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Region: Dixie

Dixie wrote:For those who are concerned, or have telegrammed me about it, here was my explanation to West Phoenicia for our decision to not give in to outside left-wing pressure about our rights to maintain our diplomacy:

"... It's understandable that the leftists here would try their Cancel Culture on free regions, but to see a self-described conservative region doing so is shameful. Embassies by definition exist for diplomacy, and are not measures of "aligning" with one ideology or another. You may as well assume we're aligning with Islam because we have embassies with them, or monarchism for the same reason.

It's sad that you've chosen to embrace leftist ideology in attacking the sovereign right of diplomacy.

Given that you're courting regions for ambassadors, you could have had the basest common decency and courtesy to at least engage in diplomacy before being the one to make the choice to close embassies first.

With regards."

Y'all only need to check the Gameplay forum to see that multiple left-leaning regions are organizing members in the hundreds to raid or put pressure on free regions to follow the "progressive path" - or else.

With that in mind, we may be in state of emergency. Thoughts on whether I should change our regional banner to the battle flag to signify elevated tensions?

Aye we should. Perhaps a password or a inter-regional allince is in order? We may need them for our defence.