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A New Trade Organization? Kistler, Space, and Air Defense

News takes no breaks, and as negotiations with Sozkana are continuing we have four main stories to get to tonight.

The first comes from the negotiations with Sozkana, but also comes from a growing concern within the Ministry of Trade. After the International Interstate System opened, several problems came up immediately. The two most prominent, however, were the fact that there was nothing in place to protect the system from widespread targeted attacks, either from a terror group or from a rogue government, and the fact that each nation along the system had a different land trade policy, making effective overland trade a nightmare of bureaucracy. So, during the negotiations, the Minister of Trade proposed a joint Zambet Fatan-Sozkanan effort to create a trade organization comprised of nations along the IIS to strengthen economic cooperation. Negotiations about this are still ongoing, but reporters on the scene have suggested that the proposal has a high chance of coming to fruition.

Until then, to solve the security issue in the short-term, both Zambet Fata and Sozkana agreed that any attack, seizure, international incident, and/or capture along the system would be treated as "a hostile attack on peace and prosperity", and thus would be dealt with in full force.

Our next story is a continuation of our previous story, which revolved around the Kistler monopoly case; both sides came to an official agreement late last night. The conditions of the agreement go as follows: Kistler will sell the Lancer brand to Traab investment group, and the Pancsher motorcycle brand to Heltenscu Performance Inc. Additionally, Kistler will halt its price-slashing practices, and will also sell some of its dealerships to Lancer and Pancsher. In exchange, the government will not pursue any legal action against Kistler in regards to this case, and the Zambet Fatan armed forces agreed to purchase over 5,000 Kistler engines for various uses. Traab announced it will run Lancer as a car brand rather than liquidate it, with the company itself announcing a brand new line up for 2078. Pancsher will essentially continue as business as usual, just under new ownership.

Next, the Zambet Fatan Space Agency announced it would be scaling down mining operations on Luna and Celene in favor of pursuing "new frontiers". The Agency announced it had mined all it had set out to mine from Luna and Celene, and would be studying the rocks extensively. No doubt this decision was made with Jean Pop in mind, but it also came at a perfect time. Pop had already drawn up plans for Cassini, Laros, and Braun, and had created prototype rovers and landers, and now with the Agency's mining operations finally drawing to a close, the Agency will simply relocate the resources to Pop.

Part of those resources, however, will go towards a different government program. The Zambet Fatan military petitioned the government for additional funds in order to modernize and expand Zambet Fata's air defense network, to which the government agreed to allocate additional funds to the project. The project is expected to be completed by 2079.