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Region: Dixie

Republic of Dixie wrote:Well as for Texas, Biden is like botulism in your canned soup. I do know that he is not in the White House and actually not the President. Despite his actions filmed at a Castle Rock studios in California, he is allowed to have some play time. The fact that 25,000 troops still lock down DC is telling truth we are under military rule while the government sorts out the election fraud. Fact is Trump won 49 states with 115 million votes NY is the only one narrowly went for Biden. Trump decided to step down and work with military running the country until the Constitution of 1870 is fully enacted. The inauguration date is originally March 4. Biden doesn't have the codes, denied Pentagon access, no AirForce One he is literally a man put in our our government by foreign power essentially a take over much like the South experienced. The military is by constitution 1870 required to intervene in those events thus the fencing off of DC. The flag tells it... look at he gold fringe around the is required when we are under military rule... they all have it now, behind Trump and Biden but he has folded it back in some scenes you can tell so don't be fooled...he is not the president and will be arrested in days ahead for treason. This I know ;) Trump will be the 19th President or the 1st President of the New Republic. The crisis staged scenes and this media is all fabricated. They aren't reporting anything that is truly happening but all these major changes the corporate i.e. Amazon, world leaders stepping down, actors MIA, is all for a much more serious reasons than to spend time with family... we were in lock down and you spent time with family. Texas is running full force with Texit and will likely be voting for secession in Nov. at which timeline has exit mid 2022. full on media ads in Texas but the rest don't know. This may all seem a bit shocking to some but it's all very real and the news you see is nothing more that buying time...until the public can begin to understand the level of corruption we have been under. Lots of changes are on the way. I don't say things I haven't proven myself and some helpful insight from a couple sources close to the top that are friends. It's a great day in Dixie...with great days ahead *after some bumps :)

so.... i guess you where lied too ?