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Welcome to Europe!

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    Welcome to Europe

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Europe contains 1,308 nations, the 17th most in the world.

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1.The Supreme High Imperium of TerdiatlansAnarchy“All hail the Imperator!”
2.The 🄿🅁🄾🅄🄳 🄱🄾🅈🅂 of Saint DomingoCorporate Bordello“𝕹𝖎𝖑 𝕾𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖘 𝕹𝖎𝖘𝖎 𝕺𝖕𝖙𝖎𝖒𝖚𝖒 420!”
3.The Technically Free ♻ Land of MeropisCapitalist Paradise“Absolutely Fabulous”
4.The United States of Conservative America 1776New York Times Democracy“E pluribus unum”
5.The Paradise of LibertycaCivil Rights Lovefest“Meat Is Murderrrr”
6.The Supreme Christmas Lands of Lord SapreCivil Rights Lovefest“A nation must make progress today for a better tomorrow”
7.The Federal Republic of ThesterfallAnarchy“Libertas, Justitia, Veritas”
8.The Santa of The Greater Eastern RepublicCapitalist Paradise“friendship”
9.The Theocracy of God Fearing DevotedCorporate Police State“God protects the righteous”
10.The Golden Queendom of Angie MerkelLeft-Leaning College State“You can do what you want, opportunity’s on”
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Regional Happenings


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Prime Ministers of the Lusophone Federation

Prime Minister of the Lusophone Federation

Catarina Soares Martins
since 25 April 2021

Style: Prime Minister

With the creation of the Lusophone Federation in 1815, there was a long list of prime ministers after the reform of the constitution in 1821. Although there were many, this list starts in 1920, when the political situation changes in the country. For, in 1934, federalism was implemented when Angola became the first federal state. At that point, Sidónio Pais was the Prime Minister, when the Federation was at war with Japan. Even so, he left the plans for federalism to start at least within a decade.

So Sidónio Pais remained Prime Minister until 1926, when he lost the election. There were only two national governments: the first between 1930 and 1934, and the second between 1942 and 1946. But no Prime Minister was in power as long as Margaret Hilda Thatcher (1925 - 2013), in which she was in power between 1979 and 1997 , and was the second woman to be Prime Minister.

The current Prime Minister is Catarina Soares Martins, who won the elections on the April 25th, 2021. She is the first woman of the Partido Reformista (PR) to be Prime Minister. He succeeded Pedro Passos Coelhos of the Partido Social Democrático (PSD), having been the popular prime minister of the Federation since Nelson Mandela back in 1997.

The election for Prime Ministers works like this: the Prime Minister in office points to elections one day. Then, each federal state, each commonwealth and each kingdom votes for the party they want. Elections take one day and the result comes out the next day, as there is still a lot to tell. When the results come out, the Prime Minister in office leaves São Bento Mansion and the person who won the elections will go to Belém Palace for the monarch to ask him to form a government. This can often not happen, when the person who won was by the minimum margin. He (the monarch) can ask to go to a second round of elections, which happened only once, in 1987, or form a national government with the party with the second highest vote.

In cases of corruption, this is rare for a prime minister. One case was with Vasco Gonçalves. He won the 1966 elections, but in the following year, he ended up resigning to the post, after discovering a case of corruption involving the Prime Minister. Then he schedules elections and leaves the government, leaving the monarch with government power until a new prime minister is elected, in this case, Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo, the first woman to be prime minister.

Then, since 1920, there have been 18 Prime Ministers and several governments, not including Pais's war government. The 2021 elections were held on April 25 to choose the new prime minister, and the one to be elected was Catarina Soares Martins.

List of Prime Ministers since 1920



Prime Minister

Term of office





Sidónio Bernardino Cardoso da Silva Pais

1 January 1920 - 1 June 1926

6 Years and 6 Months

Partido Liberal

Pais War
1920 - 1925

Pais II
1925 - 1926

Manuel II
1908 - 1932


Bernardino Luís Machado Guimarães
(1851 – 1944)

1 June 1926 - 21 January 1927

6 Months and 20 Days

Partido Regenerador

1926 - 1927


João do Canto e Castro da Silva Antunes Júnior
(1862 - 1934)

21 January 1927 - 21 January 1930

3 Years

Partido Monarquista

Canto e Castro
1927 - 1930


António Joaquim Granjo
(1881 – 1940)

23 January 1930 - 23 January 1938

8 Years

Partido Conservador

Nacional I
1930 - 1934

1934 - 1938

Afonso VII
1932 - 1952


Getúlio Dornelles Vargas

23 January 1938 - 4 May 1950

12 years, 4 months and 19 days

Partido Progressista Brasileiro

Vargas I
1938 - 1942

Nacional II
1942 - 1946

Vargas II
1946 - 1950


António de Oliveira Salazar
(1889 - 1970)

4 May 1950 - 4 May 1954

4 Years

Partido Conservador Cristão

Salazar I
1950 - 1954

Elisabete I
1952 - ...


Marcello José das Neves Alves Caetano
(1906 – 1980)

4 May 1954 - 4 May 1958

4 Years

Partido Socialista Português

Caetano I
1954 - 1958


António de Oliveira Salazar
(1889 - 1970)

4 May 1958 - 2 Januray 1962

3 Years and 4 Months and 2 Days

Partido Conservador Cristão

Salazar II
1958 - 1962


Marcello José das Neves Alves Caetano
(1906 – 1980)

4 January 1962 - 4 January 1966

4 Years

Partido Socialista Português

Caetano II
1962 - 1966


Vasco dos Santos Gonçalves
(1921 – 2005)

4 January 1966 - 1 January 1967

364 Days

Partido Socialista Português

1966 - 1967


Maria de Lourdes Ruivo da Silva de Matos Pintasilgo
(1930 - 2004)

1 January 1967 - 11 January 1975

8 Years and 10 Days

Partido Social Democrata

Pintasilgo I
1967 - 1971

Pintasilgo II
1971 - 1975


Francisco José Pereira Pinto Balsemão
(1937 - ...)

