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Imperial Court confirms contested election results!

On July 2nd, Ulutor went to the polls and voted in a new Parliament. However on the morning of the 3rd, Current PM Kayar Kalif say the results and called for a recount. With margins of victory within .1% he had a constituionally madated ability to, but when the recount ended on the 24th, results confirmed and even advanced the gains of the Unionist and Royalist parties. In fact Kalif's Liberty Party lost votes after the recount. So on the 26th, the Liberty Party filed a lawsuit alleding that the companies controlling voting machines commited voter fraud and corruption by taking bribes from other parties to manipulate results.

After consideration, on the 11th of August, the Imperial court threw out the case, after which Kalif attempted to start a Court recall, which was shot down after Empress Marianne II called for a forced early transtition of Parliament on the 15th, using the expressed powers in the Constitution. And finally on saturday, Kalif attempted to re-enter the PM's office, and began assualting a police officer. He was dragged out by guards and was recorded screaming "FRAUD! FRAUD! Its not over! Its not done!". He is now awaiting trial for Assualt of a Officer and resisting arrest. After 2 months of unrest and court-held hell, we have a new Parliament. Here is the makeup:

Royalist Party: 24 members currently in Parliament
Marxist Party: 3 members currently in Parliament
Unionist Party: 30 members currently in Parliament

*Current Prime Minister: Hushan Gumal
Conservative Party: 22 members currently in Parliament
Globalist Party: 12 members currently in Parliament
Liberty Party: 9 members currently in Parliament

As said before the Liberty party took huge loses losing 14 seats, and other more conservative parties have also taken their shots as well. Although with the fusion of the Purebloods into the Conservative, it appears the more radical Nationalist elements of Parliament will find a new home, istead of being taken out with the anti-Kalif wave. The Royalists with their stern oppostion to Kalif have regained a good portion of Parliament, that they have not held since before the Archipealago War. The biggest Winner is obviosly the Unionist party, who now have the lead.

The new Prime Minister, Hushan Gumal, is now the oldest PM since 1988(Guthar Reshandali(86)) at 85 years of age. Despite hounding he is seen widely as a old school moderate, who will do much to recenter the nation. Thus far a coalition has been announced as the Unionist, Globalists, and Royalists suprisingly enough will form a strong coalition governemnt. Gumal has said thus far that his 1st move will be annuling the trade agreement made with Anthacia which, in a interview, he said "Not only is this deal a raw one that sells our country out the Anthacian interest groups, but it stands against everything our nation has stood for since Aremial rose at Ankara 300 years ago.", second on the agenda will be amending the tax codes that suffer a "muck-up" when Kalif attempt to reform them himself. But many are much less concerned with the agenda, and are looking forward to a return to the old days.