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Aurulic Wars contains 8 nations, the 1,897th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Grand Duchy of StruweigNew York Times Democracy“Hail to our Duke, Siegmund von Struweig”
2.The Empire of HashikitaPsychotic Dictatorship“Conquest Through Vigilance”
3.The Kingdom of AralathiaMoralistic Democracy“Strong in Our People”
4.The Golden Empire of AuruleonIron Fist Consumerists“Holy thee who take to golden wing”
5.The Queendom Empire of FluttershyianCorrupt Dictatorship“War is peace”
6.The Free Land of DutranInoffensive Centrist Democracy“May liberty be given to all who come here”
7.The Kingdom of JianorInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We are the world”
8.The Republic of Np 61Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Puppet 61”

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The Lothit-Dragelian war Part 1

Expansion post

Office of the Dragelian admiralty,Dunham

Lord Albert Blakwall the Lord of the admiralty sat in his office looking over the reports that the patrols of the trade routes near the isle had sent inward to the admiralty.

To the south the Aurulic empire was spotted setting up fortified areas of control. In the north movement had been seen from the Struweig.

He sat back and ran his hands through his hair, one of the young men who served as a messenger for the admiralty to Lord Becket ran in.

“Lord Blakwall,Lord Becket has sent the army northward to pacify the province.” The messenger said breathing heavily

Albert sighed and dipped his pen in ink and began to write. A missive before giving it to the messenger boy.

“Get that to the Lord Becker post haste boy.”

He then dipped his pen again pulling out another sheet.

To the most serene majesty of Dragelia.

I must regretfully Inform you that the Lord Becket has crossed the point of no return and broken our stalemate with the King Draldur of the Lothits.

With this we are at war once again and I fear for your safety and urge you to call off the ball,as those who you may think have good intentions towards us may be only devils waiting for a chance to take from the dragelian people without mercy or respite.

We must conclude this war with the north quickly and you my lady must lead us to becoming stronger and more united to stand against these looming threats.

Forever your loyal subject

Lord of the Admiralty Albert Blakwall.

He finished this letter and put it in an envelope stamping it with the seal of the admiralty upon it. Leaving it within a box to be delivered. He then looked to his watch

It was midday it seemed and the troops should be marching into the county of Kenningward within the next day or two if Becket was marching then at even a half decent pace.

Meanwhile in the office of the lord of her majesty’s army

Becket looked over a map of the dragelian isle,three wooden horsemen with different flags In their arms were placed on the borders of The territory of the empire and the Lothit rebellion.

One was a white flag with a red dragon. Another a Blue flag with the court of arms of the Blakwalls the other a black flag with a knight in white armor standing tall.

These were the Saint Dregels regement under Lord Pious Abernathy. The East Corbray under the command of Duke Blakwall and finally the White march regiments under the command of General William Collins.

Abernathy was to move in on Kenningward while Blakwall and Collins took a fort overseeing the county of Westmarch. The Dregels own was made up of 2 rifle battalions and an artillery company attached to aid Abernathy.

The East corbray was a rifle and Cavalry battalion with the White march being made up of Artillery and scout companies.

He looked over the battle plans then looked to one of the officers that waited for orders “Corporal come ere!” He said in a commanding tone mixed with his Lothit accent.

“Yes my lord?” The corporal said standing at attention

“You are to accompany the Lord Pious and his regiment,you will act as my liaison,I want you to write to me every act and movement that they take and I want it in detail.”

The corporal looked confused “Why sir?”

The Lord Becket sighed “You will do as you are commanded and nothing more understood?”

“Yes sir.”


The Bewilderment of Sheep
Expansion Post

The children of the lightbearer, of he who rages and of she who lusts, brought with them the tools of war. Though Nakasheong controlled little land as of yet, the capital of Nakagu had grown tall and mighty over the generations since her independence. As such, the Nakashean army was equipped with weapons which outmatched any of the Tiefling farming settlements in the surrounding savanna. When their march took them to a neighbouring hut village, they met little resistance. The occupation forces were led by trained mages who formed the ruling castes of the nation. One by one, settlements fell to the Nakasheans. By the fifth village they came to, Gwan Jeong-Hun had established an effective routine of subduing them.

Upon his arrival to this morning’s village, Gwan Jeong-Hun ordered his troops to round up its residents. Some of the villagers picked up stones or spears, and were cut down or shot in full view of their families. Once they were all gathered before him, Gwan Jeong Hun spoke.

‘My kin. We are all of the old land, and we are all descended from those who chose to defy it in service of the one truth. Now we all stand here, and you humble folk have a choice. Kneel now, and join in the glory and passions of Nakasheong. Or die, a traitor to your blood.’

