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21st Century Rome RMB

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The largest Roman region in NationStates!

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21st Century Rome contains 170 nations, the 127th most in the world.

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The Most Secular in 21st Century Rome

World Census experts studied which citizens seemed least concerned about eternal damnation, spiritual awakeness, and chakra wellbeing in order to determine the most godforsaken nations.

As a region, 21st Century Rome is ranked 5,228th in the world for Most Secular.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Chinese Liang Dynasty of KamchaktaLeft-Leaning College State“和平,繁荣,进展”
2.The Empire of PolietInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bad is the thief that is caught”
3.The Technocratic Empire of AetherDemocratic Socialists“Aether aeternam”
4.The Principality of East PriapistanFather Knows Best State“Veni, veni, veni”
5.The Empire of PalmyreneLeft-Leaning College State“Et magna Orientis Imperium”
6.The Federal Republic of Rhode-IslandLiberal Democratic Socialists“Make Haste Slowly”
7.The Dictatorship of AviterraPsychotic Dictatorship“Aves super omnia!”
8.The Empire of DrekiriaIron Fist Consumerists“Might Makes Right”
9.The Republic of AntemnaesDemocratic Socialists“ET FACERE ET PATI FORTIA ROMANUM EST”
10.The Dictatorship of WarreniaPsychotic Dictatorship“People are inherently bad”
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21st Century Rome Regional Message Board

Bogdan's Hundred - The Immortal spirit of the Cossack

In an unnoticeable bar in an airy and cold part of Rostov, Ivar: An ordinary but curious citizen watches the snowflakes dance wistfully through the air as they rain from below the grey yolk of the sky. The chair beside him is empty until a stranger makes her presence known. Ivar turns toward the stranger.

"Who are you?"

"It is me, Yulana - I recognize your last name: Kazadzicsu."

"Kazad- How did you know that was my original last name? it was changed long ago when my family fled from the plains westward from the hunting Cossacks in days of anarchy..."

"Yes ,that is me - Cossack. We used to chase down you people on back of horse, razed your villages, slaughtered your future..."

Ivar looks around to find that the bar is unusually empty - The common rabble disappearing as the people of the pub left preemptively.

"I understand you have been searching for Bogdan... Have you ever been to Soldranskaya?"

Ivar shakes his head once in deliberate fashion.

"The is no snow there to cover the blood of the soil, the sands are stained red - Millions killed by the Caesar and millions more by the Ruthless factions..."


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no big post moment.

Stopping the Catastrophe! Time for Recover!

It's been a while since the Romanichean Depression stroke our nation when the war ended, provoking massive unemployment, huge economic losses, and general discontent from the population, generally the impoverished and the disadvantaged demographics. Northern Philippines and South Korea were destroyed after the war was over, even though the latter didn't experience huge confrontation. Ethnic Koreans and Filipinos are pissed in equal measure to Romanicheans, Chinese and Novos Romanosians who are equally blamed for the war. When Gabriel Aurelian was elected as President, he promised to deliver delicate, yet careful and balanced measures to deal with the Romanichean Depression and stop it from being worse. With a combination of unemployed and impoverished reliefs, workers help, businesses bailout, National Reconstruction Efforts, and Foreign Help, we managed to halt the downward trend, securing it into stagnation. From here, the economists declared that we can begin the recovery. Unfortunately, we couldn't save everyone and everything, and we even had to make sacrifices, such as leaving unprofitable businesses to fall, some still remain unemployed, the austerity measures still remain, only with slight relief. Around 5 million people are still unemployed, 50k people died, others are still starving, around 250k are still homeless, a quarter of South Korea and Northern Philippines are still in poverty. Despite all of these, there were improvements as well. We employed an extra of 12,5 million people, we saved 500k people from dying of starvation, we put 1 million people back to their homes, we reduced the poverty rate and we stopped the Romanichean Depression from going any further, and it will be time for recovery. With the foreign aid and together with our relief plan, we managed to gather around 300-500 billion Romans, most being from us and Azoris.

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Why did we do that?
The F.L began marching back into Acapulco reinforcing the important port city considering it was a major economic point, the coast began getting some of the old sultanate ports back even new one armed with train and capable men, no one shall invade the F.L any time soon, or that's what they promised, the reality is much much more different since the F.L was slowly running out of manpower and each day nationalism grew into the country.

Death to everything...
T.C.L trucks drove outside the walls filled with men and gas masks last night had been full-on artillery barrages towards the outskirts, it was time they took the land, and so the trucks rased to the now craters, soldiers unloading and putting down anything from the bombardment, this included animals, and civilians resulting in the biosphere of the place becoming non-existent, it was a horrifying sight those men, fully dressed in grey with gasmasks and dark helmets, the men dug up trenches and stayed there opening fire on anyone who came near this resulted in both N.R.F and legion loses, of course, the T.C.L command knew they would bomb the trenches so they made bunkers deeper onto the ground to make sure they would survive the constant bombing.

