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Founder: The Robot Army of Unojoish Null

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Unojo and its colonies/force/other live here

Glory to Difemanim!

Ask Unojo to Join LNA to be like Greatest Unojo but not puppets.

L.N.A (The New Alliance in english)

Uvalor, Unojo, Ipugao, Uunited Islands, Doundaly, Nicholas and Great Britain, The Stickmin Empire, Slin Hifen and (I guess my puppet Zeu is in)


L.N.A or T.N.A Is an alliance called after the invasion of Slin Hifen. The invaders, Slin, and some other have joined this alliance to strengthen ties between nations. While they all have different ideologies, they are very patriotic about the region and will protect it from filthy outsiders! Over all, this is a defencive pact.

TNA is for: Nationalism, Imperialism, Colonialism, Monarchy, Democracy, Communism.
TNA is Against: Anarchy, Certain Region Mods (Not NS mods though, BTW, hello mods!).


Just because a member goes to war, doesn't mean the others have to as well. If it is a defensive war, everyone who is capable must go to war. If it isn't, they are inclined to see if they want to or not. The member who declared war can also see if they can get a majority vote on if the Alliance should go to war or not. They can still send volunteers no matter what.

Members cannot declare war on each other. If this were to happen, The alliance must decide who to exile and who to keep in. They can exile all belligerent if it's agreed upon. Belligerents can't vote on this, however.

Currency and Sports

In the words of Uunited Islands, "Basically the TNA currency will become a thing and our currencies will still be used to." With this, the Tanner is a secondary currency people who live in a L.N.A country can use when traveling to another country in L.N.A. The value hasn't been set yet.

The currency is also an alternative if one of ours crashes.

LNA won't be forming a sports team, but have their own tournaments. Manly football tournaments.

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Embassies: Amalgamated Federation, Albosiac, Neuwish Parlament Center, The Eclipse, Chicken overlords, TNA HQ, and Fredonia.

Tags: Conservative, Fascist, Feminist, Human-Only, Puppet Storage, Religious, Small, Theocratic, and Totalitarian.

Greatest Unojo contains 8 nations, the 2,561st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Wealthy Incomes in Greatest Unojo

The World Census studied the spending power of the richest 10% of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Greatest Unojo is ranked 10,438th in the world for Highest Wealthy Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Colony of Unojoish BorneoCompulsory Consumerist State“Turtism in the Unojoish realm.”
2.The Robot Army of Unojoish NullIron Fist Consumerists“What's the Fun without a struggle?”
3.The Colony of SierteInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pain”
4.The ARA ARA Colony of Unojoish ZealandIron Fist Consumerists“We are still North islanders, thank to the slaves.”
5.The Nomadic Peoples of RodgerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Exploration throughout the dimensions!”
6.The Dominion of Slin UnoIron Fist Consumerists“Monarchy! Monarchy! Monarchy!”
7.The Dominion of Kaiser ZeuIron Fist Consumerists“For La Saney! For The Kaiser!”
8.The Colony of ArroziaPsychotic Dictatorship“Glory to The Empire!”

Regional Happenings


Greatest Unojo Regional Message Board

Oh boy, I can't wait to fight in the Neuwish Civil War, It will be quick, and for the motherland!

Unojo wrote:The Zealandian Slave Case has begun.

In January of 2021, Jake Henderson, a 20 year old slave, was shot and killed for disobeying orders. Many have been outraged by this. Some call for slavery to be banned in the colony, maybe even all of Unojo. Some think the public should not have guns because Unojo doesn't have public weapons. Some think that the colonies shouldn't choose how they rule themselves and have some type of mainland controlled (La Saney has full control or they have Mainland "elected" governors/MS[minisaney, still working on the name]). This case is going to be handled not by poll, but Malnja herself.

Malnja: Jake Henderson. He was a tourist who was visiting the location and was arrested/enslaved in late 2020 for plotting against the Saney. After what some claim to be a mental breakdown, Henderson was killed to prevent the others from being hurt in the meltdown. This has sparked a split in the colonies and ask me to sort it out.

Sanpai Hadrian: La Sa-

Malnja: Hadrian, I got this. Just shut up. After looking into it, I have decided to make a new set of laws by the name of the Zelandian Slave Laws or ZSL

ZSL: Who controls what for the colonies
The Homeland controls:
Tax Rate
International Problems
Electoral College if the colony decides to have elections
Military of the Colonies
Laws on Religion in colonies
Law on Emigration
Law on Rights for Women and Ethnic groups
Law on violating Saney demand
Law on Military
Law on Healthcare

Colonies Control:
Laws on Slavery
Type of Government (They still answer to Unojo and cannot be an Anarchy)
War against other colonies of Unojo (Unless Unojo calls it off)
Law on Immigration
Laws on Marriage
Punishment for violating rule of Colony
Law on Euthanasia

Read factbook

Colony rules

This is insane!