A few moments passed before a child stepped forward, his clothing covered in blood that was seemingly not his own, tears rolling down his maroon red face from solid yellow eyes. His legs shook and he fell to his knees, burying his face in the dirt.

‘Please don’t,’ he sobbed, his words barely audible.

Gwan Jeong-Hun gestured for one of his men to take the child, and a woman came forward from the mass of villagers.

‘Don’t touch him!’ she shrieked. Her skin was more purple than the child but her eyes were the same colour.

Gwan Jeong-Hun signalled for the soldiers to stop. ‘Your child I assume? Kneel, and no harm will come to you.’

After several seconds, the trembling woman complied. Eventually, most of the villagers had come forward to kneel, and about thirty were left standing.

‘Will no one else accept their destiny in the world your rightful king is building? I will say this one last time, kneel or perish.’

An old Tiefling male with grey skin and greyer hair waddled forward. ‘I will not kneel to a senseless butcher, nor his underlings.’

‘And does this one speak for you all?’ said Jeong-Hun. None of the others moved or spoke.

‘Very well. Leave this one alive, kill the rest.’

And so it was. The remaining villagers were shot. A few tried to run, and were shot in the back or chased down with bayonets. The old one was forced to listen to the others die, and when he tried to cover his ears, Jeong-Hun had him held and his eyes forced open. When all was silent again save for the sobbing and wailing of the villagers who knelt, the old one had his tongue cut from his mouth, and Gwan Jeong-Hun burned his eyes from his skull with magic, and he was put in chains. A permanent prisoner whose last sight would be the neighbours he inspired to die, and who would never speak treacherous words about Nakasheong or its king again.

The child and his mother were brought forward to Jeong-Hun later that same day. The father had been killed in the feeble effort to defend the village.

‘You chose to join the kingdom, as all children of the lightbearer ought to.’ Jeong-Hun said to them both. ‘The weak and cowardly have been purged from your lives, and if you follow in the true ways of our people, you will see someday that they were all beneath you. But only if you follow what I teach in the future to come.’

Gwan Jeong-Hun was part of the mage elite of Nakagu, who held ideological and political dominance and who executed the will of the royal family. The broken villagers would be reshaped until their past selves were lost, or perish in their trials. This was his project.

Map Updated. September 14th, 2020

Foundings: N/A

Expansions: Dragelia and Nakasheong.


The Hammer
Expansion Post

Marching south along the coast, from Nakasheong and all they knew and cherished, twelve-thousand Nakasheans happened upon a grand settlement. Countless cobble and thatch dwellings hugged the dirt road which ran from the Kalenthic Ocean to the fertile inland forests. The sun broke over the horizon, painting the water gold and embracing the early fishermen in an energizing warmth as they were preparing their boats. Human fishermen.

Once the fishermen were out to sea, the settlement was left with only the women, the young and the elderly, and just a handful of fit men. It was then that the Nakashean scouts reported back and called for the main force of eight-thousand to advance. Do Hyeon, an abnormally tall and strong Tiefling who led the southern conquests and whose stature had earned him the moniker “Hammer”, gave the command to storm the settlement and capture as many of the humans as possible.

Do Hyeon preferred to march rather than ride his horse, and as he walked behind the main force along with his guards, the gunshots and screams filled the air, and he could smell the fear of the weak. Upon his arrival at the settlement, walking between homes and stepping over dead or dying humans, he noticed only two Tieflings who were dead, and no wounded.

The humans were rounded up and forced to the beach. The severely injured ones were tended to by Tiefling healers, and a few of the human crones were also allowed to help. The dead were piled up where the healthy prisoners could see them, and Do Hyeon stood in front of it. The soldiers stood at attention, tails flicking side to side, rifles in hand. One by one, the humans were brought forward and Do Hyeon judged them. The children and younger adults were set aside to be slaves. The elderly were to be prisoners, fed and clothed as hostages to ensure the slaves’ compliance. The sick and fatally wounded were gathered next to the dead.

The fishermen trickled back in the evening near sunset, never too many at one time, and each of them surprised and horrified at what they were met with. They, too, were sorted.

By sunset, every boat had returned. Go Hyeon ordered that the disposable humans be shot. Some of the prisoners tried to rush the soldiers, and were shot or stabbed with bayonets. One of them, a teenage boy, slipped past the soldiers. Go Hyeon was delighted when he punched the youth in the forehead, and he fell cold to the ground, unconscious. He lifted the boy by the neck with one hand, and looked to the prisoners as he slowly crushed his throat, killing him. He grinned as he dropped the corpse which made a splat on sand. The rest of the prisoners were marched away in chains, and the beach was left with patches of pink and red.

