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Region: Dixie

Black Men wrote:Lee was the strategy guy, the broad stroke big picture and from that Stonewall could draw out battle field tactics, like no other. Lee was a westpoint graduate and recruited by both Union and Confed armies. He was a huge George Washington fan and he married a grand daughter of GW. He loved America, USA but his love for his home Virginia led him to join the Confederacy rather than the union. He practiced in the slave economy despite believing it inhumane. So you see he was conflicted, a patriot through and through but in the end chose to rebel against the country he loved. At Appomatox Gen. Grant was cocky.

What is your opinion of Grant? Many northern cities have a Grant street.

He was a good general, and a fair and honorable man, even if he was on the northern side. He did definetly lack a knack for buisness tho.

I dont think he was that great of a president, mostly because of his reconstruction policies. And the fact that his predecessor was one of my favorite presidents. (Andrew Johnson.)