11 January 1975 - 1 July 1979

4 Years, 6 Months and 10 Days

Partido Social Democrata

1975 - 1979


Margaret Hilda Thatcher

1 July 1979 - 2 August 1997

18 Years, 1 Month and 1 Day

Partido Conservador

Thatcher I
1979 - 1983

Thatcher II
1983 - 1987

Thatcher III
1987 - 1991

Thatcher IV
1991 - 1995

Thatcher V
1995 - 1997


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
(1918 - 2013)

2 August 1997 - 5 May 2005

7 Years, 5 Months and 3 Days

Partido Progressista Moçambicano

Mandela I
1997 - 2001

Mandela II
2001 - 2005


Aníbal António Cavaco Silva
(1939 - ...)

5 May 2005 - 3 March 2009

3 Years, 2 Months and 2 Days

Partido Social Democrata

2005 - 2009


António Luís Santos da Costa
(1961 - ...)

3 March 2009 - 14 June 2013

4 Years, 3 Months and 11 Days

Partido Socialista Português

2009 - 2013


Pedro Manuel Mamede Passos Coelho
(1964 - ...)

14 June 2013 - 25 April 2021

7 Years, 10 months and 11 days

Partido Social Democrata

Coelho I
2013 - 2017

Coelho II
2017 - 2021


Catarina Soares Martins
(1973 - ...)

25 April 2021 - Incumbent


Partido Reformista

2021 - ...
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Morning mates.

I'm pleased to announce that the list of PMs has just been updated, so, go and check it out.

I also have to say that I will create a dispatch with the elections since 1920 until 2021. This will have maps, showing national and regional votes, and the maps, from time to time, will get bigger, has every state is admitted to the union.

So, I hope you like it,
The Lusophone Federation of NorthPortugal

Estoniia wrote:Hello I’m back

welcome back

Following Post is before my last post yesterday.
Great Britain and All Ireland wrote:Yesterday, the President of France marked the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte. He is a divisive figure in France. Conservatives revere him as a political and military genius who helped shape France into a modern state while leftists decry him as a warmongering tyrant who brought back slavery in the French empire.

What are everyone's thoughts on the diminutive emperor?

I don't care. Respect.

Swedish-Norwegian Kingdoms in Europe wrote:For people who are uneducated on if Drew is in NS.

Drew's actual nation was Deruuu , please don't confuse the REAL Drew Durrnil with fans who made their name Drew Durnil (or like it), such as Drew Durrnil.


Read dispatch

Nearly everyone in Europe knows this already, but we can use it to show new nations?

Salzburg Austria wrote:do you know the way?

I know the way to Mo'Joe?

Laver Island wrote:Russia style demokrasi when? 😩

When someone brung up the conversation.

Yahlia wrote:Why is the RMB so spammy all of a sudden?

Because uneducated children are shouting out random things that no one actually cares about.

Yahlia wrote:I would commit four war crimes for some chocolate now, ngl

Would you like some white chocolate?

The Imperial Prussian Realm wrote:Hello


Laver Island wrote:Where is Sicily

Yahlia wrote:In the Mediterranean Sea

In Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea.

Laver Island wrote:A day in the life of a Capitol Hill rioter
I wake up and consume Ben Shapiro's sexy climate change denial

Then I brush my teeth but not before intense anger of misogyny fills me after seeing my sister in the hallway - God I wish she would just stay in the kitchen!!!!111

After I get dressed I put on my white airpods and I listen to Jordan Peterson's audiobooks - I wish our weak minded liberal society would organise it like lobsters

On my way to the bus stop I see a man whose skin is darker than mine - I call him "Tyrone" and the N-word and refuse to use his proper name or treat him like a human being

Inside the bus I tell the pregnant woman she's the reason society is falling apart - how dare she ask for a seat just because she's pregnant 🙄 ugh

My boss tells me I am fired because he doesn't tolerate my poor treatment of the female and ethnic minority staff members - this is all twitter's fault like I'm a victim of cancel culture
I hope the libs learn their lesson soon

I don't get the needed welfare help because I vote for Republicans who hate the lazy poor but I am not lazy poor I was just cancelled and now I can't vote because 50$ for an ID is a lot
This is the gay-trans-great replacement agenda at work!!!!11

Such idiots.

Laver Island wrote:America commit millions of war crimes for oil
They must really need that cooking oil for all that big food

For all the fried foods...


Anglo-Francios wrote:Whenever I am awake the RMB is sucky. But when I look at what happened last night... Its way better than the rmb Im used to.

はい、I agree.

Estoniia wrote:Hello I’m back


Anglo-Francios wrote::(

almost forgot about him its been weeks

En Hassik wrote:oof its been weeks😔😔

I wonder if I will ever see my favorite Italian island again. Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire! COME BACK TO US PLEASE!

Moldavians People wrote:Hello to all of you ;)

10 years and... 69 days ago nice

The New Nordic Union wrote:His actions led to us losing half our country, so, bad :/

Which country?

Great Britain and All Ireland wrote:Which country?


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