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✵ Welcome to the Free and Independent Principality of Montealba, the Morally Justified! ✵
Proud champions of anarcho-monarchism

Outlaw? Hunted for war crimes? Tried to coup your region, only to fail and be exiled? We don't care--just walk right in! We don't extradite!
Ruled eternally in heaven by Captain Hocherlan (praise Him)
Ruled temporally by Lieutenant Eldurgoth (salute him)
Ruled on paper by Prince Trigori (where is he?)

Please address telegrams and diplomacy to Palatines Winfallow and Imperio Ex Terrae!

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    [RP] The 1994 Montealban Civil War

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    1994 RP Map (kept updated)

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    The Little Montealban Guidebook

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    Montealban Declaration of Independence

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    Hocherlan's Tigers

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    Book of Tuber

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    Treaty with Montealba

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Montealba contains 50 nations, the 409th most in the world.

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As a region, Montealba is ranked 7,831st in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Socialist States of GreenCommunsitSocietyLiberal Democratic Socialists“51% the people may take away the rights of the other 49”
2.The Federation of drakeyeLeft-Leaning College State“If you hug me, i get stabby stabby.”
3.The United Nation of Spartacist Federal Republic of GermanyPsychotic Dictatorship“Brüder zur Sonne, zur Freiheit”
4.The ✵ Cascadian Republic ✵ of SeattleNinja008Left-Leaning College State“Losing is FUN!!!”
5.The County of TrigoriDemocratic Socialists“Dvižljem šabljem protje všjem ljažjem”
6.The Theocracy of Mazda-ottaPsychotic Dictatorship“Light and dark grow more profound the farther we go”
7.The Kingdom of WinfallowInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Dia Fai Irkaié”
8.The Armed Shamkhalate of EldurgothFather Knows Best State“Ӏожалла я маршо! Слобода или смрт!”
9.The Federation of BalakInoffensive Centrist Democracy“unitum nos stare, quasque minusque articulatas non cadu”
10.The Simulacrum of Seirra MadreDemocratic Socialists“Find, Consume, Destroy, Repeat”

Regional Happenings


Montealba Regional Message Board

B o o b a

Montealba 1994


the many more recruits have been good for our strength. soon-soon we will be able to take what is rightfully ours yes-yes. praise Друг.

unfortunately though we have much work to do at home. the erin-things to in the south-land are causing us issues. we made big effigy on river bridge of ironlady-thing they like so much and burned it to scare them off. effect is unknown. we also sent messenger telling them that the southsouth coast of the root-things has more better cars and capital-things yes-yes.

Holy Land

our men surround the holy land, but have not been let in by traitors to Друг. we will try and make them see right yes-yes. we have begun moving heavy weapons, erin-thing cars, and more men over the lake. maybe the mere presence of them will be enough, if not we shall have fireworks to watch yes-yes. the water from the undercity appears to have been blessed, if the people are not made f̵̟̥̣͚̲̌̓̈́̅̊͘͝ͅr̷͓̗̙͖͔̮̹͗́̚̕ị̶̰̥͈̖̗̿͛̒ͅę̸̟̀̀̌̿͜n̵͈̣̫̱̬̔͜ͅd̸̻̫̤̗̞͍̐̍̆́̈́̓ maybe we could go around them yes-yes. maybe park some erin-thing cars under them and start them up yes-yes. soon-soon we will have what is rightfully ours in the name of Друг.

North of Spezi-thing land

the capital-things moved assets by our men recently. they assess that they pose no threat for now.

Montealba 1994


"Where the soft morning wind blows dreams away,

Out where the young morning jumps to the fray,

You hear our division, the best to exist,

Our heavy battle tanks growl in the mist"

"Unsere Panzerdivision," translated, by the Erich-Weinert-Ensemble


The air stank of war. It was a peculiar, unique scent. Sulfur, gunpowder. A hit of burnt flesh, akin to over-seared bacon. The musk of diesel fuel, the lighter fragrance of gasoline. Ash. Dust. Death.

It was a scent that General Sukhoi had smelled many times. First in the restless hills of Vissegaard, when he had been just a private, disembarking into the fire of Kara-Uzbeck insurgents from his rusting Patriotic War-era personnel carrier. Those ceaseless conflicts had taught him caution - too many of his comrades were slaughtered by mines and traps when they rushed to the attack, or later rushed to flee. Later in Afghanistan, when he had lead the Montealban Afghani Support Group into fire to support his Soviet masters. There, where timidity and restraint had cost the Russians ten thousand good men, and dozens of their gunship helicopters, he had learned decisiveness. Still later, the Tiger rebellion had taught him callousness - too many good soldiers had died for the liberation of their homeland, and to mourn for them all would have taken a thousand generations.