International Unojoish News Service (IUNS) #1

Hello Everyone, welcome to the first official International Unojoish News Service (or from now on IUNS) publication/news stories. This station is to show the outside world about the happening in Unojo. It shows that we are open! (but the Unojoish public don't see it, thus, it's in english.) This show is ran by me, Carlia Rey! I was going to have another person with me, but politics lead to them being executed.
Arrozian Violence

During a drafting of military members to fight in the 2nd Neuwish Civil War, an Arrozian refused to take the vow to work for Difemanim and La Saney. The recruiting officer was "supposedly" shot by them and lead to a shootout between Recruiters and Arrozians. Some consider it an example of racial violence in the empire, other consider it another insurrection, either way, some call for the mainland to intervene. Some say it's colony rule, others say they mess with the mainland. Either way, the Newly reestablished Parlagresso will sort it out.
Above are the rules on how a colony shall govern itself
The Parlagresso have coined up the idea of annexing Arrozia into Mainland Unojo. An anonymous member states "They won't be able to self govern if they get annexed." After consideration by our beautiful and ever so holy Saney Malnja, She decided to instead rank them as Sub Colonial (Colonja). This status makes them below the mainland, but can't have ZSC apply to them. Arrozians got mad, but with a friendly reminder that most of Unojoish people work in the military and they have Hydrogen bombs... soooo yeah.
Neuwland's Little War

If you didn't know, Neuwland (New Unojo, Conjointist New Unojo, Workers Neuwish Republic, and Inkco) is having a civil war. Due to the correct people wanting us to annex them, Soldiers have been sent to fight in the war.

We have a lot to say about it, so let's go. El Nuevo Unojo flag is now the second Unojoish war flag (first being Unojoish Null's). A troop from one of the sides has started a cult that seems to be a mockery of Conjointism. while they don't have a name, they say that a man named Kyle Scottworth fell into freezing water and met god. Their depiction of God seems to be Difemanim, which conjointist know is fake. Scottworth claims to be the Son of the God and brainwashed some troops to join him. Malnja states about the subject, "Scottworth and his happy go lucky band of traitors are enemies of the state for such blasphemy!" More about the group of cultist is to be talked about later.

(This non biased article is sponsored by Future Science! Help them help you, and visit your nearest facility to see how you can help! On another note, the character of the day is Mallery Sucram.)

The S.O.D group of the war has tried to talk Unojo out of the war, but got a response from minister of war Emma says
"Unless you surrender, you will be slaughter!" Of course, this is a rough translation. In other news, well...

Order of the saint Dumas wrote:* presses x to doubt *Says the backwards infidel

Unojo wrote:This sounds like a lovely start to a very cold war.

Order of the saint Dumas wrote:Wait..... we weren't already having a spy war...oh...anyways, It shall be fun

*sends a message to 005*

Unojo wrote:A war between Monarchy and Democracy
Conjointism vs Christianity
Maljism vs... whatever you do.
Sounds fun indeed, but know the war in antarctica is much more important.

For those who don't know, the Order of the saint Dumas is participating in the civil war. To some, this is awful, to others, this seems awful.

Image of Emma, Minister of War.

Leader and Streamer?

La Saney Malnja has started something they call "Relatinisation". In this process, she has planned to make a streaming account on twoch. This of course failed and they just planned on staring in some ads. Speaking of ads, this article is sponsored by Future Science. Future Science's goal is to innovate the world in making new tech. Apply at your nearest location to help with their current project "project green".
That's all for today! Tune in next time! I've been Carlia Rey and this was IUNS!
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MY hat, is bent.

Unojoish Zealand wrote:MY hat, is bent.

Oh, I gotta bent hat.

Well hello there

BREAKING NEWS: According to Unojo, Nothing happened today.

Arrozia wrote:BREAKING NEWS: According to Unojo, Nothing happened today.


Monday, March 8, 2021, 12:30, In Unojo, in Cambos City, on Wriot Street, absolutely nothing happened. Nobody escaped from a nearby GWSHD. Nobody (especial anyone with ASD) was horribly tortured and killed. Anyone whose name is Hojn Iret does not exist and the name should be deemed unusably. If anyone asks about Hojn Iret or if they asked what happened on Monday, March 8, 2021, 12:30, In Unojo, tell them nothing happened.

Nothing happened...

Nothing happened...

Nothing happened...

Nothing happened...

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