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Region: The Thaecian Senate

We have now begun voting on the final bill as amended:

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Commons of Thaecia in Congress Assembled, That there shall be added to L.R. 022 [THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION AND REFORM ACT] the following:

Article 8:Voter Protection

Section 1: Protection of Voter Privacy
1.1 - The Electoral Commission and all individuals who have served or are currently serving in it is hereby forbidden from publishing any individual's ballot without proof that the individual in question consented to have their ballot made public;

1.2 - A ballot being made public shall be defined as the following: "disclosure of any ballot information in such a manner that could provide indication to the identity of an individual voter to any individual who is not presently serving as Electoral Commissioner, an Assistant Electoral Commissioner, or a Thaecian High Court Justice, unrelated to their positions as part of the confirmation of the electoral process";

1.3 - This applies to ballots cast in both elections and referenda;

Section 2: Punishment
2.1 - The punishment for violation will be left to the discretion of the High Court; however, it will be mandated for the Electoral Commissioner to step down if they are found to be in violation of this law, in addition to whatever punishment is deemed fit by the Thaecian High Court.

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My vote is Aye