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Zambet Fata Takes A Play Out of Anthacia's Playbook

In accordance with the Agreements in International Trade of 2070, which established guidelines for the International Interstate System, Zambet Fata has decided to take action on not just Oliandiria and Conmerica for their illegal seizure of the system's routes, but also on the International Union for supporting their seizure.

Anthacia wrote:Aoraki News

Aside from the Anthacian Armed Forces moving in to secure all Anthacian equipment and technology that had been given to Kapfenland and Karanic under the Kappos Program, King Edward IV has announced that Anthacia will take no action against Bonple.

In the meantime, the government has as of late been investing more into Conmerica as usual, however as of late, shipments have also been going towards an unlikely contender; Grand Ossta. After Anthacia had exited the war in the Ulan Sea, military officials assured all remaining participants in the war that Anthacia had not lessened its stance on the rogue nation, and would be supporting remaining participants in any way it could. Chief among these nations of interest is Grand Ossta. Anthacia has been producing special equipment to be used by the Osstans en masse to bolster its outdated army against the more advanced Ulutorian enemy. Large chains of convoys have are making their way to Ossta to begin delivering the equipment, which has been in development for some time and has only recently achieved mass production.

The Anthacian government has not commented on the election of Premier Secretary Valeryev in Sozkana.

In line with the international standard set by Anthacia, a nation has the right to take what it has gifted to other nations should they violate the agreements made. The Zambet Fatan Armed Forces, in coordination and cooperation with the Swallonia Armed Forces are, and have, moved into Conmerica and Oliandiria to tear up the routes, infrastructure, etc. Additionally, Greater Yankavo has provided passage through the country and air space to the Zambet Fatan and Swallonian troops and workers. Zambet Fata officially suspended any and all support regarding the IIS in Conmerica and Oliandiria, and Zambet Fata would be more than happy to defend its position before the Council of Advisers. As it stands right now, the decision is officially backed by Bonple, Diemetsa, Kolanica, Nedporen, Senora free state, Sozkana, Ulutor, and Valirria.

Zambet Fata will also back any attempt at compensation taken by the states of Kenner Run, Swallonia and Greater Yankavo.

Outside of this, Zambet Fata has announced, for the first time in nearly three decades, sanctions against all members of the International Union. The sanctions officially freeze any IU assets in Zambet Fata, and ban the import and export of automobiles, engines, chemicals, food, energy, arms, finances, and agricultural products. President Arthur Marariu, in his last act as president, has urged others to join Zambet Fata in the sanctions, and also said Zambet Fata will strengthen its economic ties with those that join Zambet Fata in the sanctions.