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About Me
I have been on NationSates since 2014 and joined Thaecia almost eight months ago. During that time I've been an active member of the community by participating in regional discussion and activities. I'm currently a member of the Government Site Team and Managing Editor and a political writer for the Federal Post. Once elected to the Senate I served as Deputy Chairman following the passage of the updated Senate Procedures. Following the resignation of Chairman Brototh I was elected to the position of Senate Chair.

Ideas, Policies, and Accomplishments
Senate Reduction
  • I support reducing Thaecia's Senate to 7 seats. We've seen how uncompetitive Senate elections can be and I believe it is time that we fully reverse the disastrous July Congressional Expansion.

    Thaecian Military

  • I am personally opposed to the creation of a Thaecian military, especially a raider one, as I feel that it could put a target on Thaecia's back. However I am opposed to using the power of the legislature to halt military operations solely on the basis of being opposed to the military.

    Line of Succession

  • I support creating a line of succession for President and PM as I believe this will ensure a less chaotic transition of power in case there is another Xernon situation. This will also ensure that Thaecia at all times has a leader even if we are in a crisis.

    WA Efforts for Thaecia

  • I believe an important aspect of trying to increase Thaecia's standing and influence on the international stage is the WA. I will try to encourage and help Thaecian citizens when writing their proposals for the WA. My goal is to create a community within Thaecia that can aid aspiring authors by providing suggestions for proposals they may have. I support the creation of a WA Ministry and the current WA efforts in Thaecia such as the WA program on the discord server.

    Legislative and Constitutional Reform

  • I support efforts by Thaecian citizens to hold a Constitutional Convention. As seen with the House Reduction mess the Thaecian Constitution needs to be revised to prevent another event like it and also to reflect the current state of Thaecia. On top of that many of Thaecia's laws need to updated and revised so that they work with our current systems.

    Election Reform

  • Along with Hulldom, I worked to pass Amendments to LR 022 that now create a set system for breaking ties, redistributing surplus votes, and the calculation of the quota. The amendments also banned the use of fractional and weighted voting ensuring that all Thaecian's vote count the same. I also worked to ensure that the important change requiring that the EC go through both chambers for confirmation, wasn't stripped from it.

  • None

    If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to send me a TG or DM on discord.
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