the Pukkuksong-5 SLBM, the new ICBM, and various other repeats of the october 10th parade, but higher in number, suggesting this technology was made available for more of the KPA.

Kurdish parliament dissolves as election season set to begin
Six political coalitions to contest elections, with the new KN expected to win third place;
KCK and TEV-DEM coalition expected to keep parliamentary majority, but unlikely to retain supermajority

Kurdistan Information Center
22 February 2021

The Democratic People's Confederal Council, the highest legislative authority in Kurdistan, has voted 750 to zero for its own dissolution. The parliament's dissolution is meant to coincide with the one-month campaign period before the general election on 22 March.

Heading off to the election right after the Kurdish New Year are five returning political alliances and one faction that formed late last year.

The first is the governing alliance, the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), made up of the four multiethnic but Kurdish-majority political parties founded by Abdullah Öcalan during the late 1990s. They are considered to be within Kurdistan's "free left" - parties that do not subscribe to vanguard- and Soviet-style socialism - and they all adhere to Öcalan's libertarian socialist ideology of democratic confederalism.

The KCK's junior partner in the government is the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM). This alliance is made up of several parties that subscribe to some or even all of the KCK's beliefs but retain their independence from the KCK. These include the Star Union of Women, an all-female organization advocating for jineology (Kurdish feminism), eco-socialist feminism and other women's interests; and several socialist Assyrian and Yazidi parties. Together, TEV-DEM and the KCK had just enough members to make up 67 percent of parliament. TEV-DEM holds outsized influence due to its ability to give the KCK a supermajority.

The nextalliance in parliament is the Peoples' Democratic Congress (KDG), made up of parties considered to be within Kurdistan's "soft left," or those who believe in social democracy and democratic socialism. Some of these parties are also notable for being civic nationalists, which put them directly at odds with the Kurdish National Congress, which are considered to be ethnic nationalists, and the KCK which disavows nationalism altogether.

The Kurdish National Congress (ENK) makes up another alliance in parliament. It has so far been able to avoid getting banned due to its surface-level support for some aspects of social democracy and even socialism. If it were to one day drop the pretext of being somewhere within the center and center-left, it would automatically lose all of its support except from the parts of society that are very right-wing. Unofficially, the ENK advocates for traditionalism and the patriarchy as well as for ethnic Kurdish ultranationalism. This means they are supportive of subsuming other parts of the Middle East that have significant Kurdish populations. They also stand out as being the only alliance in parliament that almost never votes with the KCK.

The last returning alliance in parliament is the faction that represents the "hard left," the Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement (TRYG). These communist parties are the direct descendants of the now-defunct Revolutionary Socialist Party of Kurdistan, which followed in the footsteps of Soviet-style authoritarian and vanguard socialism.

The newest alliance that is contesting the elections is made up of non-Kurds who have defected from the KCK, TEV-DEM and the KDG to form a coalition of smaller parties whose primary goal is to advocate for the interests of Kurdistan's ethnic minorities, who make up nearly 40 percent of the population: the Nationalities Congress (KN). The KN is officially a big tent alliance, as its main goal will be to push forward bills and agendas that primarily benefit non-Kurds, although many parties within the KN are socialist and social democratic.

Current polls show that the KCK will most likely retain its lead as the largest party in parliament. There's a good chance that it might even maintain its majority, but this has been made less likely because of the recent defections from the party in favor of the KN. The latest poll shows KDG at a distant second place from the KCK, followed closely behind by the ENK and the KN who are neck-in-neck. Trailing behind them are the TRYG and TEV-DEM, respectively.

Elections to the Democratic Peoples' Confederal Council are still held in high regard despite the fact that it has been getting a lot less powerful ever since the establishment of Kurdistan's latest constitution in 2001, when power began being progressively transferred to the communes, the basic unit of administration in Kurdistan, as well as the lower regional and district parliaments. The Democratic Peoples' Confederal Council still holds a lot of power in terms of finance and budget allocation, foreign affairs and confederal self-defense.

Kim Seyong-Taek visits Chinese Border

With the Chenxing movement and Imperial China-Shou tensions slowly rising, the government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has made a bold step towards re-affirming its policies. Earlier today, near the semi-frozen waters of the Yalu River, the familiar leader arrival song boomed through the speakers. Arriving at the village of Kimjongsuk would be the supreme leader, surrounded by several armed soldiers and officers in their winter camouflage. The resident defenders would enter a cheer as she walked past them in a white military coat reminiscent of the one Kim Il-Sung used to wear.

Climbing a concrete tower, the Supreme Leader would be pictured looking into the Chinese nation with binoculars. She inspected the conditions of the Korean Peoples' Army defenses, satisfied with the immense battlements, but demanding more modern defensive infrastructure be laid inland. She gestured with her hands towards her own country, envisioning bunkers and early warning systems with her generals taking notes.

This tense moment at the border would declare to the world that under the new leader, old grudges will not be forgotten. Even as she boarded her bulletproof car, the leader's suspicious face peered towards the free world.

Good Evening. Liberia (who I know better as Brazil) invited me over a few days ago and I thought I'd come and see how this region works. I'm not sure if I fit in very well, but I'm interested to see how things develop for a little while anyway.

Reactionary Europe wrote:Good Evening. Liberia (who I know better as Brazil) invited me over a few days ago and I thought I'd come and see how this region works. I'm not sure if I fit in very well, but I'm interested to see how things develop for a little while anyway.

Welcome! I highly recommend you to join our discord, that's where we're most active. There we can discuss further your interests :)

Imperial-France wrote:Welcome! I highly recommend you to join our discord, that's where we're most active. There we can discuss further your interests :)

We'll see. I'm not a huge fan of discords personally, and my schedule might interfere a little, but at worst I'm open to discussing anything via here or telegram.

Reactionary Europe wrote:We'll see. I'm not a huge fan of discords personally, and my schedule might interfere a little, but at worst I'm open to discussing anything via here or telegram.

feel free to make an app, we can discuss the rest via Telegrams

L'État Cherche ŕ Influencer Davantage Vers l'Est - Nouvelle Initiative du Gouvernement
French Government Seeks Further Influence Eastwards

Prime Minister Jacques Rousseau has announced a new initiative following a boost in military spending. The islands of Chamberlin, long sought as a strategic archipelago within the Malaka strait, has opened renewed interests for the French State. As the islands provide military advantages, the government seeks to establish stronger ties with the Chamberlin islands through investments and a defence pact. If the proposals were to succeed, a green light would be given for the construction of a military base, serving as a harbour for the French navy. Investments would also include expanding Port Blair for both military and economical activity. A French delegation has been sent to the archipelago seeking to negotiate terms and prospects for this ambitious proposal.

New Gough Island

The Prince of the Seas

This morning, the Palace announced to a small press conference that the his highness the Crown Prince Horthy Lájos, will indeed be departing the palace in order to join the submarine school in Rijeka. Joining the tradition of naval service in the royal family started by his great grandfather Regent Admiral Horthy Miklós, his highness will also be continuing the strong tradition of military service in Hungary's royalty and aristocracy.

A statement from the admiralty has made perfectly clear the young prince's wishes that his entry into the navy is not entirely one of tradition but also of passion, having spent many days of his youth aboard naval vessels during royal inspections.

"Cadet Horthy is no stranger to the navy, his father and great grandfather having been serving members. We welcome yet another member of the Horthy family to the admiralty fold."

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