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Region: The Thaecian Senate

Brototh wrote:page=rmb/postid=42766304
Amendment A removes OOC information, you cannot define OOC within IC. If we include doxxing as an IC crime, that means that anyone who is caught doxxing has to go to trial in the Court. Yeah, no, we'd just ban them immediately.

Amendment B changes a slight wording issue

Amendment C adds spamming and blackmail. Very well needed.

Amendment D adds unlawful representation. Someone may be unlawfully representing the region in a way that isn't treasonous, or not directly going out of their way to be treasonous, or even in a way that is not specifically defined, so very well needed amendment.

Amendment E adds how long someone can be punished for under the procedures defined in this law. Great article.

Amendment F is just a simple renumbering as Amendment E added a new article.

Thanks Brototh! All of these sound fine to me.