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Welcome to Anteria : a casual, modern-tech, closed-World Region, open to all Ideologies and Nations alike!
Est. September 28, 2015
Featured Region: 2/1/2017 and 8/25/2018 | ⛔ Please refrain from targeting this region for recruitment ⛔

Endorse our delegate Lesser Velutaria for regional stability.

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Regional Power: High

Anteria contains 329 nations, the 46th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in Anteria

The World Census conducted frenzied haggling with fishmongers in order to determine which nations have the largest fishing industries.

As a region, Anteria is ranked 6,551st in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Sultanate of IskamiyaIron Fist Consumerists“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
2.The Constitutional Monarchy of NorscandiaDemocratic Socialists“People of Nature”
3.The Republic of Slavija-Father Knows Best State“Bratstvo i jedinstvo”
4.The Republic of VisargiaFather Knows Best State“Devotion to humanity, progress and justice”
5.The United Socialist States of TekigradIron Fist Consumerists“WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!”
6.The Empire of ElysaFather Knows Best State“War may not be the answer but it sure is effective”
7.The Democratic States of MisnomersDemocratic Socialists“It's in the name!”
8.The Empire of RobotsharkIron Fist Consumerists“The empire will reign for a thousand years”
9.The Republic of JaqindaIron Fist Consumerists“Sacrifice makes the dreams work”
10.The Republic of SouthbangsuIron Fist Consumerists“All hail the dictator”
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Tikrongmeas Post
Tourism Initiative
Ever since the PLG incident and white rose incident the tourism industry in Prei Meas has been in a more or less free fall except for a few jumps with most recently the royal engagement. Prei Meas has always had breath taking natural and ancient sights and now the government hopes to make use of this natural beauty to prop up the tourism industry. As part of this initiative the need for visas from the following countries is abolished and they will only need a passport to enter. Ateenia Neuewland Gabrielland and all across the board certain restrictions on visitors being able to visit will be lowered except for nations which Prei Meas sanctions which is only Neferheim. This is alongside a massive tourism advertisement campaign expressing some of the most beautiful sites in Prei Meas as well as expressing the fact that all of these sites are completely safe. members of the Svay Economic Union and the Shanghau Pact already dont need visas in Prei Meas)

Committee Delivers Suggestion to Congress

Three days ago the General Committee on Foreign Defence Affairs was instructed by the President to collect information on whether the Foxomexran government should approve of Almeyynia's request to join the South Anterian Defense Alliance. The Committee has done so, with their official suggestion to accept the request having been delivered to Congress. The Provincial Convention will vote on the matter 6 July 2020, this upcoming Monday.

General Assembly Votes on Neferheim Sanctions

Today the General Assembly has finally voted to enact economic and political sanctions on Neferheim. Political sanctions have been placed on the royal family of King Sapria Holensburg and numerous members of the Neferheim Council. Economic sanctions amount to a flat tariff rate of 20% on all goods except steel and coal, which both have a rate of 35%. On Monday, 6 July 2020, the Provincial Convention will be voting on the sanction bill.


Here is what Ateenia is.
We aint no communist disgust...

Royal Wedding of Ateenia

Today the divine queen Ena Kalinka and the now divine King Chantuo Sisowath officialy married.
The wedding lasted the whole day and many leaders from around the world and many citizens of Ateenia attended.
The citizens did not however manage to have interactions with the couple due to the couple staying in the VIP area.
The couple arrived to the palace in Ena's white limo, escorted by a dozen armoured cars and a few dozen police cars.
During the party, Ena Kalinka recieved many gifts from other world leaders, many which were added to the throne of the palace.
The wedding ended in a fireworks show.
The wedding was broadcasted live on all Ateenian TV channels and on many foreign TV channels.

Ateenia wrote:Fichmanistan

Here is what Ateenia is. Good to know
We aint no communist disgust...

Fichmanistan wrote:

Good talk, good talk.

Popular Constituent Assembly to hold Vote on Trade Deal with Neferheim

The first official meeting of the newly elected Constituent Assembly has now begun, with the initial goal of beginning a mutually prosperous trade deal with the struggling nation of Neferheim. Despite being discredited by opposition parties as supporting questionable regimes, the Centre Party has reassured the public that this deal would only be economic. The effective terms of the deal are as follows:
-Vescarian private firms will be allowed exclusive rights to mine in Neferheim iron mines.
-Vescarian steel companies will be allocated 20% of Neferheim's steel mills for privatized use.
-In return, Vescarium will sell finished products (such as cars), minerals, and machine parts back to Neferheim at a reduced cost.
A delegation has been sent to Neferheim to further discuss the agreement, though the Assembly still remains divided on whether or not to go through with it.