The legion can do stuff too
The legion began getting tired of bombing, and decided to take an opportunity in the moving of troops, legion troops charged opening fire at changing troops artillery worked has a moving shield bombing the hell out of the F.L troops, while the infantry charged several technicals flanked the troops opening fire using the mounted machineguns and firing rockets at their vehicles disabling many of them stopping a retreat or an attack back, the enemy soldiers tried firing at the Technicals killing machine gunners, and some drivers while they were distracted the legion entered the trenches using shotguns, LMGs, and flamethrowers it was an utter massacre with a legion victory and the F.L losing ground, it was now clear this would be a long civil war, full of trenches and pain.

Veracruz, el estado rojo
C.I.N had begun advancing on the railway many of the supplies now being gone, the Veracruz garrison had begun getting weaker and slowly submitting to C.I.N resulting in a sudden change of power with C.I.N now controlling a large chunk of Veracruz, the only thing remaining was the A.R.N militias it was a huge loose to the legion and their moral, the legion's success was now gone, it now all relied on C.I.N to take care of Veracruz and it's people.

The titan is going to die
The caesar began moving in pain, his chest only caused him so much pain, all to appear strong to his people, which gave some moral but that wouldn't last with the caesar now coughing blood daily, he was put on bed when he collapsed, the lungs were definitely gone beyond repair now, nobody could save the titan, all thanks to paranoia, and the pollution in the soldrania, his son can only wish the man died a peaceful and not so páinful death.

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The Calvary's Here!

Wrrrrrr, wrrrrrrrr...

The sounds of Koi-42B planes nearing the shores of Acapulco after a long trip can be heard from the various fishermen trying to find a way to survive in the midst of the chaos that has ripped their country apart.

"We're here, folks. Load up and prepare for landing."

A total of 20 men, 4 per Koi-42B plane, arm themselves with their WAVE rifles and prepare for landing.

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Caesar does not have long
Caesar refused to go through cancer treatment, going against Dr. Maximus II's recommendations and the pleas from his friends and family. Dr. Maximus II enters Caesar's room one last time to try and convince him along carrying paperwork that would state he officially denied cancer treatment. Dr. Maximus II informs Caesar that he has less than a month to live if he refuses to through with the treatment as there are already signs that the cancer is spreading to other organs and in which case will make treatment extremely difficult. Caesar once again refuses and Dr. Maximus II asks Caesar to sign the release form which Caesar while coughing and wheezing, partially signed his name before collapsing to the ground and having a seizure. Dr. Maximus II upon seeing this runs to the house-wide intercom and calls a code blue (medical emergency/ cardiac arrest), before rushing back to Caesar to render him aid while more medical staff arrives.

A bed ridden Caesar

Caesar's collapse from what is believed to be difficulty breathing prevented him from getting enough oxygen combined with the fact that it's believed cancer has spread to his brain causing a seizure. Caesar's bedroom has been transformed into an ICU with equipment ranging from cardiac monitors to artificial ventilators. HEPA filters have been set up in his room and all around the house along with connecting them to Air conditioning units.
With this, a decision is made as a last-ditch effort to save Caesar along with providing some relief. The decision is made to administer Immunotherapy ( and Chemotherapy ( to both fight cancer and provide some relief, this decision was made as Caesar's refusal was made in paranoia. Caesar's son gives the medical staff permission the go ahead with the treatment and his promise of a pardon if Caesar decides out of paranoia to order their executions.

Casaer is given chemotherapy medication which will help slow cancer and provide relief to him and the Immunotherapy consisting of Checkpoint inhibitors, Cytokines injections, and Cancer vaccines that treat cancer by stimulating the immune system to attack cancer cells in a specific part of the body. Immunotherapy of course causes flu-like symptoms as the immune system activates to fight cancer which also includes fever which course made Casaer uncomfortable and asked for fever reducers which were refused by Dr. Maximus II and Dr. Vitus the 3rd (One of the best cancer treatment doctors in Soldrania) order of while the fever was 104 F or lower as it needs to fight cancer (he was of course constantly monitored by a Nurse for safety. Caesar is of course on an artificial ventilator to assist his breathing.

Doctor's orders
Dr. Maximus II pulled Casaer's son, Mars "Vulpes" Zica, aside and gave him a Non-voluntary doctor's order. He ordered Casaer's son to wear an SCBA or a Powered air-purifying respirator or just a regular gas mask and have HEPA filters in his home and office as Soldrania can't keep having soluto summa (similar to a Emperor) die "young" due to pollution. Along with if he so decides to choose to, build a primary or secondary home in the former CRS side of soldrania as there was and still is better regulation of industrial pollution along with still having jungles (advised to stay out of the jungles because of you know, ape nation) and forest.

The soldraniaAzoris

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