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The Ghost Of General Lee wrote:He was a good general, and a fair and honorable man, even if he was on the northern side. He did definetly lack a knack for buisness tho.

I dont think he was that great of a president, mostly because of his reconstruction policies. And the fact that his predecessor was one of my favorite presidents. (Andrew Johnson.)

Andrew Johnson was easily one of the worst presidents. He’s up there with Buchanan on terms of crap.

Confederation the South wrote:hate him


The Ghost Of General Lee wrote:We probably would have won. Stonewall Jackson was one of the greatest generals of the era.

Confederation the South wrote:We would have won

I disagree. The South had lost the war by 1864. The North was simply too large, had too many soldiers, and too large an economy for the South to compete. The South had to win the war fast and before the North’s resources could be brought to full force and also convince the UK and France to support it. For various reasons, it failed on both counts. By 1864 the war was lost.