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Region: Dixie

Confederation the South wrote:i believe we should ally with the other anti communist regions and liberate all those good region under the foot of communism

Remember no one has reached true communism those are just socialist pretenders

Dixie wrote:Not so much as yet, but I've been encouraging the formation of one. One based on the US style of government, rather than the usual parliamentary styles we see on NS.

Black Men wrote:If there are no elections is that not indicative of a kingdom or communism, which I see denounced here?

I propose to found a one-party Democratic state for now. When we get new members letís make it a 2 party state and when even more members come well...
I already have some ideas
Dixiecrats(not my idea, thx to Confederation the south for it,
2. Southern Democrat(well of course)
3. Southern Constitutionalist
4. Southern Constitutional Monarchy
5. Southern Militarist(basically build a strong raider/liberator army)