War had been his teacher, and he had been an able student. Now, looking around at the shattered down around him, he wondered if, perhaps, he had learned too well.

Vukovina had been one of the nearest settlements to the border, a scant four kilometers from Buzhan. The Nasunian border guard detachment there had been at roughly two companies's strength, one of regulars and one of paramilitaries. Now, their strength was zero, but many in the town itself had also suffered. Such was the prince of war, and Sukhoi would pay it without complaint or hesitation - yet it also was necessary to look at, and acknowledge, so that he may never be tempted to pay it for trivialities.

Plan ECHELON was proceeding smoothly for a plan initiated only a scant few hours ago. The severing of the primary crossings across the River Premana would hinder his offensive in the future, but, for now, would ensure that Nasunia would struggle to bring reinforcements to bear. Of course, the artillery had only been one phase of the plan. Before the guns had stopped firing, Buzhan's forces had already been rolling forward in their trucks and personnel carriers, driving the hated Nasunians back from their seized lands. First Rifle, from Posava, was pushing fast towards Tok, to seize the other main crossing before the Nasunians could mount a counter-strike. Second Rifle had spearheaded the seizure of Vukovina in the early hours of the morning, and was currently massing towards battered Përghitmonë, and Third Rifle was making a concerted effort to reach Srpnica before day's end.

The Fourth Volunteer Rifle Regiment - dregs, conscripts, and under-armed lackies, all - had taken Delije after bitter fighting, though that should have been a trivial task. Then again, they were one of his Reserve units, and not even adequately motorized. The First, Third, and Second Regiments had the bulk of the heavy equipment - his supplies of armor, of support weapons, of armored carriers and anti-aircraft weapons - which left his remaining forces with little more than machine guns and light mortars to their name, and few of the latter to boot. His other reserve units - the National Reclamation Brigade and Montealban International Volunteer Guard - were even worse. The former had been charged with seizing Çerap, where he was at least confident that they'd keep the local garrison occupied. The latter were his only unit remaining in Buzhan proper, aside from his heavy artillery.

It was vital for Përghitmonë and Tok to be seized. The Premana would be a formidable defensive barrier to mass strength behind, and he trusted First and Second Rifles to the task. Third Rifle, seizing Srpnica, would be more difficult. His heavy artillery would lend all three strength.

Sukhoi would also send out messages, quietly, to some of the foreign journalists. If any knew of, perhaps, access to foreign support, the T-TVO would surely consider such a boon. He was not above using the supplies of the Americans, nor of the Russians. All that mattered was conquest.

Montealba 1994

Tagword: Deicide

Heartsick, I pondered the mystery.
I thought: poor people.
What do we want!
The sky is clear,
And under the sky
Is a place for each of us.
But incessantly and needlessly
We fight. Why?
Galub interrupted my reverie,
Struck me on the shoulder.
What is the name of this place,
I asked him.
Valerik, he answered me.
And translated into your language,
That would be... River of Death.
- Mikhail Lermontov

The Imamate of Eldurgot

Winny when you get a chance sugah, give me da supplementary post

The Cult of Drug

Mmm yes yes, we move many big things across lake yes yes, make the fear fear of the capitalists hehe heeeeerrr yes yes.

Mmmm Stuyevka is big big though, many deep veins that flow into glow lake hhhrrrrhh many armed men yes yes. They no longer shoot at us yes yes, afraid of our gun guns yes yes, but they still aim at us yes yes.

(Reinforcements across Lake Fico are received, Drabant alarmed but not yielding. Stuyevka holds)

Hmm now those funny milkies mensies yes, they shoot at us still hhhrrrrhhh yes, we told them of rootie men but they call us “mutants' ' the nerve of them. We try to tell them but they no listen, they plant big booms on our car cars and kill more of us. They no listen? Why why?


The attack on the crossroads at Svit comes as a complete surprise to the Blankytna Republic (Republika Blankytna), who were in the process of preparing an offensive themselves, likely on Husinec. The rural town had little in the way of defense and was rather a rundown failed cherry orchard before the war with the railway depot benefiting from trade with the trade between Laktosia and Pripyat. The evening envelopment proved rather successful, as the dead orchard covered the approach of Juliet. The forces in Svit, an admixture of green and admixture troops were taken aback as SMG and grenade fire imploded around them just as they were settling in for the night. The defenders fought back vigorously but were continued to be pushed back to the train depot, where a company resisted for several hours more, before being destroyed by grenade and blasts from stolen munitions.

