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Bring us his Head!
Thus far, the policies of Kayar Kalif have been divisive in nature and deeply unpopular with Liberals in the Country. His expansion of police powers has often been decried as an act of 'Tyranny of Constantine-level proportions'. However, he has remained deeply popular with his base, and with Conservatives. Despite the relative newness of the Liberty Party, the core support the party has is deeply loyal to Kalif, with some going as far as to say that he would be a proper King. Any concerns that Conservatives may have seems to be buried for his 'Conservative Compromise' to keep going. Royalists have buried their concerns over his ever-expanding list of powers as he has proven a tremendous ally on the moral front. Decrying Ulutor's homosexuals as an "immoral and misguided sect" and a "festering wound of horrid parenting, and an absent society". Conservative meanwhile, scarf down their resentment and enjoy his massive immigration changes, and deregulation. Purebloods are very open allies(which might result in their party folding into his if Liberty survives) even though he has shown a light hand in New Aorkai's always unstable situation.

However, Royalists and Conservatives, have found a real reason to oppose him. While they disagree with Liberals in Ulutor on a lot, each of them maintains the age-old hate of Anthacia.

In Business, in the Arms Race, and in Diplomacy, Ulutor fights Anthacia always. It has been a core of Ulutors identity going on 250 years now. Now, Liberals for the most part have advocated a non-hate-based relationship with Anthacia, but it has never been their selling point. Kalif however, has moved in the opposite direction. Reconciliation and Trade with Anthacia seems to be the secret selling point of his campagain. The Trade deal with Anthacia, recently passed in Parliament by a Bizarro vote witch Globalists and Libertists voting together, has stirred up lots of opposition after the Bolivant Times revealed that they learned from a anymous source that Kalif started negotiations without the Authority of the Parliaments Foreign Trade Commission. Combined with the natural hate of Anthacia Kalif and the Libertists are experiencing a record low approval rating.

After the Archipealago War, many saw the primary enemy to be the Anthacian Navy, the long time Hegemon of the Seas. Despite the use of Internationale Naval Forces, the most remembered battles were the slugfests with the Anthacian Navy. This has seen a shift in the hatred of Ulutorians away from the Red Menace, the main antagonist since Constantine ruled the nations in the shadows. Kalif however, points the boogeyman at Toraism. In the past this was supposed to be just who his vitrol was currently pointed at, and that if Anthacia arose it would change its course. But it seems to have been his main hatred indeed.

If the Libertists want to maintain tight control they will need to find a way to dismiss this all by July, or Parliament may swing back into Royalist hands, as they have come out now in open opposition to Kalif, breaking their Conservative Alliance in Parliament.