The next morning, the second band of Nakashean troops arrived along with Tiefling settlers. Some of the human slaves were chosen to accompany Go Hyeon’s army as he led them northeast to the forests. Some more slaves were chosen to remain in the settlement to serve their Tiefling conquerors, forn the rest of their natural lives. The majority were sent back north to Nakagu, to serve as rewards to the families of the soldiers who captured them, or to serve the aristocrats of the city.

Within a fortnight, Nakasheong had been expanded to three times its original size relative to when Sol Kwan-Jae had initiated the Great Conquest. The Kingdom of Nakasheong was on its way to being more than a mere city-state, but a veritable realm, and perhaps some day, an empire.

Map Updated. September 28th, 2020

Foundings: N/A

Expansions: Nakasheong.

Sailing to a New Age.

Certain of our goal,
At voyage's end, we slumber
To a new era

It has been a few weeks since the death of Emperor Yorimasa, as he was beloved by his subjects throughout the island for helping their literacy, he was a subject of great controversy amongst the Samurai Clans who held up their tradition throughout the years since the Empire was born. Yet they must contend with the ratifications as well lest they be left behind in their stoic traditions.

The Daimyos of the major clans gathered into the capital as a sign of respect to mourn the dead monarch and attempt to interact with the new empress, Masano was quite reserved during the entirety of her father’s procession and burial. Even as the other Daimyos tried to seek an audience with her, she denied their request and had the Empress Regnant deal with their matters. Yet the Daimyos still stayed for the Privy Council was to be convened with the new monarch as per tradition in the imperial court. Yet the court was restless and many of the lords and ladies continued to politick with each other before the new monarch arrived. The cosmopolitan council of Humans, Tieflings, & Dragonborn sat down on lofty mats in their respective colors.

“Her Imperial Majesty should be arriving soon, we can finish this council meeting then leave to our homes…” Grumbled Akiyori of the Goujou Clan, who was growing impatient by the day only for Chiyo of the Bojou Clan smack him on the back of the head like a mother scolding her child for being rude.

“Enough Lord Akiyori, Empress Masano has good reason to not visit us, after all we have lost the previous ruler. You need to learn to control your temper.” She said as she crossed her arms as Akiyori could only glare at her with fuming rage before he composed himself. “We all have lost loved ones to death and we all mourn in different ways, you should realize that and must respect the new Empress lest she should feed your corpse to the pigs.” She was going to continue more before the sliding door of the room opened to reveal the Empress and her retinue. All Daimyos immediately bowed and Akiyori knowing now to bite his tongue.

Kanamori Masano of the Kanamori clan. The youngest Empress in the history of Hashikita, walked with her head up high, clad in a regal blood red kimono, katana and wakizashi undrawn in its snow white scabbard. Her hair tied up in an elaborate bun as she walked towards her throne. Though what shocked the Daimyos the most was the most intimidating figure walking beside her, which shocked the other Tieflings daimyos. Tomotake of the once powerful Hatano clan was standing beside her as Emperor Consort. He stood beside her as she took to the throne and sat down as she looked at the room who still bowed before her but she could sense their worries.

“I sense much unease in the room. Explain…” the Empress said in a menacing tone that stunned the council room as they were still trying to process that the meek princess had a commanding presence.

“Well your Imperial Majesty, we are still questioning why you were absent during the whole procession?” Harumoto said in a chided tone as if the new Empress was wasting everyone’s time. The Empress just nodded but still felt the sting in the old man’s words. She only looked down but her husband sighed as if bored with the entire thing.

“Of course your are still questioning my absence during the procession… so allow me to disclose information.” She said in a calm tone wanting the rest of the Daimyos to be quiet. The entire room went silent as they awaited for the Monarch’s answer. “The reasoning behind my disappearance is that I came to an epiphany. Hashikita should no longer be torn apart by its own people as it has been long after my forefathers united our empire. We need to start looking beyond our islands and show the world the glory of our empire, and sweep aside those that wish to oppose us.” She said as she stood up and raised up her right hand this is where Tomotake stood forward, all Daimyos still bowed before them.

“Conquest Through Vigilance.” The intimidating Tiefling walked towards his spouse and rose his yari above both of them.

“My official decree as your new Empress is that to create a vast armada of ships to expand our borders beyond our islands…. This meeting is over, I expect results within two months from now.” She said before the ruling couple left the room. The daimyos continued to bow until a few seconds pass they got up and contemplated their tasks.

Humphrey the camel, Aralathia, and Struweig

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