The morning dawned the bloody truth, bodies laid strung about from house to house and street to street. Svit was taken, although it seems a great number of the enemy were able to escape with their lives to nearby villages. But Republika equipment equally was strewn about, a price to pay for staying alive, several T-55s and a dozen howitzers to be exact and small infantry mortars are recovered. But perhaps more important was in the train depot, where they seem to have had a communication station and logistic offices. According to documents obtained off the deceased commander’s corpse, the Svit sector was to be used as a station for an assault on Husinec and a push onto Čečensko. Clearly denied by its capture, the Republika is suddenly on the backfoot to give support back to the fortress.

Another boon is found in Svit, although it itself is a problem. Three fully armored train cars and its armored lead, encased in a thick steel, looking to be a former Communist in construction. According to documents, it’s the “Blankytna Express”, and likely would’ve been devastating weapon were it to be used in battle. It has multiple machine gun nests welded onto each train car and several T-55 turrets on the top of the cars. The diesel engine is intact and the armored train should be operational, it seems it was just waiting for orders. Whilst formidable a vehicle rests here, unless the village of Svit is to be dug in the situation is tenuous. Surrounded on all sides by villages, now reinforced by fleeing soldiers, it is a matter of time before the Republikans will reattack Svit in an attempt to resize it. The train cars are capable of taking on most of the captured equipment, but will be slowed down, the only likely route for the train if it is to be ensured its scraping or seizure is getting it out of the area as soon as possible to avoid recapture in a Svit counteroffensive. It could also optionally be destroyed. Whatever the decision, it will take time and the train requires a crew.

Open conflict has begun in earnest along the Sv.Ciberus-Sv.Marisa front, Republikan tanks and gunships inflict heavy casualties as the push to split the Vinfálov-Meyle Liberation Front (VMLF) forces and depose the central governments lordship over Sv.Marisa. Fighting is ferocious as the Republikans hold the upper hand in armament and vehicles, able to provide support to the front when necessary. Several positions are completely overrun. The offensive bogs down the closer they get to Sv.Marisa and slows to a crawl within several miles of the city. Gunfire is heard from the city outskirts, fire burns from destroyed vehicles, and outlying houses. Several orchards were completely razed when local soldiers came under fire of incendiary ordinance. Sv.Marisa, home to a minority population of Eldurgothics, has several shootouts in the ethnic communities as local citizens blame them for the chaos at their door and the burning orchards. Orders are holding but it’s clear a bloodbath is nearly at hand with gunfire so close to Sv.Marisa. The local Hochik priest begs his congregation to appeal to wisdom and reason but also visits the local military camps to baptist their guns in soda.

The Goldwell Investment Ltd. officials arrive via a cargo freighter, painted black with a crisp paint job with plenty of what look to be mercenaries on top of the vessel, armed to the teeth. Two officials disembarking off the vessel, one Olympian-esque man in terms of physique and looks like he was chiseled from marble with cruel eyes. The other is similarly handsome fellow, more suave and cool than his friend with a fresh martini and a cocky grin stretched across his face. Both in tailored suits.

“Greetings, name’s Link, James Link. My associate, Mr.Halberstam…” said the sauve one

“I prefer Patrick,” said the Olympian man, moving his glasses up on his nose to avoid the glare of the sun.

“Indeed, Patrick Halberstam of mergers and acquisitions and I, in defensive contracts and intelligence for Goldwell Investment Ltd. We received word that you need, equipment. According to the message, aircraft? Aboard that freighter is four F-104Cs and four F-105 Thunderchiefs, mint condition and serviced. I had my secretary transcribe over some training manuals as well, as a sweetener. Will take some time even for former Soviet pilots to get used to the controls, but they’d be devastating in this type of conflict. ”

“What Goldwell Investment Ltd. requires of you is free and open markets. Due to the tenuous situation in Anise Bay, we are limited to the small harbor here to unload and supply you with our assets, thus our current allowance is older mothballed aircraft and munitions. Whilst this obviously is currently a tumultuous situation, we require 30% of local gas-oil industries within your territory, as well as the allowance of a non-taxable industrial zoning excompassies roughly 10 square miles, one in Anise, the second here. We will build industrial complexes of manufacturing and refineries there.” Halberstam quickly explained, giving market packets and stacks of paperwork.

“Do that, and Goldwell Investment Ltd. is willing to ship in plenty more here within a few days of signing” said Link, swallowing his martini with gusto at the last word.

“Our cards” said Halberstram, handing the cards to the officials. The color being bone, and the text something called, “cillian braille”.

