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Region: Thaecia

Pap Sculgief wrote:Lots of campaign manifestos popping up but not much of anything else. So letís get something going, Iím torn between the President candidates, so it would be good to get a few responses. I would put this in campaign central but I felt that this is a general question that the region should be able to easily see. So I have a couple of questions to all candidates for President:

1. The WA is a key part of the role as President, but doesnít play a key part in the region. How will you bring newer members of the region into the WA and try to increase the influence of Thaecia in the WA?

2. The President plays a role in the PMís cabinet but not as a fully fledged minister. As President, what responsibilities are you willing to take on, eg. recruitment, welcomes?

Hopefully this sparks a bit more interesting conversation about this election, because Iím bored of seeing meaningless manifesto posts again and again without any substance

These are both excellent questions that I'm glad you've asked, Pap!

1. Even if I'm not elected President, and especially if I am, I intend to write legislation which codifies the WA program into law. Now, that doesn't have much effect gameside save perhaps for our recommendations posted on the WFE. However, I sincerely want it to. One of the things which will help us first and foremost is keeping a consistently high rate of endotarting. I'm privy to that data, as I'm the one collecting it, and we average roughly 76% or so endorsing Marco....and then 43% or so endorsing Biggs. The first way to shore up our position in the WA is endotarting. It is literally true that every endorsement, especially of the Delegate, helps our power in the body grow. Being able to affect a close vote, even if occasionally people think of us as a wee bit of an upstart, is something which will at the very least demonstrate that we're committed to the WA, that we're focused on it, and will show that we have what it takes to influence the way things transpire.

I'm also a strong believer that we do have the talent to write in both councils of the WA and if Thaecians saw their friends with stuff at vote, they'd want to encourage it to. My platform literally states that I want at least one new Thaecian author to have authored a resolution by the end of my term (~July 1). With my opponent already expressing interest in trying to write in the Security Council and with others like Cirrus Azale, and doubtless a few others, ready to write, plus the influence of mentors we have who could potentially work with the interested (such as Maowi, Whatermelons, etc.), I see this as a really doable goal. Getting Thaecians interested and engaged with the work of the World Assembly is, in my opinion, a matter of them seeing people they know and recognize having things come to vote.

The final pillar of the work I would undertake as President in regards to getting Thaecians involved in the WA is expanding the impact of the nascent program gameside. While I know there may be some who are opposed to something like the South Pacific's OWL system, having a region or a forum (even if on our own RMB! which would also stimulate activity here!) to discuss WA proposals and where people can make their opinions known, with some affect on the Delegate's vote will go quite far in hopefully making Thaecians appreciate and be engaged with the World Assembly.

2. As for how I plan to be engaged with the region otherwise, and where I plan to help out, I'm already quite a prolific recruiter, especially with stamps (which I will continue to do though this is obviously dependent on my own financial situation). I want to get involved too with welcoming people into the region if elected because I think having the knowledge that people of the top are invested in your involvement is a way to not only recruit more people but also to retain more people. I'd also like to work to make the office of the President more visible and more involved in the fun. While I'm not exactly the biggest participant in things like the Late Nite Festival, I'd absolutely work with the executive to increase the reach, the scope, and the impact of events on our international standing.

Another thing I'd love to do as President is to inaugurate a Thaecian Cards Guild. This has absolutely long been a dream of mine, but why not prove that even a mid-sized UCR can help everyone build their dream deck! I know that some detractors of the plan see a potential pitfall in terms of potential involvement, but I think that how many people are involved is not so much important in this endeavor so much as finding people who are dedicated towards helping to share their knowledge, their passion, and their love for an aspect of the game I'm one of the few Thaecians who's significantly involved in.

Put simply, I want to expand the role of the President from a role of head of state to head of community, working to expand our horizons in our involvement, what is possible from our region, and what opportunities we can provide to people in other regions who are potentially considering a move to our beloved region.

[Also sorry for not responding right away, was in class!]