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Region: Dixie

Dixie Florida wrote:Already had a CSS Stonewall Jackson and a CSS James Longstreet. Both Aircraft Carriers, but now they have the Heavy Cruisers CSS Alligator and CSS Atlanta escorting them, good suggestions!

Also, My Golden Circle is complete, from sea to shining sea. And I dare say she's the most powerful Nation I've ever played, with Industry that can build a railroad from California to Florida in a week, a Land Army bigger than the Soviets and Nazi's combined, a Navy that sent Her Royal Majesty's Navy to the bottom of the Atlantic. And an Air force that is limited in scope only by the amount of airfields in the world. The Stars and Bars will soon fly in every corner of the world.

i like it i like it alot! kill everybody who dont go with you in that game long live the golden circle