The diplomat manages to slip across the Nasunian border, the border guards unknowing of the attack in the other sector of their country though likely confused by what a Vínfalov-Meylean even was. With only 66% literacy, it's a marvel they were able to read it at all. Although as he enters the town of Srpnica, word is quickly spreading of smoke plumes on the border and villages being attacked. The Trovars of the Parshenis are rather easy to find, Pejzhar is currently their main encampment flocking with several hundreds of the nomads. The diplomat is well met by Hopchips vaida, the tribal leader, who motions for his men not to steal the hubcaps off the man’s Skoda 130. The tribe congregates around the suited diplomat, entertaining him with boxing matches and their belly-dancing women around a massive fire pit. Once the slight bit of festivities was over, the vaida was quick.

“Tanks you say, well those might be easy to come by, there’s quite a few here in Nasunia or in Aurora. Mostly mothballed, though with word through the grapevine that might not be too much sooner. Best guess of what we could do...hmm…I have some relatives in Aurora, we could get you...perhaps a dozen T-55s maybe if we convinced, T-72s and M-84s. Moving those over could take some time regardless, have them come through the hinterland, then put on rail. Could be in Rybica soon. Artillery rounds are far easier, that flatbed over there should suffice, a few hours and passing the checkpoint, might need to stash some potatoes on top but we can get it in no problem.”

Then the Trovar ruler looked around, “But we need to flee this land, war brewing and it’s gonna hit here even harder soon, I can smell it in the wind. I need you to secure me safe passage for all my people, and temporary lodging in your lands, perhaps this uh Anise you come from. My people are formidable as mercenaries, merciless fighters everyone. And we want no trouble, we will move on as always but we’ll smuggle for you for a time if you’ll have us, if not my people might have to swing another direction to avoid this odd border war and this order might be only a singular transaction.”

Republic of Spezia
Nova Hrodsk

Reports of bombings and civil war in Spezia is not a good sound to many, as the province always served as a major bulwark of mountainous stone to Aurora and Nasunia. Now fractured and eating itself it is only speculative what could be done to stop the province’s decline.

Drogârski’s passport and information is reviewed on the layover flight in Paris after a grueling flight over Krasnaya, before the inevitable flight across the Atlantic. Almost immediately he draws suspicion by the staff, reports of odd men from that country and bombings provide a delay to Drogârski’s plans for the United States. Some strange suited men ask him plenty of odd questions as he is detained for several hours.

The Prince


It screams in your mind as you wake up from another nightmare, best to have action least these continue.

Oh and the Drabants report more of those odd nuclear mutant fellows, they see them unloading themselves on the shore. They’re gaining power outside our walls, your majesty.

Knights of Vladimir

The push across the province in Vissegard alarms many, and scares the daylights out of some. The Kara-Uzbeks for one, don’t enjoy expansion of what they conceive as their lands. So too do the HUNÖR, but where the Kara-Uzbeks might dispatch a rider or falcon to dispatch a warning the HUNÖR instead dispatch a series of bombings across the city of Vissegard, one collapsing a factory and damaging the local railway station. Atleast a hundred civilians are killed in the attacks, and several hundred injured to varying degrees. “Nagy-karazbekia'', as they call Vissegard province is rightfully theirs, Meygerian clay. The actual Meygerian country to your north, the Great Meyger State, does not issue any statement relating to the HUNÖR that isn’t pseudo-positive so it's no surprise when they don’t call out the attacks as terrorist or atrocities, instead, Verbán Ögtör, requests the knights recognize Meygers as the original settlers of Vissegard and to protect any Meygerian populace that they encounter in Vissegard.

The situation in Vissegard is a convoluted and dangerous mess, the populace however now under the Knight’s protection do offer their industries and services.

Vareha, continues his share of the bargain to support the Knights with food, supplies and such but again is not fully convinced by full support. The offer of investigating the Islamo-Hocherlanists of Eldurgot to him is dangerous but worthy of any try, those on that mountain have so far not been harassed.

In Spezia, the Hand of Ozbekh’s threat runs throughout the alpine outpost, exposed and surrounded on all sides, the likelihood of any of your men surviving are slim. Your fortress there is well-stocked in ammunition and supplies, but open conflict is almost certain death with the Spezian mountaineers in a prolonged siege.

Siesty Dom
Dagoth Uur

All is quiet on sacred slopes, whilst the war continues little is heard except the thunder of war. The clashes between the Communists and the legitimate government make headlines outside the province as the sacred mountain is universally revered by all manner of religions and ethnicities of Montealba, To have it caked in viscera, is startling. As such hundreds of pilgrims from across Montealba to give homage to the mountain and pray for forgiveness.