WTF Sanctions on Mesoamerica Lifted
As news are received of Mesoamerican finally abolishing slavery, the Secretary-General of WTF has announced that sanctions on Mesoamerica will be lifted as WTF's purpose for the sanctions no longer exists. The Secretary General has stated that he is 'grateful' that Mesoamerica is finally following basic human rights.

The Medovian Right-Wing is still up in arms after what they call a "stolen election" and held a massive protest in Medovia's capital, Gavarnik. The protesters claim that the new PM, Simon Pagasov, directed false information to be directed by armies of fake accounts, which made the difference in Pagasov's party's very narrow victory. The leader of the right-wing Medovian National Front and ex-PM, Hakob Beliśavar, addressed the crowd affirming that the party will work at every step to oppose this 'leftist PM' and that his party will be applying to the justice ministry to investigate claims of fraud by the Democratic Alliance party.

The protesters in the end sang the national anthem and marched from the Parliament Square to the offices of the ruling Democratic Alliance party. A Democratic Alliance spokesman called the protesters 'sore losers' and that the Medovian National Front would better serve Medovia being a constructive political force in Parliament rather than shouting slogans in the streets. Political experts expect the Democratic Alliance to pass a series of social welfare reforms in Parliament as well as reviewing the Education curriculum. One subject of interest is the History of the Medovian Church which is taught as a separate subject. There are rumors that the subject may be removed, but such a move may risk the ire of moderates that are helping keep the centre-left coalition intact.

A few isolated incidents between protesters and police did take place in the aftermath of the event.

Read dispatch

3 JULY 2020

The Fylka was abuzz with discussion. While intended to become a more democratic body with the advent of elections in October, as of now it was a collection of members of the clergy all appointed by the Nala to help support his reforms within the nation. Today, the Fylka would see its first test to see if it could effectively make decisions for the Divine State

The Guurissi, the original inhabitants of Neuewland before the Sivuk migration out of modern day Anderum, had declared independence against Neuewland for the tenth time in the nation's history. Normally, this wouldn't be of concern for Aleni, but these were special circumstances. After the offer to join the Union of Sivuk by the Nala, the Neuew Plutarchs had voted against joining the union, but with the potential to become involved if the member states supported the nation in their civil conflict. This had sparked debate in the Fylka, and the decision on how this conflict would be handled was the first topic the Nala would leave up to the Fylka, as a sort of test run.

The Fylka, since the debate had started, had split up into three factions.

There were some who advocated for full intervention in the war, to prove our friendship to Neuewland. The 21st century had already been a time of renewed relations between the normally hostile states, and had even seen the Neuew help the Alenians in various conflicts they had elected to become involved in. They argued that intervening in the war on the side of the Neuews would further cement that relationship, as well as strengthen the pan-Zeeite cause.

Others were hardline against the intervention. One of the major reasons that Mena Alen II thought the reforms were so vital was because the entrenched noble clergymen were the ones who pushed so hard for the war with Velutaria, which ended in a failure for the Alenians. Another war could very well turn public opinion against the Nala, which would give the Nobles an excuse to replace the current Nala with one of his many cousins, most of which were much more incompetent than him. This faction also argued that supporting Neuew interests was entirely against the best interests of Aleni, considering that the Neuewland has had rocky relations with nearly every other Zeeite nation. Interventing could jeopardize the stability of the Union, and bring crashing down what Mena so desperately wanted to work.

Finally, the moderates advocated for something different, which would create a test for another one of Mena Alen's many projects: The Union of Sivuk. Aleni would call a meeting between the leadership of Nerany, Whitmarche, and Paslin Island to determine what path they would take. How the Plutarchs would interact with the Union could forever shape how it operated, so they argued that the best course of action would be to have the leaders of the Zeeite states come together to determine how the crisis in Neuewland would be handeled.

The debate didn't seem nearly finished by the end of the day, and so it would continue until...

5 JULY 2020

The Fylka had finally come to a decision. The moderates had won out.

Worrying about what would happen if large groups of moderates started siding with the "warmongers" as they called them, many of those supporting absolute pacifism sided with the moderates to increase the chances that there would be no intervention. In the end, the moderates won out, and the Nala had to schedule a meeting which would go down in history as deciding what role the Union of Sivuk would play in the affairs of the Sivuk Gulf Region outside of purely trade and general cooperation.

Nala Mena Alen decided to write a short, concise letter to the leaders of Paslin, Whitmarche, and Nerany.

Dearest leaders of the Zeeite people,
The crisis in Neuewland shall be our first challenge. We will meet in Lenina within two weeks time, on 19 June 2020, to discuss the issue.
Regards, Nala Mena Alen II of the Most Divine Nalacy of Aleni

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