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Region: Dixie

Dixie wrote:Who would you have in mind for allies?

The Ghost Of General Lee wrote:I dunno, I havent been in the R/D scene in a few months. And most of the regions I was apart of are either dead or dying. We could check around for decent allies tho.

You know what on further reflection I've thought of a few potential canidates.

First theres two "outcast regions" that arnt exactly beloved by the greater nationstates community but would likely be willing to ally with us. (Because they have few options) this likely wont help our image with the greater nationstates community. But alot of folk already dislike us for no good reason so these might be our best bet.

1. Lardyland might would be a ally worth looking into. Most of nationstates hates them over some faux paus they made a while back, I dont quite remember what it was they did tho, but there is a guy I could ask that used to be real big in lardyland before having a. Falling out with them. There leader dosent seem to be a bad guy tho from what little I've talked too him. The region is well known for having a extremely spammy RMB tho, filled with quadruple posts and spelling errors, which also probably one of there reasons why there a outcast region. but I suppose that does also at least mean there active.

2. Confederation of Corrupt Dictators. They used too be facist before becoming "just authoritarian" there pretty disliked but also pretty massive, and there the most influential right wing region that I know of.

Theres also some regions that wouldent make people hate us more, but they'd probably be less willing to ally us seeing as how the current political climate in nationstates is against us and these guys dont need allys as bad as the first two. But they'd definitely be worth checking into.

1. The Glorious Nations of Iwaku Iwaku is a very well respected and very old region, and a decent place too spend some time every now and then. There fairly laid back and I've had some pretty intresting conversations on the Iwaku rmb before. The culture and general topics of conversation dont usually have all that much in common with our regions tho. But the leader of Iwaku is a working class guy from arkansas and a very talented raider.

2. japan. They were raided by lily a while back and there was some talk on the regional RMB of banding together too fight against them. I'm not sure what's came of that but it would probably be worth checking into. In fact I'd reccomend we start there.

3.the order of the grey wardens this one is pretty unlikely tbh. I once had a huge argument with one of there high ranking officers over politics. (That he started.) Dude seriously pissed me off at the time. But I do kinda feel like maybe we just came off on the wrong foot? Like we actually did have some beliefs in common that we found out while arguing. Who knows maybe if we just tried talking to each other calmly and rationally we might would get along. And I've met one or two other people from this region that were pretty cool, and the wardens are one of the largest defender regions in nationstates as far as I'm aware so if your wanting too fight lily they'd be a good ally too have. But I'm really not sure if they would be willing too consider working with us or how the relashonship would ultimately turn out they did. So it might not be worth bothering with I dunno.

4.The Rejected Realms there also a large defender organization as well as a GCR. I haven't really ever spent that much time there tho, so I dont know what the regional culture is like nowadays or even who we would need too talk to. Plus there a GCR so we might be too small to be worth there time allying with. But hey at least we have a ban button :p

5.the invaders there a large raider region that I know little about. But I have a region mate in another region that's from there. If we decide we want a raider army there probably worth looking into. I have no idea if they'd consider it tho.

6. Any other GCR. I haven't spent much time in the feeders at all (too fast an RMB, too generic a name.) But if we became a protectorate of any of them its practically guarantee our safety for as long as there willing to protect us. The sinkers are slightly smaller and are alot better places too be in my experience. Lazarus has a army but the government there is pretty pacafistic and neutral so unlikely too be willing to help us (or our enemies) with anything military related. So Balder or Osiris are probably our best bet, both of them are raider aligned. But like with TRR were probably too small to be worth dealing with.

7. Any Christian region. I dont really know of any living ones of the top of my head. But I I theres a few of them floating around nationstates and they'd likely be friendly.

If any of yall have any other suggestions let's hear em.