Balmorvce reports little action from the Parshevis camp although the local police report a number of robberies and break ins throughout the week, as well as a surge in missing bikes and hubcaps to vehicles. In the same small band of locals have joined the nomads, mostly students wanting to indoctrinate themselves into a new hip tranquil way of living, hippies. But soon the police see the camp starting to pack itself up heading on a new course. They offer the voivode one last chance to sign a contract.

Transbuzhanian Theatre of Operations (T-TVO)
Imperio Ex Terrae

The Nasunian military is in a state of chaos following the attacks along the border, and are scrambling to redeploy and engage the enemy before their land is seized. Once again, they condemn the Buzhani and demand that all seizure of Nasunian land cease as these unprovoked attacks violate long-standing treaties between the countries. General Sukhoi’s visage is quickly plastered on broadcast and papers throughout Nasunia, strangely with brand new photographs.

Përghitmonë is seized by the Second Rifle, the local garrison putting up a house-house fighting retreat against the motorized companies, the artillery once again is devastating but notably civilian casualties are notable here. The Nasunian regulars keep up the fight for several hours but ultimately are forced across the Premana with devastating losses, bodies line up along the streets and fire rages from their destroyed APCs.

Although the pressure remains in the city, retreating forces were buying time to dig in across the river in forests and swamps on the southern bank. Although incredibly hastily built, impromptu foxholes, small trenches, and barricades now occupy the opposing bank. Reinforcements from Pezjhar soon stream in to help with the positions and bring up artillery and tanks that soon hammer the positions across the river, buying time for the last to retreat across the river. Exchanges of small-arms and artillery erupt as the bridge of Përghitmonë remains contested. Atleast an entire battalion is captured by the regiment and another battalion lay scattered in the roads and fields of the town.

Tok proved incredibly difficult, although the local garrison was small, the Premana forces confrontations from the north onto two bridges spanning it, a railroad bridge and a modest stone bridge. This provided a serious obstacle as concentrated fire laces those engaged, at one point a IFV was struck with an RPG, incapcitated on the stone bridge and forces there were completely stuck. Luckily those attacking the railroad bridge were more successful and were able to stream across it despite heavy resistance and seize the north half of the village and allow the regiment to stream across although they take heavy casualties. This only worsens as Nasunian forces retreat under the veil of hastily scrambled fighter-bombers from the capital, orders just as rushed as the pilots. Few die in the explosions but the Mig-29s screaming across the sky do save the broken Nasunians as they provide a fighting retreat.

Çerap was seized with little of a fight, the locals explained that the local garrison retreated to Srpnica.

It is there the garrison provides a tremendous fight against the Third Rifle, fighting intensely for every inch of ground and ultimately only half the town is seized, with the town center and southern half holding in fierce house-to-house gunfights. Whilst artillery hammers positions, the Nasunians continue to fight. As the day lingers on, more reinforcements arrive from Gherkeve including a battalion of tanks from Rruje. It seems as though that many civilians have also been hastily armed by the Nasunians as militiamen, they bolster the ranks here.

The reception to the invasion by the people living there is lukewarm, whilst some remember a time in which Montealba ruled the land north of the Premana, that was centuries ago. Today, Montealban ethnics make up a minority here in the north, although sizable, as most are native Coldians who hold a majority in all villages especially Sprnica. The Jovist regime of Nasunia is embarrassed by the abrupt attacks on its border but as stated, the nation is merely on its backfoot and is poised to return fire and willing to push the Buzhani back by whatever cost. Already reports of conscription and marshalling forces from the capital and coast are streaming in.

A Parsheni merchant is captured in the chaos, saying he just crossed the bridge at Përghitmonë as a scout for his people wanting to reach Spezia before the invasion occurred, he offer the men food and water from his caravan but states he was just passing through, he offers that his people could perhaps help the Buzhani provided they pay in some manner, with his people also known for their incredible feats of sabotage, spying and smuggling.

The foreign journalist coverage so far varies, whilst some are running with a "conquest" story, others are speaking of bravery on part of the small Buzhan garrison standing up to Nasunia. In the same, some call in question the mental state of the Buzhani mercs. A small minor contingent wants to focus on the destruction and civilian casualties but its too early and chaotic to truly cover with any certainty.

shawty like a melody in my head
this guys been in me head for days

drakeye wrote:
this guys been in me head for days


Wanna become raid buddies?

Draedrakania wrote:😳

Wanna become raid buddies?

i'm already prepping to raid Northumbria

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Lets raid Paris after, surely nothing can go wrong

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