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The Blue Projects: Just Another Vanity Program?

The Office of the President and the Departments of the Navy and the Air Forces has announced the beginning of two closely related projects being undertaken by the respective military departments. While known under the umbrella of "The Blue Projects", the official government conference and published report divided the projects into two separate portions: "Project Blue Sky" being undertaken by the Air Forces and "Project Blue Sea" undertaken by the Navy. The Air Force spokeswoman relayed that "Project Blue Sky" had in fact been on the drawing board for several years, having stewed on the backburner during the waning years of the Naval Junta as a experiment to be conducted and studied alongside several small projects that were just being grouped together under the "Blue Sky" project. When pressed for for details of the project, the spokeswoman shook her head claiming that as much as she'd love to share some details, the Project was still under wraps, and that more information could be revealed at a different time.

The Naval Conference was different. The Naval Spokesman bluntly put it that "Project Blue Sea" was, and this is a direct quote: "Half Experimental Research, and Half Vanity Project", with many believing this to be a barbed jab at interim President Tevka (who could not be reached for comment) and the coming election season. The spokesman also however essentially repeated a lot of the same as from the Air Force Conference: Classified Project, more information at a later date, and the conference was concisely ended.

EDITOR'S ADDENDUM: After the publishing of this piece, we managed to finally get in touch with President Tevka, who did confirm that the Naval Spokesman wasn't entirely incorrect upon calling "Blue Sea" a vanity project. Upon being pressed for further explanation, the President muttered something along the lines of "I wanted to build a Battleship for the Modern Age, but they talked me out of it." We still aren't quite sure if the President was being sarcastic with that comment. However, further interviewing revealed that her urge behind "Blue Sea" was that while the Junta had been in place, it had place heavy emphasis on actually governing, and not actually being a Navy. Since Azaltan considers itself a Regional Naval Power, it only made logical sense to attempt to keep that image up.