by Max Barry

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Region: United Nations UN

Nationale Deluta - National Spirit
War Averted - For Now

Citizens of Pepper City were surprised to see police directing traffic away from streets as several cars raced down the street from the Palace of Parliament to the headquarters of National Spirit. In one of those cars was the newly elected president, President Cristinel Adamache, who mere minutes after being sworn in was presented with an international crisis of biblical proportions.

The international crisis was, predictably, over sections of the IIS in Conmerica and Oliandiria. Like the offense and defense starring each other down in a Smashball game before the ball goes into play, there were standoffs on the border between Zambet Fatan (and Swallonian) troops and IU troops. The standoff nearly resulted in war, and war between the IU and Zambet Fata (and her allies) would have resulted in total thermonuclear annihilation. While the previous president was more than willing to continue pushing the crisis more and more, the new president and his diplomatic core were not willing to end the world over an interstate.

But President Cristinel Adamache is an economics guy, and so the Zambet Fatan Federal Police quite literally ripped diplomat Costache Ganea who was in the middle of talks with Sozkana to address the crisis. Ganea advocated a deal with the IU, a "missile for missile" type deal that was so often done during the Cold War. Adamache and his advisers agreed, and using backdoor channels they communicated their deal to the leaders of the IU, who also agreed.

Ganea quickly hopped into a car to broadcast the deal over the airwaves via National Spirit. With tensions at a boiling point, he feared that war would break out on the car ride. Fortunately, it did not, and the deal was broadcast, and war averted.

The deal goes as follows. Zambet Fata and Swallonia will not send any troops into Conmerica or Oliandiria, but will tear up the IIS road and infrastructure in those two nations. In exchange for this, Zambet Fata will drop the sanctions it announced against the International Union in response to the crisis. With the deal signed, workers got to work systemically dismantling the IIS and infrastructure across Conmerica and Oliandiria.

President Cristinel Adamache said in a statement just after the announcement that "We leaders thought of global politics like a chessboard, a game of moves and countermoves. But we realized, almost too late, that we don't move chess pieces, we throw dice. We do our best, but it's luck more than skill that determines things like this."